The Benefits of Email Marketing Every Business Needs To Know

kashif ali

  • Jan 18, 2021


Being a business, you must have heard that Email Marketing is dead, but that is not true. In fact, more than 50% of B2B online retailers say that the Impact of Email Marketing has contributed a lot to their marketing success. Also, every other millennial prefers communicating with a business via email. Being a marketing agency ourselves, we suggest not ignoring these statistics and developing a strong Email Marketing strategy. And today, considering the Benefits of Email Marketing, we at Xcentric Services are here to let you know why you need to invest in Email Marketing Services NOW!

Precise Targeting

Even though other online marketing channels also allow targeting potential customers, by getting our Email Marketing Services, you can communicate with them directly. This means that when investing in Email Marketing, you can be sure about who you are reaching out to and build strong relationships with potential and current online customers.

Reaches Interested Audience

One of the notable benefits of Email Marketing is that you, as a brand, are reaching out to people who are willingly communicating with your business. They are the ones who have subscribed to your newsletter/emails for updates. However, with them hitting the subscribe button, you have the responsibility of keeping them from hitting the UNSUBSCRIBE button. Truth be told, the Importance of Email Marketing comes with this HUGE responsibility. Just one pushy email, and boom – you lost a customer.

To avoid such a consequence, let our marketing team at Xcentric Services establish content that your customers expect from your emails. And rest assured, they will stick to sending emails along those lines to make sure your interested audience gets what it signed up for.

Increased Brand Awareness

In these tech-savvy times, every brand needs to communicate with the target audience regularly as it helps build brand awareness. When providing Email Marketing Services, this is the mantra of our marketing team at Xcentric Services. We make sure that whenever brands get on board with us for Benefits Email Marketing, their subscribers/customers become familiar with their products and services. Thus, building trust with potential customers and nurturing relationships with the current ones.

Xcentric Services

SEO Strategy

Unfortunately, many businesses in Pakistan and around the world do not think that there are any Benefits of Email Marketing for their SEO strategy. Technically, both these digital marketing channels help each other A LOT. Therefore, when a brand jumps on the Email Marketing bandwagon with our help, we share the content from their website in the emails sent to the target audience. Do you know what this does? It simply tells the search engine that the audience trusts the brand as they have subscribed to the newsletter willingly – to receive the emails.

Reaching Content Marketing Goals

Do you share content such as videos and blogs on your website? This will be a bonus when you get our Email Marketing Services. Our marketing team will share them all very creatively in the emails. By doing so, they will increase your website traffic, lower the bounce rate, drive online conversions, and improve other metrics that matter to your content marketing strategy.

Nurture Leads

When potential customers or website visitors fill out the “Sign Up for the Newsletter” form on your website, we use automation tools to send them emails. These emails are drafted strategically by our marketing team to drive every customer through the sales funnel. Whether the customer has just found your website, is searching for product options, or is ready to make a purchase, we draft emails accordingly to increase online conversion rates.

Measurable Results

Imagine not getting any feedback on how well you performed in your exams. Or, in the worst case, not getting any result – positive or negative? Sounds too discouraging, right? That is not how we play the Email Marketing balls at Xcentric Services.

With monthly reports, we provide our clients (brands) an insight into analytics like how often the emails are opened and keep them updated on how well the Email Marketing strategies are performing. And alongside, our marketing team also measures those analytics and results to better plan the next marketing strategy.

Personalized Marketing

The Uses of Email Marketing are much more than our marketing team targeting your audience based on their interests. Using automation and Artificial Intelligence, we create personalized and unique experiences for their email subscribers – the customers.

Uses of Email Marketing

For instance, if a customer made a purchase and provided their email when checking out, we use the email ID to suggest more products to the customer and cross-sell. Thinking about what is so unique about these emails? We address the subscribers by their name to make them feel extra special – all with the magical spell PERSONALIZATION.

Need Help With Email Marketing?

With all these benefits of Email Marketing that we have brought together in this article have you convinced that investing in this marketing domain is your way to stand out in the competition? Well then, without any delay, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com to let the pros meet the Challenges of Email Marketing. Our experienced marketing team at Xcentric Services will get back to you at their earliest with a well-planned marketing strategy in no time!








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