Why Social Media Presence Is A MUST For Small Businesses?

kashif ali

  • Sep 06, 2019


You are a student in town, wanting quick access to the most famous group of High school. You choose the hottest and most famous fellow for the prom night. Similarly, if you are looking to spread your wings as a small business, social media presence is what you need to shake hands with. Advertising on Social Media Platforms glorifies your business and helps you interact with your potential audience. It will help create brand awareness, increase the customer base, and connect with existing customers. However, you might need some help from Digital Marketing Services in Chicago.

It’s a two-way street when your social media presence helps people know you better, it also helps you understand your audience better. You learn about their preference, trending topics, and subjects people want to explore. Later on, you take it to your advantage and form your marketing strategies. There are multiple ways through which a business especially a small one benefits from its social media presence. Why dip when you can dive in, right?

Build your brand

The latest google reports show that an average person spends about 130 minutes a day using different social media presence apps. It makes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. a natural place to reach your target audience. More than 60% of people say that they discover your products through Facebook Advertisements because the ads keep popping up.

In a world where trust is the biggest commodity, people will only believe in a brand. When they see with their own naked eyes that you are delivering, what you promised. So to ‘show’ a trustworthy image of your business, you might want to start by connecting with your current and your future customers and reflect a humanized side of your business. Your brand values, your welfare plans for your customers, and your employees. How your products/services work makes a big chunk of how you portray yourself to the world and pictures. Behind-the-scene videos and live chats play a vital role in social media presence. 

By introducing the people behind the brand, the existing customers build a subconscious connection with your brand. having a Social media presence also connects you to the fans and followers as they log in, so keeping an entertaining platform is always a plus. You don’t have to inform them about stuff as if you are reading the news. But you make it fun and help them keep you on top of their mind when they want to purchase something.

Social Media Presence

Grow with Social Media Presence 

A Social Media Marketing Agency not only makes you look pretty but will also help you grow and generate traffic. How? Social media ads and post is your answer. Sharing content from your blogs on these channels and embedding your website links on these posts will give your audience the to explore more through the website. Even participating in social chats in random, but related to your field groups will get you noticed. Also when you respond to someone’s query, just add a link to your website to the comment section to improve your organic search along the way.

Lead generation is a key benefit of social media presence for businesses that many social networks offer advertising formats especially to collect leads. Social media presence will also help in boosting your business’s sales. It reaches a new audience and uses all the applicable tricks in the box to convert them.

The latest trend of 2019 makes the influencers a new cool. People listen to these individuals, trust them, and are more than ready to act upon what they suggest. So when small business partners with these influencers to market themselves, people start to trust you too.

Talk to your Consumers

Communication is essential in every relationship, especially when someone is trusting you with what you have to offer. For business, social media presence becomes the medium of communication. You tell them your story simultaneously making them feel heard. So you might have to walk an extra mile to make sure that they know that you are there to attend to their queries and acknowledge their appreciation. Because they are already talking about you on Social Media Marketing, with you responding or not. Your reputation is on the line here, it’s a wise thing if you be kind, polite, and professional. Even to those who go all out shaming you for the minor inconvenience they faced at your hands.

Just imagine you created the reach, paid for the advertisement, and did everything according to the books but forgot to engage with them. How do you think that’s going to go? Not well right? So to curb this problem. You talk, reply, and interact with your current and potential audience so they feel the connection. Social Media Management for small businesses is advancing with customer care, the happy audience makes happy business and it shows on the records. Companies that have quick response rates, have stronger customer loyalty, and are more inclined to get improved profits.

Social media looks all fun and games and to a major extent a necessity for growing businesses to make a greater name in lesser time. However, social media presence handling is a little tricky business, if it goes wrong at any step of the way. The chances of you denting your reputation are higher than the chances of you benefiting from social media itself. So if you don’t have a grip on these platforms, hiring a one-stop Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago is not a bad idea. Considering they can help you with social media as well as SMS Marketing in Chicago and Email Marketing in Chicago.







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