Social Selling: Right Product Content is THE KEY

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 23, 2019


Nearly 3.5 billion people have been using Social Media to; find and buy products new in fashion, keep up with their family and friends along with catching up with the updates and popular news around the world in 2019. The predictions vision – 2020 is going to be an Age of Social Selling, as the Social Media platforms have already emerged as a virtual world.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have long served as inspiration for the future buyers of a brand. As a result, these platforms have become a very influential tool for gaining purchases in this tech-savvy era, to the extent that nearly half of the Millennials and Gen Z only buy the products which they’ve seen on their Social Media Feed or their friend’s.

The ever-trending industries like Fashion and Technology have already been heavily promoted on Social Media, getting all the right amount of fame, considering the key – Give customers the right content and enough of it!

Nail your Product Content

Consumers of this tech-era are provided extraordinary access through Social Media, which is proven to be a precious channel for communication. Moreover, the retailers now can quickly go ahead of conventional advertising by providing their customers with a virtual appearance of their products through Social Selling. However, your product content must give the best the shopping experience, compelling the audience to buy from you. To succeed in your Social Selling, prepare up your creative teams and designers, to provide your audience with eye-candy Infographics and Visuals that give a thoroughly deep reflection of your product.

As we say at Xcentric – There’s no one experience to rule every Social Media platform. Preferably, get your teams to give the best content and a unique and seamless experience to your customers, for each Social Selling channel.

Social Selling on Social Media Platforms

Facebook – The Mark Zuckerburg-founded only network to boast about 2 billion active accounts as of 2019.

Facebook, without any doubt, spans the farthest when it comes to reaching customers, globally. However, to forge a connection with this mass of users isn’t as simple as updating a status on Facebook. To sell on this Social platform, you need to create a Facebook-specific Product Catalog, with a rich, consistent, and the right amount of product content, that nails the visuals representation and is according to the parameters.

Instagram – Resembling its parent company Facebook, it has a broader reach and a higher engagement rate than most other Social platforms, boasting more than 1 billion active users as of 2019.

Today, Instagram is particularly famous for having a following in the world of fashion, health, and technology, where influencers are the show stoppers. Instagram’s new Shopping feature allows users to buy directly without having to leave the application. Emphasize on your product’s best views because Instagram is the KING of visuals, so sell socially through this powerful platform.

LinkedIn – The new hot seat for all the collaborations, networking, and of course, Social Selling. You must’ve known LinkedIn for making professional connections, but it isn’t limited to this now, by the end of 2019. 

LinkedIn has now become a Social Selling platform for B2B users. The success of your social selling on this platform starts when you optimize your personal information to drive sales inquiries. However, your product content still plays a very crucial role here. LinkedIn isn’t the platform to show off your designed images. As a professional, to make your space there, you need to be accurate and consistent, all while you remain in the business-focused context of the platform.

PXM and PIM; Get their Games on Point!

Reading through the platforms, you must be thinking that they’re enough to target customers and to increase your sales. Though, they can help you catch the eye of shoppers scrolling through social media. As a business, you still need to focus more on your product’s content. Pro tip – Make sure that the information given is; Accurate, Consistent, and of High-Quality.

Unfortunately, your audience won’t convert into customers if your content isn’t up to the mark. This way, your content might not even make it to the search engines, making it difficult to get reach.

But Hey; We have a Solution!

Product Experience Management (PXM) and Product Information Management (PIM) are the heroes, making the experience of Social Selling amazing, for both, the audience and the E-Commerce Store owner. Simply put, PXM and PIM mean to have all your information related to your product organized, in order. The classified information can be used to feed the Social Platforms. Thus, speeding up and simplifying the process of Social Selling.

Social Selling


At Xcentric, we can help you with getting your PXM and PIM on point, by centralizing your product information and later on streamlining it all over your Social Media platforms. Get your Social Selling game on point and get your customers on board. Want to turn your E-Commerce Store’s selling into success in this Digital Marketing world? Contact Us today to conquer the E-Commerce Industry.








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