Social Media – The Fuel To Innovating A New World

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 17, 2020

Social Media started with My Space, up until in the 20th century when Facebook and Instagram came in hitting big. Fast forward to 2020, where the Millenials and Gen Z are Hashtag-ing and Streaking, on Social Media, like no body’s business. Feels Oh so Nostalgic right?

Today, we’re living in a tech era, where the obsession with Social Media is for real, which is why modern-day businesses consider it a staple for Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan. Considering all the hypes, savvy marketers have concluded that Social Media is the fuel to innovating a new world that is virtually limitless.

Perhaps, if your business has an eagle-eyed marketing team, they must’ve already given you a clue of where Social Media is heading over in 2020. And how you, as a business, can use this fuel to innovate and pave your way towards success.

However, a clue isn’t enough to compete in this digital world, where innovating is the only way to get to stardom. So let’s connect the dots and see how Social Media is playing out to innovate in the new world and how your business can benefit from it!

The Focus is shifting; less on the Feed and more on Visuals  

Feed on these socials is something that cannot vanish overnight. But as the savvy marketers are innovating, visual content on Social Media is now considered an integral part of Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan.

However, Feed is where most of your audience dwells its time in. Hence, overlooking it isn’t an option. A smart business step would be considering it as a key space for advertising. Along with focusing more on advertising your business through visual formats such as Facebook Watch and IGTV. The trick? Create a balance between your Visuals and the content you post on the Feed.

Influencers are a Powerful Marketing Dynamics

In recent years, brands relied on celebrity endorsements for advertising their products and services, which, to be honest, was affordable by some only. However, in 2019, our tech-savvy marketers found a solution to this too. They found Social Media Influencers; People trusted by most of the Millenials.

Influencers are compelling marketing dynamics, which are an organic way to create a brand’s awareness. Considering that influencers are adding value across every social media platform and are coping with the daily evolution very well, they now play a dominant role in Social Media Marketing strategies. Hence, watch this space, it is sure to benefit you in innovating effective marketing strategies in this digitized world.

Social Media

Virtual Spaces are trumping BIG Networks

In this era, where brands are steadily competing, the audience gets overwhelmed with the volume of information they see daily; a big reason behind the majority of them having tons of filters to avoid the news. Though sharing information is a way to build your brand, but savvy marketers quote; Anything in excess is a poison. While this tech generation has a solution to everything, this gap is covered too; All Thanks to Social Media.

Virtual spaces such as Facebook Groups, Communities, and other Messaging Apps have gained popularity in the last couple of years. A reason why they’re being used as a way to communicate and unite with people sharing the same interests as your brand. Whatever products or services your business is tripling over, there is a group for it on Facebook or a trending Hashtag of it on Instagram. Benefit from them by getting in touch with like-minded people. Up the game of your business through the powerful giants that make up big virtual networks – Social Media Platforms.

Chatbots are taking over Conversation Marketing

In the world of Online Marketing Companies in Pakistan, Chatbots have been in talks, almost creating a hype. Traditionally, there used to be a representative sitting at the back of every customer care service portal to answer the queries. However, Chatbots have changed the way of Conversation Marketing. The perfect example of this is a Messenger bot.

Conversing with a Michael Jordan simulation Chatbot might be interesting to a Millennial. Rather than a monotonous talk with a customer care representative. We assume Chatbots are the to-be celebrities and players of the upcoming era. Because who talks when you have Chatbots?

A Prediction – We might even see celebrations awarding; The Best Chatbot of the Year or The Most Fun Chatbot. Sounds cliché, but who knows what Social Media as fuel might trigger into innovation geeks!

Social Media

Recently, all these innovations in Social Media have been pulling together to provide the audience with exceptional experiences. However, we still cannot predict what the face of Social Media would seem like in the next two or three years. Undoubtedly, businesses will be re-molding their marketing strategies again, as the world innovates and grows. Though there’s one thing that’s never going to change, that is – Social Media is the most competitive, fastest, yet the most scalable strategy. Are you not getting a jump through any of these platforms despite all the efforts put in? Don’t worry. Contact Us at Xcentric Services and let our professional teams help you out!







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