What Goes Into Xcentric’s 6-Step Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 08, 2020

Today, social media platforms are more than just a place to engage and communicate with friends and family. They are continuously growing as dominant digital marketing channels. However, the only requirement is to implement social media marketing campaigns strategically. Usually, businesses fail at planning an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy. BUT, that’s not an excuse for not having a plan because it is as essential as having a social presence.

Technically, social media marketing plans include almost the same elements as a traditional digital marketing plan. However, researching the target audience is a MUST to go ahead with a plan. And for that, every business needs the help of a Social Media Marketing Agency. They help identify your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities. Precisely, that’s all we do at Xcentric Services when we make a Social Media Marketing Plan for our clients. Do you want to know more about what goes into our Social Media Marketing Services? Read over; we’ve covered the 6-step plan we follow!

1. Designating a Social Media Manager

With countless other tasks involved in running a successful business, handling social media on your own can be a hassle. However, while embarking on a social media marketing campaign with Xcentric Services, that’s not a problem anymore.

We designate a Manager for Social Media Marketing strategy who will be responsible for managing your social media pages and posting content regularly. Moreover, along with managing and posting content, the manager will also be responsible for responding to the feedback 24/7.

2. Creating Branded Pages

Once we’ve designated social media managers, they begin with creating branded social media pages. And for that, firstly, they identify where our client wants to be. Whether they plan on being on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or every social media platform.

Next, once the client chooses the platforms, our social media managers start making their social media accounts. At this point, our managers make sure that every social media page looks and feels the same as your online web store. For maximum impact, they focus on the following elements;

  • Using Colors and Visuals
  • Incorporating CTAs
  • Mentioning Contact Details

Lastly, when your social media profiles go live on social platforms, our team invites all of your customers to follow your pages.

branding page on social media

3. Planning a Content Calendar

The next step in the social media marketing strategy is to plan a content calendar. Ideally, our team prepares a monthly calendar for every client which outlines the following; The next step in the strategy is to plan a content calendar. Ideally, our team prepares a monthly calendar

  • Number of Weekly Posts
  • Posting Time
  • Content for each Post

All in all, the calendar lays a foundation for whatever content we’ll be publishing on your social media handles, regularly. Though of course, we can still post some other news and updates if you want us to!

4. Posting Engaging Content

Now that we’ve designed social media managers to handle your social media, and they’ve set your social media pages, we start creating engaging content. After we’ve created the content, we plug in the dates and times with it and mark the social media calendar after scheduling the posts.

Moreover, as we plan the content, being an agency, we put ourselves in the shoes of our client’s target audience. We focus on things like what type of content engages the audience. Are we posting something that they’d want to share? And when we have the answers to these, we make sure that every post we share picks up new followers.

posting engaging content

5. Monitoring Results

Being a Social Media Marketing Company, we believe that it is essential to monitor and respond to every comment on our client’s social media posts on time. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, we address every feedback. If your customers are praising your product or services on social media, we’ll thank them on your behalf.

However, on the other hand, if they have a complaint, we won’t ignore them. Instead, we’ll reach out to them with an apology, or maybe a gift in some cases. Though most importantly, we’ll investigate the matter to understand the problem. And for that, we focus on getting feedback from every customer. Also, we prefer incorporating a reliable tracking system that provides us a valuable insight into our client’s customers and their buying behavior.

6. Better Understanding Consumer Behavior

In our years of experience of providing Social Media Marketing services, we found no better way to gauge customer demand than asking them directly. Hence, when businesses get on board with us, we take the plunge and start engaging their target audience to understand their viewpoint.

By doing so, we can efficiently identify the strengths and weaknesses of our client. And as discussed previously, by knowing your target audience, we respond to their feedback promptly. Thus, helping you develop stronger relationships with your target audience, soon to be your customers.

Summing It all

We are living in an era where every consumer expects their favorite brand to be on social media. And not just any kind of social media presence. They want them to have a tailor-made and cohesive strategy, for which they need to invest in Planning a Social Media Campaign.

Undoubtedly, every business can leverage on social media marketing. However, not everyone knows which platform to invest in and how much. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn – Where to try your luck?

Well, that’s where Xcentric Services comes in to save your business with a well-planned Social Networking Marketing Strategy. We’ll remove the complexities of social media for you by handling your social media pages and let you stick to other tasks that you do best. All you need to do is hire us as your Social Media Marketing Agency – and we will handle the rest. 







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