What Are The Benefits Of Magento E-Commerce Website Development?

kashif ali

  • May 17, 2021

Magento is an E-Commerce platform that retailers around the world are launching their online web stores on. With the platform’s reputation on the internet and its capability to attract customers, it has become a popular choice. If you too are a business that wants to sell products or have services to offer globally, Magento E-Commerce Website Development is your option. As a web development agency, we at Xcentric can help you launch an online web store on the platform.

Since it is an open-source platform, our team of Magento developers can create any and every type of online web store for businesses without them having to spend a fortune. Still not convinced to open up your digital storefront on the platform? Keep on reading the blog to find out all the reasons why you should do it NOW!

Magento Website Development

Why Magento E-Commerce Website Development?

Normally, online web stores are loaded with unnecessary information, making it difficult for customers to navigate through it. However, as a Magento E-Commerce Company, we can make it simple for your customers to navigate to any page at any time. With us launching your E-Commerce web store on Magento, customers will be able to navigate through the store, fill their shopping cart, and hit the CHECKOUT button in no time. Other than that, as our client on board for Magento Website Development, you will also get the following benefits:

·  Flexible Pricing

Fixed costs are not a thing online retailers can afford because the customers of today want flexible pricing. Launching an online web store on Magento allows users to plan and implement converting marketing promotions to offer flexible pricing to customers. From discount coupons to product bundle sales, and discounts on large-quantity purchases – Magento supports it all as an E-Commerce platform. And we all know how much customers love the word DISCOUNT and COUPON. Hence, let us at Xcentric Services entice your customers with the power of these words on Magento by leveraging on its flexible pricing capabilities.

·  Increased Average Order Value

Magento is an E-Commerce platform that also comes equipped with tools that help online retailers increase the average order value. It does so by helping them reach every customer touchpoint and driving them towards the web store repeatedly. For example, cross-selling and up-selling and one of the few capabilities of Magento that helps increase average order value and make customer relationships stronger.

Not sure how to use these capabilities? Do not worry because when you get our Magento E-Commerce Development in Pakistan services, we will help you up-sell and cross-sell also, post launching the online web store.

·  Social Selling

Being on the internet these days is all about going social, and so is launching an online web store. When this online presence is coupled with Magento’s flexible merchandising capabilities, online retailers are enabled to make online shopping experiences more social for customers. And, by social selling experiences, we mean offering customers wish-lists, showing customer reviews and recommendations on social media. Besides, this also includes social word-of-mouth, which happens when a customer shares your products on social media or shares them with a friend through an email.

Magento E-Commerce Company

·  Global Shipping

One reason why E-Commerce has taken the world by storm is that enables customers to shop products from the comfort of their homes while lying on their sofa – from any device. So yes, no running around the city to find a product you need, isn’t it a game-changer? The cherry on top is the fact that Magento, as a leading E-Commerce platform, supports this by offering global shipping options to online retailers. Simply let us know where you are up for shipping products in the world. And while our Magento developers at Xcentric Services build your online web store, they will integrate the right shipping options to make global shipping possible.

·   Mobile Commerce

Well, fair enough, E-Commerce is not only about customers shopping from the comfort of their home. Some of them are also browsing the internet and purchasing through their mobile – while in a queue at a coffee shop or on the bus. Magento powers this type of E-Commerce by offering online retailers the capability to mobile optimize their online web store. By doing so, they can allow customers to automatically access products, view the full online web store, and navigate through pages seamlessly on a mobile device or tablet too.

So, on the whole, with Magento E-Commerce Website Development, you can provide customers a multi-device online shopping experience. Top it off with the optimizing expertise of our developers, you will have a mobile-optimized online web store up and running 24/7 on every kind of device.

Magento E-Commerce Development in Pakistan services


The benefits of launching an online web store on Magento go beyond the ones we have mentioned above. There are still many more features and functionalities the platform offers that can help online retailers stand out in the competition? Are you convinced of the benefits and are looking forward to building your very first Magento web store? As a leading Magento E-Commerce Company in Pakistan, we can help you launch it in just a matter of months. For more information related to the development process and the project quote, feel free to get in touch with us at Xcentric Services.







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