IGTV Best ways to boost your Social Media Engagement Rate

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 13, 2019

IGTV has now become an integral part of every Social Media Marketing strategy, boosting engagement rates. A release by Instagram to create videos of a longer duration. Provided that, brands now have a chance to promote their hour-long videos, with a preview of a minute to catch the audiences’ attention. Best of all, IGTV is integrated with Instagram accounts, making it easier for businesses to get noticed in front of the audience.

IGTV is nothing but good news for brands looking forward to Instagram Marketing, check out some ways to increase your Social Media Engagement Rate through it!

Re-purpose Previous Content

IGTV is a superpower giving life to previously published content that vanished over time. Take up this perfect opportunity and re-purpose your videos published on Facebook and YouTube.

That’s not only about it, use your short blog posts and re-purpose them by converting them to short videos and sharing them on your IGTV. Furthermore, keep an eye on how your audience reacts to your content, through the metrics, to make sure that you keep on offering meaningful stories only that interest them.

Build a Niche Audience

Exclusive Content shared over IGTV helps build a Niche Audience for your channel. Sharing content that attracts the audience visually and emotionally is an effective dose, to boost the engagement rate.

Best of all, these videos can be organic, and posted without any hint of editing because the audience loves watching sneak peeks of content straight out of real-time production areas. Flaunt your organization’s events like social gatherings, seminars, and workshops on IGTV. Furthermore, upload stories that tell viewers about your brand or take them for an office tour.

Post Tutorials highlighting your Product features                                        

To take your engagement rate to the next level, integrate your products on IGTV in the form of webinars and how-to videos. Putting it in another way, businesses use it to introduce their products and create hype over social media. National Geographic – One of the biggest brands on Instagram, is no behind on IGTV. They were the first ones to create a 48 minutes documentary.

What does this mean? No matter which industry you belong to and whatever you offer, IGTV is an opportunity to create evergreen content, for businesses of any nature.

Develop a Recurring Show on IGTV

Consistency is the key to boosting the engagement rate. IGTV can help you with being consistent, by scheduling recurring segments, weekly or monthly. Does this hint to you of something?

IGTV and Television are long-lost siblings, who’ve just reunited. Both work under the same mechanism, which is sharing video content frequently to gain audiences’ attention. Here’s a pro tip; Start publishing content regularly and get the audience accustomed to revisiting your IGTV Channel. The audience loves predicting, force them to keep a check on what’s next on your channel.

Host Q&A Sessions

Providing useful information and answering the queries of your audience is a marketer-recommended way to boost engagement rates. Businesses that position themselves as always committed to discussing and answering questions are trustable, according to the audience. People rely on such businesses who have an exist and are taking a step to build relationships.

The popular way to do this is, to gather all the popular queries from your audience, host a Q&A session, record all the answers in a video and share it, sending off your audience on cloud nine. 

Feature Loyal Customers and Success Stories

IGTV can be a game-changer if you succeed in persuading your audience. If you’re looking out for the best way to do so, here’s how to.

Your loyal customers are the ones that can persuade your audience easily, to buy your products. Take the plunge and bring under the spotlight some of your loyal customers, on your IGTV. Ask them to share the personal views they have about your product, convincing viewers to buy it.


Surprisingly, IGTV is now a dominant player in the world of Social Media. While the Millenials love savvy and creative content, here’s your chance to use it for building goodwill and boosting your engagement rate. If you’re new to this tool, don’t worry, hire a Digital Marketing Agency, to get some help.







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