The Digital Marketing Trends In Pakistan

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 21, 2020

As the year 2020 reaches the end, Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan are evolving more than ever before. With the pandemic hitting hard and changing the digital world for good, the Future of Digital Marketing in Pakistan looks foggy for business. Our marketing team at Xcentric Services has been keeping a close eye on digital trends.

Hence, we have covered this article on the Digital Marketing trends that every business in Pakistan needs to tap into – beyond 2020. Though before you dread having to plan out new strategies catering to the trends, know that we provide Social Media Marketing Services too. We will have you covered at the end of the day, once you comprehend the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan.

Rising E-Commerce Businesses

Amid the pandemic, traffic volumes on the internet have doubled in Pakistan and around the world too. With lockdowns imposed around the country, people switched to online shopping. Unfortunately, businesses that were not prepared with well-optimized online web stores lost a lot of brand awareness and sales.

However, most of our clients realized it well on time that selling online is one of the Market Trends in Pakistan – here to stay beyond 2020. Moreover, while the focus stayed fundamental on Digital Marketing, the desire to have an online web store increased.

You too are a retailer who has not launched an online web store yet? It is time that you take the plunge and launch one. However, moving forward, choosing between E-Commerce platforms to launch your online web store might be a challenge. Hence, connect with our web development team at Xcentric Services, and they will help you choose the right one for your business.

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Social Media Is Staying Beyond 2020

Since its rise in the mid-2000s, social media has birthed countless Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan. Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we use it as a top and bottom of the marketing funnel. And with most of our current clients investing in Instagram and Facebook Marketing Packages for increasing ROIs, you need to think about being on social media NOW.

Moreover, from the SEO point of view, having a presence on Social Media makes your business look more genuine. Considering that the role of SEO is now on top of the marketing funnel, it primarily helps in building brand awareness and driving traffic.

For instance, we have a client selling jewellery online. When our team was planning its marketing strategy, instead of investing big in Ads, we focused more on SEO. Safe to say, we delivered the best results with our expertise in providing Professional SEO Services too. 

So the question is – which social media platform you should focus on? It depends on the Current Trends of Advertising in Pakistan. And you can trust us with that as we know when to tap into trends and post on which social media platform. Rest assured, it will all be worth your investment.

Viral Marketing – Instagram Reels and Tik Tok

Viral Marketing is one of the latest Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan. However, being a Digital Marketing Agency, we believe that it will not be feasible always. Perfect timing, engaging content, and luck – that is what Viral Marketing demands to be a success.

Instagram Reels and Tik Tok are two of the platforms that define Viral Marketing well. With everyone going crazy over creating Tik Tok and Reels, you never know what the future holds. These platforms might become an opportunity for businesses to grow, get found, and go viral in days.

Our team at Xcentric Services is all set to help businesses in Pakistan to get found on these platforms by using accurate keywords and hashtags. Once you are ready to get in the Viral Marketing wave, make us your partner Social Media Marketing Company.

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Digital Marketing trends and algorithms keep on evolving. The safest thing a business in Pakistan can do is hiring an agency like ours; to keep on pace with trends. Once you get on board with us, our team will keep an eye on the marketing trends and tap into them. And if you are thinking that this is what every agency does, understand that not everyone can help you win.

We – Xcentric Services, get an edge over other marketing agencies in Pakistan as we do not join the bandwagon of trends with a shut-eye. Before getting into the trends, we analyze that if it will benefit them in the long run or not. What we guarantee of our Digital Marketing Services is – continuous digital growth. Hence, without a second thought, hire us as your Social Media Marketing Agency







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