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kashif ali

  • Dec 07, 2021


Shopify Website Cost: Remember when people used to simply ask for the address of a physical outlet to shop for something? In the 21st century, this has changed – thanks to the pandemic which kept us all locked indoors. Customers now prefer staying in the comfort of their home and getting products or services the digital way. Well, this calls for taking your retailing business to the next level by opting for launching a web store and Shopify App Development. Now, the next question popping up in your mind would be – who can help you make it all work without any hassle? Our team of developers at Xcentric Services.

Why Choose Shopify For E-Commerce Store Development?

Whether you are a small business, a mid-sized one, or a large corporation, it is important to have a digital storefront. Technically, this requires combining your retailing efforts in-store and online to offer the best customer experience. Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that provides such features and functionalities to businesses who want to have their foot in two places. BUT – before you invest in Shopify Development Services, let us take you through the benefits of going online with a web store.

Shopify Development Services

1.   No Tech Concerns

The first good news is that to be on Shopify, as a retailer, you will not need any tech expertise; hosting and software will be provided by the platform itself. Also, with us having your back, it will be easy to run the web store, even when there is an increase in traffic during sales.

Moreover, our team will take care of the software updates and other tech concerns, while you put your time and effort into selling online rather than worrying about the web store facing downtime.

2.   Reliability & Security

Launching an online web store means dealing with sensitive information of the customers – including the credit card details. Plus, the customers we have in these times, especially the Millennials and Generation Z, are always running short on time, making them impatient. Considering both aspects, your web store needs to be secure, fast, and accessible online 24/7.

Being a hosted solution, Shopify is reliable and secure. On top of it, the developers at Xcentric Services will take up the responsibility of server maintenance, and keeping the web store updated. Thus, ensuring that the web store of our client is available 24/7 and its pages load within seconds.

Besides, we also enable SSL certificates that enable encrypting data and passing it through a safe and secure connection. All along Shopify App Development, PCI compliance is also taken care of by our team for web stores that deal with payments through credit cards.

3.    Mobile Ready

Website visits through mobiles are now more than desktop, which is why it is essential to have a mobile-optimized web store – not optional. Luckily, every theme of Shopify is mobile responsive, and there is a built-in mobile commerce cart in the platform.

The features enable the web store to load perfectly on any device and allow buyers to shop from anywhere. In addition, the Shopify Experts at Xcentric Services also customize themes to make them fully ready for providing a mobile experience – in case they need tweaks.

Shopify Website Prices

4.   Applications For Everything

Shopify App Development opens door to a world full of functionalities that retailers can add to their web store. From adding loyalty programs to reviews, getting analytics, or integrating accounting software – an application is available for everything.

With thousands of applications to choose from, just let our team know the features you need in your web store. They will integrate the right application for it. Also, most of them are free. So, there are no worries about having to pay a fortune for an application.

5.    Marketing Tools & SEO

Launching an online web store looks all well until you realize that no one is visiting it. And, in the worst case, you might have to pull down your digital shutters in no time. Right here, another powerful feature of Shopify comes to the rescue – SEO. By leveraging it for clients at Xcentric Services, we rank their web store high on search engine result pages, making sure that they are visible to the customers. Thus, getting them the most out of the Shopify Website Cost they have paid.

Moreover, because the feature provides access to analytics, we also provide clients the details about where the customers are coming from. Therefore, helping them tweak their marketing strategies accordingly. Also, being our client, if you want, other than the basic SEO post launching the web stores, we can provide Professional SEO Services too to help you maintain rankings.

Other than SEO, the E-Commerce platform also provides access to many marketing tools. They include social media integration, email marketing, product reviews, and many more. As a standard, we use these tools to help our clients create discount codes, coupons, and gift vouchers. So, if you always get overwhelmed thinking of marketing, let go off the stress. Shopify is designed to make it an easy breeze.

Shopify Website Prices

Ready To Get On Shopify?

To survive in this pandemic-struck world, having an E-Commerce store is more than essential. However, that requires choosing an E-Commerce platform, integrating functionalities, and a lot more. For someone who is not tech-savvy, this is something very challenging. They will have to ensure compatibility, secure the web store, avoid duplicating tools and stay within budget. In the digital marketing industry, we offer the most affordable Shopify Website Cost. We are a company that understands how to expand a business while keeping the cost of a Shopify Website low.

Hence, for professional assistance, hire Xcentric Services. We are a leading agency that knows how to drive business growth at reasonable Shopify Website Prices. Customizations, migrations, integrations, and everything in between – let our team handle it all for you. To get your project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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