Some common Content Marketing blunders to avoid in 2019

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 28, 2019

Content Marketing is all about storytelling. In the world of Digital Marketing, our attention is continuously diverted towards businesses telling great stories. But with emerging new trends, the audiences’ attention is always diverted towards more, making it challenging for businesses to share relevant stories. Although people already had a strong relationship with content, the content which spread like fire in the ’90s doesn’t work the same way in the ’20s. Social Media is providing businesses a knocking opportunity to create value in the audiences’ minds. To make sure that you get the most out of this opportunity in the long run, start being consistent with publishing high-quality content.

Content Marketing can go off the road too, to make sure that you don’t end up making blunders, follow these tips.

Have Well-Defined Buyer Personas

In a Content Marketing Campaign, the biggest mistake a business can make is not knowing their audience. Before planning your campaign, you need to research topics to grab your audiences’ attention. Want to know the best way to get the answer to “What grabs my audiences’ attention?”

The first step to get the answer is to conduct Reader Persona interviews, which define the readers who are your buyers too. For the next step, when you know who your buyers are, hone your buyers’ personas by conducting Buyer Persona interviews. Conducting Persona interviews by following the above steps will help you know who your real audience is and how can you target them with your content.

Preferring Quantity over Quality? A big NO!

As a business, when you opt for Content Marketing, your primary goal should be producing quality content. We agree, you also need to publish frequently to maintain the consistency of your content. Confused about how does this work? No worries, just post as often as you can but ensure that you will post quality content.

If you start putting out junk just to increase the quantity, you’ll most probably lose readers who are eventually your customers. Mistakes like these can cost you a lot because Google’s Search Algorithm revolves only around quality content, which is the only way to get higher ranks in searches.

No Proof-Reading and Editing is a BIG mistake

With the increasing number of Grammar-Nazis in the world, even a spelling mistake can send you down the hill. Can you take the risk of writing you’re as your? Would you accept reading something like this? The audience doesn’t spare for such blunders.

Before publishing your content, proofread it and make necessary changes. Always spell-check the content, to be at the safe side of the road. You never know, when the grammar-nuts might hit you.

Don’t let your Content Fade Away

If you’ve been creating content for a while now, your published content must have covered a lot of topics. Do you know what the best part of content is? You can always Re-purpose and Re-use it.

Here are some ideas to get the best out of your previous faded-content.

  • Break your Reports and Researches into several Blogs
  • Share your Popular Content with your new Audience
  • Build your previous content by creating Blog Post Series out of them
  • Transform your Audio and Video content into Written Content
  • Create Video Tutorials out of your How-to Articles

Never miss a CTA

There is no better way than placing a CTA, to guide your audience to your marketing channel. How will the audience get to know who you are and what you offer if you’ve missed a CTA? Every piece of content you publish needs to have a purpose and a CTA, to redirect your audience to the pages on your website, which show  your products and services are. Here’s where you can consider placing your CTAs.

  • Within your Targeted Emails
  • On your Blog Posts
  • On the pages of your Website
  • In your E-Books

Integrate with Social Media

Integration with Social Media contributes to your brand’s exposure level. All it takes is one click on the “Share” button on Facebook, and your content reaches from one reader to other hundreds of readers. As a business, you need to make it as easy as humanly possible for readers to share your content which they like, with their friends and followers. Did you get the point? More the shares, the more the engagement rate. After all, you deserve all this attention for the hard work you’ve put into your content.

Avoid Publishing Selfishly Content

Nobody might want to get stuck reading content published by a self-praising business. Avoid publishing content which sounds like you are acting selfish, by focusing just on what your business needs and offers.  Instead, to get more value, publish content which revolves around the needs of your audience. For example, you’ll walk out of a conversation if the person in front of you is only praising himself, ignoring the fact that you were there to get some help. To make sure that you don’t sound selfish, focus on the needs of your audience, not your own.

Content Marketing is no rocket science. It can be tough to do at first, but the more you do it, the better you get at it. But if you’re too busy to do it yourself and want to avoid any blunders, then hiring a Digital Marketing Agency to do this for you, is the best option.







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