Tap Into Digital Marketing Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

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  • Jun 30, 2022

The marketing world evolves at the speed of light. During the past two years, marketers have embraced changes more than ever. They adapted to the ever-changing hybrid and virtual business landscapes during COVID-19. Then, as the lockdown eased and people started going out of their homes, businesses noticed a slight slump in online traffic and virtual engagement – and that is where Digital Marketing came to their rescue.

However, even though marketing on digital media helps, no matter how experienced a marketer is, keeping up with the changing trends gets tricky.  To succeed in a marketing world that is fast-paced and stay relevant to the target audience, it is important to keep pace with the marketing trends. Want to know more about the trends before you jump on the bandwagon? Keep reading the blog.

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5 Digital Marketing Trends Businesses Should Tap Into

Competitive and cutting-edge marketing strategies can only be planned by keeping in view the current trends. However, with a lot going on around, it can get hard for a business to figure out which trend they should tap into right away – and which trend can wait for its turn. Hence, to help such businesses, we have covered this blog on all the marketing trends. Let’s dig in!

1.      Influencer Marketing Will Evolve Into A Common Marketing Tactic

When we asked our team of digital marketers about which trend they think businesses should put their budgets into for marketing in 2022, their answer was influencer marketing. In fact, the opinions of marketers around the world are also the same, putting the marketing tactic at the top of the list – above trends like short-form video marketing and mobile web design.

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While the 55% of businesses who are currently leveraging influencer marketing claim that it is effective, 45% of them are planning to increase their investment in the marketing tactic this year. In addition, 11% of them say that it is the highest ROI-generating Marketing Tactics that they have used.

Now, you must be thinking about why and how has influencer marketing grown from a trend into a common-used tactic for marketing? Well, influencers are the masters of the platforms they use and the topic or field they talk about. They have an audience base that is interested, engaged, and influenced by their content.

By collaborating with influencers, businesses can boost brand awareness and generate fans from the audience of the influencer. Worried because you cannot afford to hire a celebrity influencer with a huge count of followers? No worries, start working with micro-influencers. Even though they have lesser followers, their reviews mostly pack more punch because of the high engagement level.

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2.      Blogging Is NOT Going Anywhere

Since the time businesses started building their websites, blogging became a commonly used strategy for Digital Marketing. However, the age of this marketing tactic should not be taken as a sign that it is out-of-date. Blogging has been in use for so long just because it actually works.

47% of the businesses with a content marketing strategy in action blog, 55% of the marketers leveraging say it is effective and 10% go on to claim that it generates the highest ROI. Well, this data is not too shocking for us because customers do read blogs before making a purchase – be it a how to use the product, the benefits of getting the service, or any other information.

Besides potentially increasing customer engagement and conversions, blogs also provide a major benefit to the websites, and that is better search discoverability. Ultimately, websites with blogs have a better search potential and can target SEO strategies easily, as compared to others that do not post blogs.

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3.      Short-Form Video Marketing Is The New Trend

During the past year, we have learned that the second most-effective Digital Marketing trend is short-form content. More than 30% of marketers and businesses have currently invested in short-form video marketing. In fact, 45% of them even consider it an effective strategy when it comes to boosting engagement and performance on digital media.

There is no denying the fact that long-from videos offer more in-depth information about a brand, product, or service to the target audience. However, marketers believe that to the point short-form videos are more effective for marketing a business.

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Not only does the creation of short-form videos take less bandwidth, but the format also aligns perfectly with the short attention spans of today’s target audience. Look at platforms like Reels, TikTok and Snapchat – they have gained marketing interest and quick growth for the very reason.

Hence, rather than putting effort and time into creating long videos for marketing, focus on quality and create short ones. It will not only be easy to create them, but your target audience will also understand your products or services better in a short time. Therefore, reducing their time spent in the sales funnel.

4.      Mobile Optimization Is more Important Than Ever

It should not come to you as a surprise that customers these days spend more and more time on their mobile phones. According to stats, around 50% of the online traffic on websites every year comes from mobile phones.

In addition, as the buying power of Millennials and Generation Z audience continues growing, mobile-optimized digital experiences have become even more important to consider. Still not convinced to make mobile optimization a part of your Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan efforts? Below are some of the reasons why you should do it NOW:

  • 33% of marketers around the world invest in mobile web design
  • 84% of marketers focusing on mobile web design invest in digital marketing
  • 65% of SEO marketers consider mobile optimization an effective marketing tactic

Besides it all, mobile experiences are not only important for brands and their websites. They also play a HUGE role in key marketing strategies. For instance, 55% of our marketers working on email marketing focus on delivering an exceptional mobile email experience to the audience.

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5.      Permanent Social Media Posts Will Overtake Short-Lived Content

Short-lived content that stays published for 24 hours and disappears later – unless archived or saves, is not going anywhere soon. But still, being a Digital Marketing Company Pakistan, we have noticed that permanent social media posts like videos and images are more effective. Such standard posts can be posted on the feed and stay there to be viewed later too.

So, if you are more focused to generate a solid ROI and bottom line, posting short-lived content is not the best marketing strategy. Though to make your marketing efforts work and get the best of both worlds, you can mix up short-lived and permanent content. It will give your business steady engagement and boost long-term brand awareness.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] After reading through the Importance of Marketing trends, you have got to know that your marketing strategies are not up to speed. As long as a business keeps a thumb on the pulse of digital marketing trends and remains open to updates, it never falls behind.

    On the other hand, feeling overwhelmed with the idea of keeping pace with all the insights and trends is also completely normal. Being the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we can help you keep up with trends as they emerge. Hence, trust us with marketing your business on digital media and focusing on other tasks that need your attention.







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