Social Media Marketing For Fashion Brands – How To Nail It?

Mahum Khalid

  • Jul 26, 2022

Traditional shopping has been replaced completely with online shopping, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. Even though people have stopped spending hours in malls, the situation has made them lazy. Because now, shopping and staying aware of fashion trends has become easier than ever – thanks to Social Media Marketing.

Some new marketing strategies have been determined especially for the fashion industry. Along with popular brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, newly established brands have also agreed to one issue: having a presence on social media and building a targeting audience is getting tricky.

Undoubtedly, creating a successful social media presence for a fashion brand requires a killer strategy – that depends on the brand itself and its target audience. A brand can showcase seasonal products online, go live with fashion weeks, and a lot more. Fashion brands need a social media strategy for gaining attention on the ever-evolving social platforms.

So, the question is – how to promote your clothing brand on social media platforms, and which key metrics to track? Surely, deep-diving into the digital marketing world is overwhelming because there are countless options available out there. Social media platforms include suggestions and tools for clothing brands, which means that a different strategy has to be used for each.

We have covered this blog to help you determine the right strategy and build a strong presence on social media. Keep on reading to find a detailed explanation of how to promote your fashion brand on social media – by the end of it, you will have a clear picture.

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But First: Why Do Fashion Brands Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every fashion brand in this digital-driven world has to excel at marketing on social media more than ever now, because every single day, a new brand is appearing on it. Many companies and brands, regardless of the industry, are creating their accounts on social media; to engage with the audience on them. Generally, businesses that use social media platforms for marketing have these objectives:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Building Community
  • Reaching Target Audience
  • Boosting Brand Awareness
  • Increasing Sales

Businesses can connect with their target audience and increase their revenues by making their brand accounts on social media. Any brand that has not been there on social media in recent years is considered as not existent by people and Social Media Experts. Every person paying attention to fashion has adopted the window-shopping practice on social media, rather than stepping out and going to the mall.

Social Media Experts

Well-known influencers on social media are followed and even purchases are made through them. In fact, the worth of the influencer marketing industry has increased to $16.4 billion from $13.8 billion this year. Therefore, in these times, having a solid strategy for marketing on social media is crucial for fashion brands.

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5 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For Fashion Brands

Perhaps, because of the pandemic, online shopping experiences a huge increase. Now, every other brand is closing its physical store and new brands are not even considering opening one at all – they prefer being on socials only.

However, looking at the other side of the coin, brands have also grasped how important Social Media Marketing is and are finding new ways to successfully be a part of the social world. Given this, being on the right platform at the right time has also become a challenge, while new platforms are added to the limitless, and most importantly, algorithms keep changing.

The right strategy is the one that helps a business stand out from the crowd on social media – especially the ones in the fashion industry where the competition is A LOT. The brands need to make their voice heard, reach the target audience, and increase sales.

Even though standing out from the crowd is not as easy as it sounds, investing in the best Social Media Marketing Packages can help you build a surefire marketing strategy. Fashion brands need a social media marketing strategy for these reasons exactly: changing digital trends, rapidly evolving fashion, and increasing competition.

Do you own a clothing brand and are looking to build a strong presence on social media platforms? Well, there are many options, tricks, and tweaks that can confuse and take you off track. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook – and the list goes on. Count on these best practices to nail marketing your fashion brand on social media:

1.  Choose The Right Platform For Your Fashion Brand

Currently, there are many social media platforms in use. Each has a unique algorithm, and target audience; some even function differently. For example, even though video content is required on platforms like Tik Tok, there is an option to post videos and images on Instagram. Hence, as a fashion brand, you need to decide which platform you want to be active on more. It is one of the first and major steps to taking an action.

Social Media Marketing Packages

2.  Influencer Marketing Is THE KEY

One of the first strategies that come into mind when promoting a brand on social media is influencer marketing. With the growth and development of Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan, a new profession has formed and the social media influencer concept has emerged.

In addition, a new research door has also opened up for fashion brands as well. In these times, when everyone can increase the count of followers and get called an influencer, working with the right influencers on social media can actually result in the success of your fashion brand.

The right social media influencers? You might be thinking. Finding the right one for your fashion brand is important to reach the target audience. After all, you are never going to reach the fashion-conscious niche on the account of an influencer who talks about health or food.

Partnering with influencers who talk about the latest fashion trends, famous fashion brands and ways to look more fashionable on social media is the best bet. Building a marketing strategy by making the right influencers a part of it will get you followers and even sales, so choose wisely.

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3.  Customer Service On Social Media

Speed, pricing, and shipping are the three major aspects of customer service that most online buyers focus on. Orders sent without any hassle and fast are the most-desired by customers these days. Moreover, in case of any mishap, delivering successful customer service is a MUST.

Promptly resolving issues and offering purchase refunds are the adequate grounds to gain permanent customers. For this reason, as a fashion brand, always return to the basics and ensure that you deliver the best customer service to the target audience on social media.

Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan

4.  Determine The Target Audience

Analyzing the primary target audience that your products appeal to is important for implementing the best Social Media Marketing strategy. For example, if your clothing brand targets Generation Z, you can practically communicate with them on EVERY social media channel.

Moreover, you can even analyze the type of content they frequently link to. Generation Z, for example, has a perspective that is more visual significantly, as compared to the former generations. They love participating on platforms like Tik Tok and excel at video content.

Hence, to effectively target your marketing strategies on social media, make sure that you have determined your target audience. In simpler words, decide who you will be selling your fashion products to – after all, a mother would never wear something a Gen Z-er wears.

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5.  Post User-Generated Content

The last but equally beneficial strategy is sharing both types of content – original content and the content shared by influencers or customers while using your fashion products. More than 90% of customers claim that seeing user-generated content affects their shopping decision.

As an organic marketing approach, user-generated content is one powerful tool that helps in increasing customer interaction and exposing the fashion brand to potential customers. Hence, along with creating your own content, urge the customers to share videos and photos of them in your clothes. Share them on your page and see how such posts work like magic.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] Clearly, planning a strong and converting social media marketing strategy is important for every fashion brand, because only having an account on social media is not enough. As mentioned previously, instead of building brick-and-mortar stores, fashion brands are now focusing their efforts and resources on social media.

    So yes, there is no questioning over the fact that is you will be unknown in the digital world with an account on social media, the perfectly-planned strategy, and the right target audience. Take your fashion brand up a notch by investing in Social Media Marketing Services in Lahore that we provide at Xcentric. Our marketing team has what it takes to promote a fashion brand on socials and increase its bottom line.







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