Why Investing In A Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Worth It?

kashif ali

  • Dec 30, 2021

Marketing your business on social media is the fastest way to grow it in this digital-driven world, but the real question is – what makes it unique? Well, firstly, social media builds on itself and welcomes the target audience to the profile of businesses 24/7. They become the gateway for leads, speaking gigs, projects, partnerships, and A LOT more. The good news is that Xcentric Services is here to help you promote your brand on social media with a result-driven Social Media Marketing Strategy that SELLS. Still not convinced to hop on the social media bandwagon? Read the blog to find out why you need to invest in social media marketing NOW.

Marketing Your Business On Social Media – THE FOUR BENEFITS

Social media marketing is a strategy that uses channels like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms for engaging the target audience. It can be used for almost anything and everything – from creating communities to asking influencers to boast about your products, the possibilities are endless.

In 2022, the researchers are expecting that nearly 90% of Social Media Marketing Companies will use social media as a part of their marketing strategy – and we are one of them. Judging the statistics, we believe that as large a business grows, the more critical it becomes to consider marketing on social media.

Cost-Effective Advertising

If you are still wondering whether investing in marketing on social media is worth it or now? The precise answer is – YES. However, it all boils down to how well the strategies are planned. Well, you do not really have to dig into this issue when we have your back. Though before we get on board, let us take you through a list of all the benefits you can expect to get out of our services.

1.     Cost-Effective Advertising

Running an average 30-second advertisement on a TV channel can cost business owners a fortune. Also, if it is a small business, making a commercial can go out of reach in terms of the budget. On the other hand, Social Media Marketing Business is far more cost-effective.

While there are countless ways of advertising on social media, the engaging ones we use for most of our clients are Facebook Ads and Sponsored Posts on Instagram. They allow targeting those who have previously interacted with the client’s brand – including those who have unfollowed. Thus, catching their attention and helping close a sale.

2.     Selling On Instagram & Facebook Shops

Is the thought of launching an entire E-Commerce web store making you want to crawl under the blanket – after a few months? If this sounds like you, do not worry, we are all guilty of procrastinating. However, given the current trends of shopping online, you might be interested in knowing that Shops on Facebook and Instagram can also host the products you sell.

New to Social Media Marketing Platforms and not familiar with these features? Not a problem at all when you are on board with Xcentric Services. Beyond helping small businesses leverage the Facebook Shops feature, we also consider it a HUGE opportunity for new startups. We get their products in front of the target audience quickly, without them having to launch a web store.

Overall, the customers of the clients get to share, save, and buy products directly through Facebook and Instagram. Besides that, we also enable them to communicate one-to-one with the customers through Instagram Direct and Messenger. Therefore, increasing the communication and engagement rate.

Selling On Instagram & Facebook Shops

3.     Boosted Brand Awareness

Simply put, if the target audience does not know that a brand exists, how can they buy from it? Increasing brand awareness and building brand recognition are essential for growing a business on digital media. To define, brand awareness is the measure of how easily the target audience recognized a business and remembers its brand name over other competitors in the same industry. It helps with:

  • Building Customer Trust
  • Developing Word-Of-Mouth
  • Boosting Brand Equity

By using social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn creatively in a Social Media Marketing Strategy, we can help you achieve the brand awareness goals. Some usual tactics we apply for increasing social media presence and brand awareness include holding giveaway contests and posting high-quality content on social media.

Building Brand Loyalty

4.     Building Brand Loyalty

One of the main benefits of marketing on social media is its ability to build customer loyalty for brands. Now, you must be thinking about what we actually mean by customer loyalty? Loyal customers and not likely to shop from your competitors and stick with you through rain and hail. Moreover, social media platforms have a huge potential of turning satisfied customers into loyal ones to increase conversion rates.

There are quite a few ways we build brand loyalty for our clients. The frequent ones include offering reward programs, creating a loyalty-focused Social Media Marketing Strategy, and creating personalized messages for Messenger marketing. Safe to say, none of the ways disappoint and deliver stellar results.

Ready To Grow Your Business?

Assuming that you now understand that the Benefits of Social Media Marketing go beyond just the metrics, follower count, and mindless promotion, why not invest in it? On top of everything, when you hire Xcentric Services for planning your marketing strategy, we will help you look authentic and add value to your online presence on a budget. To get started, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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