Factors that differentiate Social Media from Social Networking

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 07, 2019


By the end of the ’20s, Digital Marketing in Pakistan has gained a fair share of fame. But at this point, people have started using both terms Social Media and Social Networking, interchangeably. These tools allow brands and entrepreneurs to reach out to their target audience, sharing the same drive but working differently. Simply, it is a misconception because they’re as vast as the sun and moon.

Now that you’re here, it sounds like a great idea to look at some aspects of how Social Media and Social Networking are differentiated.

The Purpose of Social Networking

Connecting with people is the main purpose of Social Networking, which gives an end result of increased sales, based on communication. You might be asking yourself if that’s the base, then how it can be differentiated from Social Media. The answer is two-way natured communication.

Social Media: A vehicle of Communication

Social Media is a parent term for Social Networking. In other words, both of them are related to each other in the hierarchy of Digital Marketing but are not interchangeable. Social Media is a way of broadcasting information, ideas, and content, which creates a buzz. To be more exact, it is a vehicle of communication between brands and their target audience.

The Differentiating Factors

Figuring out differences between Social Media and Social Networking is similar to understanding every factor Google considers for SEO. Yes, it’s confusing because both of them are based on Communication. With that being said, let’s look into these factors we’ve listed down to help you differentiate.

1. Communication Styles

As a business on Social Media, you do all the talking. Generating sales and increasing engagement being the purpose, you broadcast creative and unique Blog posts, Videos, and Infographics. Ultimately, you’re expecting action from the audience over your broadcasts using this communication style.

On the other hand, Social Networking is not just broadcasting. It involves both; talking and listening. If you’re someone always blowing their own horns in all the communities and groups on Social Media, then you’re doing it the wrong way. The best communication style for a successful Social Network is; Take out time and listen to the audience.

2. Return on Investment

In this digital era, every business is always trying to measure their Return on Investment (ROI). Measuring ROI for Social Media is very different from doing so for Social Networking because you need to evaluate them separately.

Social Networking ROI is easy to measure because it’s two-way natured communication. To be more exact, it has a direct response if your followers are engaging. Whereas, measuring ROI for Social Media is difficult because it’s all about creating a buzz. With your broadcasts going viral over there, it becomes difficult to trace the type of return. But don’t worry, over the matter of time, you’ll be able to attribute success out of it.

3. Time and Effort

Brands are always trying to generate engagement which requires time and effort, but the intensity differs for both; Social Media and Social Networking.

On Social Media, brands that are active use tools to measure the analytics, making it easier for them to track and plan their strategies. Scheduling the posts days ahead is an option on Social Media, saving up a lot of time and effort. Compared to this, Social Networking requires you to spare a fair share of time and effort to communicate and listen to the audience. There is no automated way to grow these relationships.

4. Goals

Social Media and Social Networking share a very major difference between the Goals businesses are trying to achieve.

The goal of social media and Social Networking is to build a network of followers and nurture relationships with potential customers. These relationships get brands new business, making it a success. Social Media differs, based on the factor that your goal is just creating a buzz, to generate leads.


Social Media and Social Networking are armed with different and unique marketing techniques needed to be understood by every Business. If you’re still not able to differentiate between them, get some assistance from a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, to be on the safe side.








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