The Best Tik Tok Marketing Tactics 2021 In Pakistan Followed At Xcentric

kashif ali

  • Jun 25, 2021

Until last month, Tik Tok had around 33 million active monthly users within Pakistan. If you are a business owner, invest in the Best Tik Tok Marketing Tactics Pakistan. It is a great way to grow digitally because currently, the competition on the platform is low. However, if you are new to Tik Tok, it might get difficult to market your business on the platform – and that is where Xcentric Services comes to the rescue. Below, we have highlighted all the tactics we use to market a brand/business on Tik Tok and take it to the next level.

Best Tik Tok Ads Agency in Pakistan

BUT FIRST – Why Tik Tok Marketing?

Before we talk about how we can create for you the Best Tik Tok Marketing Content and grow your business, let us tell you how it works as a marketing channel. Even though many believe that the platform is only made for the Millennials and Generation Z, the stones have turned.

Tik Tok is now attracting a huge audience base – from teenagers to the ones in their 30s’, everyone out there is watching videos on the platform. In fact, many Tik Tok users in Pakistan are above 30 in age. Also, with lesser brands/ businesses on the platform, the low competition makes it a great marketing opportunity to reach more people at a low cost.

How Does Tik Tok Work For Marketing?

Before we get on to discuss the Best Tik Tok Marketing Tactics Pakistan that we follow at Xcentric Services, it is better to know how the platform works for marketing. People interact with the 15-second videos on the platform – which can also be combined up to 60 seconds.

One of the coolest things about Tik Tok is that it allows people to add different kinds of editing effects and background music to videos. From an entertainment point of view, this has resulted in many viral videos by users. Moreover, when it comes to interacting with videos uploaded on the platform, people can Like, Comment, and Share them on other applications.

When using Tik Tok for marketing a business, the tricky part is working out on creating unique and entertaining content that engages users. After all, the content posted on Tik Tok is quite different than the content on other social media platforms. Want to know how we help businesses mark their strong presence on Tik Tok? Here then, we have all our tactics covered right below!

Best Tik Tok Marketing Content

1.      Trending Hashtags For Tik Tok SEO

To make sure that people find out a brand/business’s content on Tik Tok, we put some serious thought into SEO. Simply saying, the content we post for our clients on Tik Tok is optimized so that the target audience finds it while scrolling through the application.

The tactic we use for Tik Tok SEO is using relevant and trending hashtags when posting a video. To find the hashtags, we usually type a relevant keyword within the search section of Tik Tok – where a suggestion of keywords appears. Moreover, for reaching a broader audience, we use relatively generic hashtags. For example, while marketing a retail store on Tik Tok, we use generic hashtags like #OnlineRetail, #eCommerce, #OnlineShopping, and more.

2.      Collaborating With Other Creators

Many businesses struggle to build their following on Tik Tok, and for them, we partner with other content creators on the platform. For instance, if our client is a retailer targeting the fashion niche, we create videos by collaborating with people targeting the same niche. A short, inviting, and friendly message to let them know we want them to partner with your brand – and we are good to go for the collaboration. With that being said, Best Tik Tok Marketing Tactics Pakistan is all a game of the number of followers, likes, and shares. Once we collaborate, the follower count of our clients on Tik Tok begins to grow and more people willingly shop from the brand because of its popularity.

3.      Tik Tok Ads

Advertising businesses/brands on Tik Tok is another way we market them on the popular video-sharing platform. One of the benefits of us following this tactic is that building an audience base does not take a lot of time. Our marketing team simply sets up an Ads Campaign and the client starts reaching the audience in just 24 hours. As one of the Best Tik Tok Ads Agency in Pakistan, we place five different types of Ads for our clients, including:

  • Branded Effects


  • Top View Ads
  • Brand Takeover
  • In-feed Ads
  • Branded Hashtags

est Tik Tok Marketing Analytics Tools


In this article, we have highlighted all the tactics our team gets hands on when using Tik Tok as a marketing channel for a business that wants to grow. Fair enough, the entertaining video-sharing platform is not like other social media platforms. Hence, it usually gets difficult to understand how to have a presence on it as a business.

With that being said, let us at Xcentric Services make it work as a successful marketing channel for you using the Best Tik Tok Marketing Analytics Tools and strategies. It will not only let you surpass the competition in the digital world but also become a new generation’s favourite brand. Read to get on Tik Tok with our help? Get in touch with us TODAY!








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