How Xcentric can help you Speak Loudly and Visuals in 2022?

Mahum Khalid

  • Feb 03, 2020

Visuals Remember those times when status updates and searches in the form of text were breaking the Digital Marketing Trend grounds? The trend was somewhat alive at the beginning of 2021 but proved to be a passing trend by the end of it. The reason behind this was the continuous evolution of tech advancements in the digital world because savvy marketers have forever been eyeing new ways to increase revenues and grow businesses digitally, with visuals. 

Amid all this, Speaking with visuals emerged as a crucial trend in 2019 – A remarkable era of transformations, in the world of Digital Marketing in Pakistan. Let’s think for about a minute. What did you prefer seeing in 2019, a classic TV commercial, which, of course, had many more elements, or an Infographic on Instagram? Humans loved Infographics, and so did businesses because they evoked emotions and inspired people. Hence, proving them as a very fantastic tool for marketing.

New Year, new trends, and tons of advancements – 2022 defined. While the visual speaking trend is staying in this year too, speech and voice technologies are the newest trend. Hence, our experienced marketers at Xcentric suggest having a broader perspective by molding the strategies around both trends; Speaking Visually and Loudly!

Need some more reasons why you should step into these trends and how they work? Now we’re talking about being a Social Media Marketing Company.

Instead of Reading, the Audience will prefer Seeing and Hearing

In this tech-savvy era, pitching a product isn’t as easy as before. Rewinding to a few years back when we’d see brands telling customers how it works, some even made a whole TV Ad showing the process. But fellow, if you’re still following this old-school way of marketing, you’re surely way behind in the game of Digital Marketing in Pakistan.

Hence, learn the first lesson of Marketing in 2022; Never tell your audience what you’re trying to say through Status Updates. Instead, let your creativity do the talking, and that too LOUDLY. Descriptive videos and eye-catchy Infographics might help you with this. A picture says a thousand words – A quote summing that sums up this trend really well.

First Impressions will be Impactful; Be it through Visuals or Voice Searches

First impressions play a very crucial role in the world of digital marketing trends. Because a human brain can build an instant first impression of things, in just a matter of a few minutes, making it very prone to wrong ideas. Hence, if the audience has got absurd ideas about your product, or they’ve not got enough knowledge about it, they’re very likely to skip investing their time in your brand.

Businesses of this era are integrating Visuals and Voice Searches into their websites. A website with a drag-drop-in-cart functionality and static images of products is no more fancied. Instead, this era is all about people wanting to see more descriptive videos of the products and them calling out on Alexa to add products from your E-Commerce website to their carts. See how speaking visually and loudly has turned everything around in this digitized world?  Have your take on these trends of 2022 by investing in Social Media Marketing Services. We assure you, your customers will get a great experience. 


The key to success? Professional Help

The personal touch on everything is perhaps the best you can do to make your Digital Marketing strategies a success. Visuals support brands to create recognition on digital media and spread their name. Voice search tools are an excellent way for brands to know their audiences’ needs. Hence, we’ve reached a verdict that following both these trends can take businesses to the next level in 2022. Though creating visuals is something your graphics team can do well, integrating voice search tools with your E-Commerce website can be a hassle. So to be on the safer side, consider getting some help from a Social Media Marketing Agency like Xcentric Services. To get on board, contact us TODAY!







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