The Benefits Of Our Instagram Marketing Services Pakistan

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 11, 2020

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown a lot. Businesses in Pakistan and all over the world have started taking notes and now react more to this social giant. And if you analyze, every top brand in Pakistan has an Instagram account. So many brands on Instagram must have had you thinking – Instagram Marketing Services Pakistan is all about posting cool pictures of a brand. Quite honestly, it is not.

According to some small and mid-sized businesses that team Xcentric Services works with, there are several ways Instagram Marketing helps generate leads and sales. However, Instagram is relatively tricky to use and new apps are rolled out every other day. So the question is – How to stay updated on Instagram trends and capitalize on them?

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Whether you are new to the social platform or looking forward to bettering your current account, our team can help. Need a detailed insight into the benefits we will get you from Instagram? Here they are, give them a read!

1.      Purchasing Power

Did you know that more than one-third of Instagram users in Pakistan use the application to make a purchase online? Count on the times you slid into the DM’s of a brand to place your order. Yes, we are all guilty of it. Hence, with the sales influence the platform holds on, you should not be missing out on our Instagram Marketing Services Pakistan.

At the end of the day, sales are what every business owner in Pakistan is striving for. And that is the reason why you too are reading this blog – finding a way to increase sales. So get on board with us and let us tap into your target audience on Instagram. Because who knows, their next purchase on Instagram could be from you?

Instagram Shopping For Your Business

2.      Advanced Targeting Options

Instagram is one of those platforms with access to the most advanced Social Media Marketing options available. Out of them all, our marketing team at Xcentric Services focuses on Cold Training the most when planning an Instagram Marketing Strategy.

When cold targeting, they target people who have never seen or heard about your brand before. We believe that they are cold and need to be warmed up with engaging posts to get into the sales funnel and become a customer.

Next, they focus on – Retargeting. It means retargeting people who are somewhat familiar with the client’s brand. Commonly, the people they retarget are those who visit the client’s website but do not purchase.

By creating a custom retargeting audience based around the client’s Instagram post, they increase engagement rates, online conversion rates, and much more. All in all, by tapping into these targeting options, our team can take your Instagram account to the next level.

3.      Tracking Options

We understand that even the Best Instagram Marketing Service holds no power when there are no clear results. Hence, when planning campaigns and targeting them, we make sure that the sales and leads are trackable and our client can see the ROI.

Even though this benefit might seem too obvious, but many marketing agencies invest in platforms without gauging their effectiveness. However, this does not happen at Xcentric Services. From the link clicks to leads and conversions, our clients can see the ROI on every campaign we run on their behalf. Also, if our client wants, our team also breaks down the results to show them where the traffic is driving from and at what time – the device and location, etc.

4.      Extra Features

Similar to Facebook, business accounts and personal accounts are differentiated on Instagram too. Hence, to unlock a new world of features, the first thing we do when a client gets on board with us is – Turning their account into a business account. Some of the major features that we later leverage on to get our client high engagement rates and online conversions are;

  • CTAs
  • Promote Post
  • Account Insights

On the whole, by unlocking these extra features, we help the target audience of our client understand that the page is a business, not a personal account. And surprisingly, these adjustments make a HUGE difference when reaping the benefits of Instagram.

Instagram analytics

5.      Understanding Customer Base

Ever thought about how much you really know about your customers? Sure, you might know that they between the ages of 25-55, but do they have a good sense of humor? And what are their pain points? Well, if you do not know the answers to these, it is time to get our Instagram Marketing Services Pakistan.

Whether you are a startup who knows nothing about the target audience or brand new to Instagram, Xcentric Services has you covered. Our team knows how to learn more about your target audience on Instagram.

Having said that, Instagram itself is a great platform to learn about the likes and dislikes of the customers. So once we know everything about our client’s target audience, we create a valuable Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Need Help?

Covered above are the major benefits businesses get out of Instagram Marketing. Even though a lot of effort and time goes into building a presence on Instagram, it is all worth it. But are you interested in letting the experts at Xcentric Services handle it all? Contact us TODAY to get our Instagram Marketing Services Lahore!







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