Technologies Working In People Counting Devices

John Smith

  • Mar 07, 2019

Modern-day science and technology are taking the world to another level of innovation. The basics of the old world are replaced by innovations of the modern world.

With the innovation and improvement in every field of life, the manufacturers are working on the betterment of the retail business. In fact, they are launching new ways to understand the behavior of your customers. Making your life more systematic. I am talking about the people counters.

The most effective people counting solutions are implemented all over the world and the people counting tools are serving the retailers and other professionals in many ways. Manufacturers and the think tanks behind them are always working to create something new and make these devices more accurate to collect the real people counting data and reports.

The people counters are famous in the world and they are working in many fields but in Pakistan, they are just trending now because Xcentric Services is trying to provide this technology to related professionals. The main reason to introduce this technology in Pakistan is to make more from the retail business and develop together. Or maybe the retail professionals need to be more up-to-date here.

V Count is among the biggest manufacturers of people counting cameras and Xcentric Services is selling its people counting cameras. If you are interested in boosting your retail business you are welcome to visit the Xcentric Services website store to get the people counting camera prices.

When you will visit a market or different manufacturers you will notice that they are working on different technologies in people counting cameras or people counters. The technologies vary in results and accuracy. To get the maximum accurate results they all trying new things and the reason is to make retail business better and bring a medium that allows you to understand the customer behavior.

Some of the main technologies that are used and implemented in different types are listed below:

  • Vision Analytics
  • 3D Stereo Video Analytics.
  • Monocular Video Analytics
  • Thermal Imaging (Heat Maps)
  • Infrared Beams
  • Time of Flight
  • Structured Light.
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Wi-Fi Wide Area Network Tracking
  • Ultra Wide Band UWB| Radar Imaging
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons | BLE Beacons
  • GPS Personal Tracker
  • Radio Frequency Identification RFID Tags & Tracking
  • Bio-Metrics with Facial Recognition
  • 3D Technology Augmented Reality

These technologies have different working fundamentals but the purpose is the same, to count the people in a crowded area or collect people counting data from the stores or shopping mall. The people counting devices are not just for shopping malls or stores but they can be installed where ever you feel to get the report of people counting for the study of human behavior.

The variation of the accuracy among these technologies is 75% to 98%. Every technology has its own positive aspects as well as negative. Some technologies are cheap for implementation but their results cannot be trusted as well. On the other hand, the most accurate technologies of this time are expensive.

Right now V Count 3D Alpha+ is at the top of the market with an accuracy of 98%. This product is appreciated by all the clients and we are getting positive feedback on that. So if you are willing to upgrade your business and improve the revenue of your business with the study of customer behavior then we offer you to get the V Count 3D Alpha+ people counting camera.

You can get reports over Wi-Fi in the app and you can store the data on cloud storage. You can also check real-time traffic at your business venue anytime anywhere via the internet. If you want to buy people counter please visit the Xcentric Services website store to get people counting camera price and more details.







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