How Social Media Marketing Services In Pakistan Help Provide Customer Support?

kashif ali

  • Mar 17, 2022

Gone are those days when the customers were patient enough to wait for emails or phone calls for customer care requests. Social care is the form that has replaced all the outdated customer support channels. Currently, social media is one of the most powerful and prominent tools for providing customer services. Even the studies reveal that 80% of customers these days use social media for engaging with brands. Also, it is much cheap to solve an issue on social media rather than setting up a call centre for communicating with customers. However, for all of this to work, you need to invest in Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan that we provide at Xcentric Services.

Since social media is a space open for the public, providing customer service on it is quite tricky. Even a small mistake can cost a business lots of customers and lead to a bad image on social media. Moreover, handling the negative backlash and trolls on the platforms can also put any brand under the spotlight – but for negative reasons. BUT, if you are still not convinced that social media marketing helps provide better customer support, let us take you through its importance and the best practices that we follow.

Social Media & Customer Support – THE NEW BEST FRIENDS

Indeed, social media is now more important than ever for providing customer support and this trend will go beyond 2022. The majority of the customers of every brand are on social media already. Therefore, building a strong presence on them and enabling the exchange of feedback or issues is very beneficial.

Moreover, because the social media platforms are open to the public, using them to provide customer support/service is a great way to build an online reputation. Though frankly speaking, it is not as easy as it sounds as you will have to take up social media customer service seriously. All in all, the customers should know that you are available for them 24/7.

5 Best Practices We Follow For Using Social Media To Provide Customer Support

To win over the loyalty of customers and build their trust is hard these days because of the competition. However, by hiring us for handling your social media and providing customer support, you can do this without any hassle. Here are the best practices that we follow at Xcentric Services to help our clients provide the BEST customer support and build a strong online reputation.

Social Media & Customer Support

1. Choosing The Right Social Media Platform

Before taking any other step, we first pick the right social media platform for providing customer service. Often, marketing agencies and businesses pick the wrong platform and end up wasting a lot of their resources and time offering useless customer support.

Hence, when a client gets on board to get Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan focused on customer support, we monitor the online presence of their customers. Once we know where most of their customers hang out, we pick that platform for providing customer support. Usually, the platforms are Instagram and Facebook.

Other than where the customers are, our team also monitors where the competitors of our client are present and then gets on that social media platform too. Because after all, generating high sales is not the only goal, getting ahead of the competition is also a MUST.

2. Creating Dedicated Customer Support Handles

Another way we offer effective customer support on behalf of our clients on their social media channels is by having dedicated channels for providing customer support. In simpler words, this means that we create Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages specifically for customer support.

Technically, this makes sifting through queries and issues easy for the customer support team and the content marketing is separated. Moreover, such customer service handles or pages are also a great help for the customers. Through them, they get to see the old queries and requests easily. And overall, a specific handle for customer support also ensures the customers that a team is there for answering their queries and complaints.

Social Media Experts

3. Prioritizing The Response Times

Compared to other channels that help provide customer support, customers expect quite a lot from social media platforms. As they are customer service channels, quicker resolution times and responses are expected.

Therefore, the Social Media Experts at Xcentric Services prioritize response time when handling customer support for the clients. Even if there is no possibility of offering a quick resolution, they acknowledge the query of the customers and assure that the team is on it.

However, on the whole, they ensure that the responses are not late, as it leads to negative reviews, backlash from the customers, and a bad online reputation. So, for handling the customer support requests efficiently and quickly, we usually set up an internal system. In the system, specific team members take up specific queries – which reduces the response times drastically and enables handling queries efficiently.

4. Being Personal & Specific With Responses

One common mistake that most businesses make is copying and pasting responses for every customer complaint and query, irrespective of the customer’s needs. Now, customer service is the heart of every business and plays an important role when determining the lifetime value and customer retention rate.

Hence, when providing Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan and responding to the requests of our client’s customers, we focus on this aspect too. For every response, we make sure that it is specific and personalized.

Generic responses usually lead to an increase in customer churn rate and unhappy customers. So, our customer support team acknowledges queries and requests with specific responses. For example, if we come across a customer struggling with using a product, we offer personalized in-app assistance.

Another way we personalize the responses is by addressing the customers with their first names in the responses. This way, they associate the response with someone real, not only a brand, ultimately making the customers more patient and less worried about their concern.

Social Media Marketing Services in Lahore

5. Following An Optimistic & Customer-First Approach

Similar to the cases of other customer support channels, positivity is important on social media too. In fact, negative responses hurt the online reputation of a business. Many times, the requests you might receive on social media platforms are not actually complaints.

Instead, such requests are trolls and people that talk bad about a business without any reason. However, even in such a case, we make sure to treat them smartly and not respond back negatively. Taking an optimistic and customer-first approach is always our priority.

In the end, no matter who is at fault, our response is apologetic and ensures the customers that a team is working on resolving their concerns. Though all along, we stay transparent with social media responses and do not resort to making false promises. The customers are aware of whatever is happening behind the scenes and have an accurate timeline for the resolution beforehand.

The Verdict

Social media is used by the majority of the customers and is easily accessible for every business. Therefore, providing customer support on social media is efficient, quick, and budget-friendly. However, because it is open to the public, things can go south within minutes. Hence, to get the best out of social media as a customer support channel, invest in the Social Media Marketing Services in Lahore that we provide at Xcentric Services. To get started, send us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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