Top Features Coming Soon In The New SQL Server 2017

John Smith

  • May 30, 2019

Microsoft is going to launch some major changes regarding MS SQL Server 2017 Prices and features. It is said that a major update is going to be live soon.

According to some unofficial briefs we came to know some facts about the upcoming changes in the SQL Server 2017. Let’s take a short tour of the changes we are going to experience in the coming update.

New Python Interface

Users can use the already stored procedure to run the R code that takes advantage of parallelism in the database engine. Microsoft designed this stored procedure to be open-ended and now adds Python as the second language that it supports. Python combines powerful scripting with eminent readability and is broadly used by IT admins, developers, data scientists, and data analysts.

Big Changes to the Cloud

Microsoft Azure SQL Database also is known as SQL Azure, which is the company’s Database as a Service offering, has always lacked complete compatibility with the on-premises or in an Azure VM version of SQL Server. Over time, compatibility has gotten much better, but there are still gaps such as unsupported features like SQL CLR and cross-database query.

The new solution to this problem is a hybrid Platform as a Server (PaaS)/Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that is currently called Azure Managed Instances. In SQL Database, it is not possible to reference multiple databases in one query which has limited many migrations to the platform due to the amount of code that must be rewritten. Support for cross-database queries in Managed Instances simplifies the process of migrating applications to Azure PaaS offerings, and should thereby increase the number of independent software vendor (ISV) applications that can run in PaaS.

Microsoft also showed few data safety features in Azure SQL Database that are now available. Azure SQL Database Threat Detection detects SQL Injection, potential SQL Injection vulnerabilities, and anomalous login monitoring. This can turn on the SQL Database level by allowing checking and organizing notifications. The administrator is then notified when the threat detection engine detects any anomalous behavior.

Graph Database

In a classic relational structure, an organizational chart can be a challenge to the model who does the CEO report to? Graph support in the server, the thought of edges and nodes is launched. Nodes represent entities, edges represent relationships between any two given nodes, and both nodes and edges can be associated with data properties. This Microsoft Server uses delays in the server language to help in joining fewer requests.

Graph databases are especially useful in the Internet of Things (IoT), social network, recommendation engine, and predictive analytics applications. It should be noted that many vendors have been investing in graph solutions in recent years.

Adaptive Query Plans

One of the biggest challenges of a DBA is managing system performance over time. With Adaptive Query Optimization in SQL Server 2017, SQL Server can evaluate the runtime of a query and compare the current execution to the query’s history, building on the innovation that was launched in the request to old feature in SQL Server 2016. For the next run of the same request, Adaptive Query Optimization can then improve the execution plan.

The change to an execution plan that is based on one slow execution can have a dramatically damaging effect on system performance, the changes made by Adaptive Query Optimization are incremental and conservative. Over time, this feature handles the tuning a busy DBA may not have time to perform. This feature also benefits from Microsoft’s management of Azure SQL Database because the development team monitors the execution data and the improvements that adaptive execution plans make in the cloud. They can then optimize the process and flow for adaptive execution plans in future versions of the on-premises product.

With all these functionalities and easy to use procedure SQL Server makes your data tasks easier. To Get the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices you have to visit Xcentric Store.








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