How to give a Social Proof of your Business on Social Media?

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 05, 2019


Social Proof is something that is trending today, all over Social Media. Just applying some powerful and prominent techniques on Social Media can get you all the fame you need. The good news is, a Social Proof can also help you boost your marketing effectiveness, with its mighty powers. Precisely, it builds the audiences’ trust in your business, your credibility, and validates your customer’s decisions. If all else fails, to convince the audience, into buying your products, get into the competition and give a Social Proof of your business, you’ll surely get more of your niche.

Ready to dive into giving a Social Proof on Social Media? Here’s a how-to.

Influencers’ and Celebrity Endorsements

Influencer Marketing is the show stopper of Instagram, among all other Social Media Marketing techniques, in 2019. And for the most part, it is going to remain in the limelight, in the future too. The power of endorsements can be felt, by the fact that people trust influencers and celebrities, for buying a product, rather than the brand itself.

Find the perfect fit influencer or celebrity for your business, whose voice, values, and target audience aligns yours, and partner with them. It would be of no surprise if we said that people buy products when influencers’ wear them. So use this power, to get over Social Media, as a brand with a Social Proof.

How-to Videos to the Rescue!

In this era, the Millennials are more than happy to watch videos, which feature the product demos and sponsored content. Just as a picture can explain a thousand words, videos can tell you a whole story, within seconds, without having you figure out things.

Traditionally, commercials were always the star of the show, when it came to marketing. Today, video content and how-to, which are an evolution in traditional ways, can provide more depth in information and trust-building. By demo-ing products in action, through third-parties like influencers, you can get both; Social Proof, and increased sales. For example, Huda Beauty partners up with beauty influencers, who then review its beauty products with how-to videos.

Gain Trust by Sharing Customer Testimonials

A tried and tested method states – Businesses should have the integrity to share their customer testimonials if they wish to give a Social Proof. Moreover, testimonials give proof that your product delivers what you promised to. Usually, testimonials and reviews are considered the same, but in reality, both of them are different.

While reviews are something that customers leave by their own choice, testimonials are chosen very carefully by the business itself. They revolve around real and positive feedback, by a customer, that proves the value of your products and services offered. Have a dedicated section of testimonials over your Facebook page and other social media channels, make extensive use of them, and give your Social Proof.

Feature Positive Reviews from Customers

When was the last time you brought home a product or went to a restaurant without reading the reviews? In this era, moving forward into something without going through reviews is a gamble. Because no one wants to pay for a thing which is one-star rated.

The best way out is to get Positive reviews from your potential customers and form yourself a Social Proof. Make sure that you’re featuring positive reviews, along with addressing the negative feedback too, because even the top-most brands get criticism. Pave your way out to Social Proof, spread all over Social Media in tidbits.

Social Proof

Now that you’ve got all the better, smarter, and most effective tips on how to give a Social Proof of your business, start incorporating these in your Social Media Marketing strategies. Have your take on it and harness your social media crowd with its power. And if you’re not sure that you’ll nail it in the first go, hire a Digital Marketing Agency, to get some assistance.







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