Social Media Management In 2022 – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

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  • Jul 04, 2022

Ever thought about what is the difference between a fish swimming around oceans and a social media manager? Nothing – because both struggle A LOT. If you do not have the best practices in check and the right Social Media Management tools, you will miss the growth opportunities. But, knowing what exactly a businesses need to take social media by the horns and get control over it is tricky, given the competition levels in 2022. Keep on reading the blog to discover the top practices for managing social media.

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Firstly – What Does Social Media Management Involve?

Keeping it short, social media management is summed up as everything you have to do for your socials. From brainstorming and posting ideas to planning the calendar and its execution, the management of Social Media covers every aspect. A usual social media management checklist of a business should include the following:

  • Analyzing the target audience for identifying behaviours
  • Planning a social media calendar and strategy
  • Devising the concept for the creation of content
  • Scheduling the social media posts according to the calendar
  • Creating and updating the information on social media profiles
  • Communicating with customers and monitoring conversations
  • Analyzing social media behavioural data and social listening
  • Finding influencers and managing marketing to get desirable results
  • Monitoring and measuring community engagement and campaign performance

Well, that is quite a lot to juggle, right? But trust us, the payoff is worth all the time, money, and effort. If a business really nails managing its social media, the campaigns are sure to run like clockwork and deliver impressive results in the form of engagement.

According to the businesses that have been using social media for the past year or more, 80% of them claim that it has increased their exposure. 50% of them even claim that it has helped them increase sales.

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Social Media Management Packages

BUT BUT BUT, there is a problem – if the ball is dropped by a business, everything can come down crashing. Not having the right tools for managing social media tools will mean that the posting schedule will be neglected and management will not stay on track.

Collecting important customer data, building influencer marketing opportunities, and communicating with the customers gets hard in such a situation. As a result, the brand’s reputation and campaign performance gets affected. Hence, smart businesses invest in Social Media Management Packages to keep their boats sailing and stay ahead in the game.

3 Best Practices For Social Media Management

Everyone knows the drill – targeting the right audience, posting at the right time, scheduling the content, and lots of other mandatory marketing things. Of course, they are tried-and-true rules of management that have been standing still for years. However, if you want to actually kill Social Media Platforms management in 2022 and beyond, add these best practices to your marketing playbook.

1.      Anticipate Audience Behaviour Changes

More than 50% of the customers these days expect brands to anticipate their needs and then deliver back personalized services meeting those needs. Now, the problem here is that most businesses just build a target persona for once and never account for the audiences’ behaviour change.

As an example, just notice the rise of TikTok. Before 2019, it was hardly prominent as a social media platform in any business’s marketing campaign. But then, it grew and social media users around the world started downloading it.

Social Media Platforms

Such fluctuations in behaviour are quite common in the social media world. Businesses need to stay up-to-date to ensure that the campaigns are tailored and accommodate all the changes. Though, it is not just the trends on social media platforms that you need to watch out for.

From the feature updates to trending challenges on social media and the way the audience behaves on social media keeps changing constantly. Hence, to make sure that your Social Media Management campaigns are current, keep up with the fluctuations by tracking analytics data and social listening.

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2.      Increase Brand Transparency

Being transparent is more important than ever for businesses because customers now think that a brand must be honest and open. According to research conducted, almost 80% of customers agree that businesses have the responsibility to increase their transparency on social media platforms.

Thanks to the two-way conversations social media generates and its increasing dominance, businesses are now held accountable in ways they were never before. The increase in accountability has also led to customers calling out a brand on social media publicly in case something goes wrong.

Hence, rather than running a business sneakingly, be transparent with your target audience about the practices and values. Because, all they want from brands in this era is good communication, authenticity, clarity, transparency, and honesty.

Best Bit: results of being transparent are tangible and 90% of customers are likely to consider purchasing from brands that are transparent on social media.

Social Media Strategy

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3.      Build Social Commerce Experiences

Now that selling goods directly through social media platforms is possible, businesses need to make shopping through Facebook or Instagram Shop easy for their customers. After all, 80% of shoppers already use Instagram for discovering new brands.

So, you might as well catch them through your Social Media Strategy when they are out there on social media to shop? Facilitating social commerce also requires building a social media sales funnel that encourages the audience to convert to the social profile directly. Try these techniques for that:

  • Add quizzes and product polls to your Facebook and Instagram Stories
  • Create boards on Pinterest leading straight to Instagram and Facebook Shops
  • Direct the paid Ad campaigns to social media shops
  • Send automated chatbot messages that send promotions to followers
  • Get influencers to tag and endorse your products on social media

Need help to keep social media management on track? Let the social media managers handle everything for you. Get in touch with us by calling at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] With countless social media platforms out there and endless campaigns running, Social Media Management is a REAL juggle. Businesses struggle at producing the content on time and posting it on the decided schedule. Not only that, if they do not keep an eye on the performance of campaigns, learning what is hot and what went flop is difficult.

    Hence, rather than wasting time trying to manage social media on your own, hire Xcentric as your partner Social Media Management Agency. Our team will make sure that every Social Media Post is on-track and the campaigns are targeted on time – every time.







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