Social Media Advertising & Marketing – The Trends Of 2022 


  • Jan 27, 2022

Looking forward to taking advantage of the latest trends in Social Media Advertising and marketing but need professional help to get on the right track? The marketing professionals at Xcentric Services can be the guiding light for you. However, like every business, you might as well want to know how we will be preparing your marketing and advertising plans for 2022. Hence, in this article, we have given an insight into the trends we will be following this year; to grow the social media presence of our clients.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising Trends That Top Our List

Over the past year, businesses went through a HUGE shift in promoting their services or products on social media. Also, as the popularity of Social Media continues growing, the count of active monthly users on them has increased.

Currently, every brand is just left with one question in mind – how to engage the audience on social media? They are also asking about who can help them do it, and that is where we come to the rescue. So, are you considering getting along with us for marketing and advertising on social media? Then let us take you through the trends our team will be leveraging in 2022. Dive in the blog!

Social Media Advertising

1. Instagram Marketing Success With Reels

As a popular social media platform, Instagram has embraced a HUGE shift. The audience on it now asks for engaging video content. This also means that businesses should also pay attention to this change as soon as possible; to market on the platform effectively in 2022.

In an ideal digital world, videos need to be a core component of every Social Media Strategy. However, just hitting the record button and uploading a simple video is not enough. It needs to be innovative, creative, and entertaining to an extent that it stands out among millions of other videos.

Hence, for clients at Xcentric Services, we leverage the latest tool on Instagram – Reels. Considering that the attention span of the audience these days is too short, this feature works wonders as it allows making shot yet engaging videos. The constant need for new and quick content has increased over the past year. And, our marketing team understands this well.

By aligning the Instagram marketing strategies with Reels and other short-timed videos for the feed, we make digital marketing successful for every client. For instance, if they have a webinar funnel, we use creative videos or a Reel to catch the attention of their audience. Even if they are offering a service, our creative team finds ways to use a video or reel for driving people towards conversions.

In addition, another strategy that we plan to leverage heading into 2022 is turning the organic videos and Reels performing well into an Ad. It will allow reaching more people and create a warm audience base, which we then re-target or use as a lookalike audience.

Social Media Strategy

2. Facebook Experiences As Marketing Channels

Even though Facebook continuously dominates the digital world as the #1 social media platform, the 2.9 billion active monthly users on it crave personalized and smaller experiences. Luckily, the social giant is a winner at offering such intimate experiences too. Hence, to strengthen brand-customer relationships, when planning Social Media Advertising and marketing strategies for clients, we get them into these areas:

  • Facebook Groups– by investing time and effort in building a group for a business that is linked to their Facebook page, we enable them to sell more by communicating about their products or services in a closed group.
  • Live Audio Rooms– being rolled out to all the users on Facebook, we believe that this feature is a lifesaver. It is available in Facebook groups and enables connecting with the group members in a personalized way.
  • Facebook Live– not forgetting about our favourite Live feature the social media platform offers, we ask our clients to use it too when working to share behind-the-scenes. It helps connect with the followers in real-time and is quite powerful.

Tools of Social Media

3. Organic Instagram Videos

As we have mentioned before, videos will always be THE way to build audience trust quicker so that a business gets to sell more through Social Media. Talking of Instagram once again, it is a precise example of what marketing should look like in 2022.

Back to the time when Instagram was brought to life, it was only a photo-sharing application. However, now, we use it more than ever for sharing videos, pictures and gifs related to the products or services our clients offer. Safe to say, it always has a REAL influence on their bottom line. To pinpoint, we use the following features of Instagram for sharing videos on it:

  • Direct Message– live video chat and video messages are smart ways to initiate a conversation. Therefore, we prefer saying the name of the person and talking to them through videos in direct messages. It is worth the extra effort and time that goes into generating a lead; rather than just sharing the same video for the whole audience.
  • Instagram Live – while you are camera shy, why not bring up some guests on your Live like influencers who could add value to whatever you sell? The feature sends a notification to the followers that a business they follow is live, which invites more audience. Simply put, our word for 2022 is PERSONALIZE. People these days crave for it and we prioritize it for our clients.


While we have only covered three of the trends, no one knows what social media has in stores in 2022. However, taking the back seat and waiting for those trends is not the solution. So, why not get into these trends that we have mentioned?

But of course, doing it all in one go and on your own can be a challenge. Hence, hire Xcentric Services to get you into trends using different techniques and Tools of Social Media marketing. To get your marketing and advertising plan with a pricing quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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