10 Ways a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 09, 2020

In the current times, there is a potential for businesses to tap into the world of social media. There are tons of strategies, tweaks, and methods that help leverage a social following. However, the question here is – How to know which social media marketing strategy works for your business? Is it worth your investment, time, and effort? Well, figuring out everything can be a challenge, BUT it is necessary. So, instead of worrying about how to build a social presence and drive sales, why not hire a Social Media Marketing Agency?

We, being an agency, know the how-tos, what-ifs, and everything in between about social media marketing. Though we know, the benefits of hiring us might not seem obvious right now. Hence, read through this article to get a detailed insight into how we can help you grow.

1. Digital Marketing Strategy

The most noticeable way in which we, being a marketing agency, help our clients succeed is by digital marketing. Growing a business without planning an effective strategy is a big NO. It can lead to confusion and unpredictable results that you didn’t expect. Unfortunately, this is the approach around 50% of businesses in Pakistan follow. 

However, at Xcentric Services, we follow a different marketing approach. Being a full-service Digital Media Marketing Agency, we help our clients implement strategies that complement every aspect of marketing. And the best of all, we’ll have a team dedicated to your disposal to implement the best marketing strategies that guarantee results. 

social media marketing strategy

2. Brand Identity

Social Media Marketing agencies can get you to the heart of what your business needs to do and why. Being one, we also have the key to creating brand identities for our clients that drive every aspect of their brand. From how they sound, to how their website looks, and even how they pitch their target audience, we give a perspective to everything.

We believe that brand identity isn’t just about the logo. It is an amalgam of many other elements, such as the development, branding standards, tone, graphic designs, and content. And with our team of experienced professionals, our client’s nail it all.

3. Website Performance

The next way we help businesses in Pakistan being an agency is by focusing on their website design and tweaking it. In today’s tech world, unfortunately, there’s no place for generic websites. The savvy target audience prefers interacting with brands that offer an exceptional web experience.

Being a Web Development Company, as well as a Social Media Marketing Company, we have both the expertise. Hence, our team can help you build a visually appealing professional website. Moreover, they’ll also make sure that your website is functioning at the peak of performance to meet the target audiences’ expectations. All in all, by hiring us, you’ll have peace of mind that our team is managing your website, which is the hub of every marketing activity.

4. Search Engine Optimization

90% of the time, customers begin the online experience through a search engine. And if you are a business that they cannot find easily on Google or other search engines, you are missing out on A LOT.

However, this won’t happen when you get on board with us. Our SEO team will make sure that your business ranks on SERPs by working on keywords research, optimization, and creating engaging content.

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms like Google AdWords enable businesses to advertise on search engine SERPs by placing sponsored Ads. Even though the benefits of placing such advertisements are countless, managing them is time-consuming for most of the businesses in Lahore. 

However, when you hire a marketing agency like us, we do not only limit to placing pay-per-click Ads. We also focus on assessing our client’s current marketplace position, perform a thorough competitive analysis, and then create customized marketing campaigns. Thus, promising them more sales and quality leads.

6. Creating Content

Creating engaging content is one of the most reliable ways to generate buzz in this social world. Whether you do it by publishing influencing blogs, Infographics, or a visual, it nurtures brand-customer relationships each way. However, the only problem is that it takes time to market out there on social media, considering the competition.  But, as a business owner in Pakistan, if you partner with a Social Media Services Company like us who can manage your content, the results will be invaluable.

Content Creation in Pakistan

7. Video Marketing

Whenever you share video content on social media, you must’ve noticed that there’s a boost in engagement. That’s precisely why we leverage video marketing for our clients. Plus, the cherry on top is the fact that it no longer requires an extra budget. We have a team of dedicated marketers who know the art of video production. From planning the script to handling the video marketing strategy and sharing it post-production, they can do it all!

8. Social Media Marketing

SMM might sound like an easy peasy thing to handle in-house. However, there’s a lot more of the time and effort you need to put in that’s beyond your imagination. And that’s where Xcentric Services comes in to help. From determining the right social media platforms for marketing to planning your content calendar and strategizing social media marketing campaigns, you can leave it all on us!

9. Consistent Designs and Creation

A powerful brand presence is one that accomplishes consistently across every digital marketing channel, including the printed collaterals. Businesses who have well-designed collaterals like business cards and banners are always on top of a consumer’s mind. Providing Social Media Marketing Agency Services, we help our clients create collaterals that seamlessly go along with their branding, tone, and theme. 

10. Analytics

Hiring a marketing agency has always provided businesses in Pakistan with resources, software, and analytics, which report the success of marketing strategies. Honestly, marketing isn’t guesswork. You never know what results are awaiting you once you run a campaign.

However, on the other hand, when you invest in our Social Media Marketing Services, we regularly analyze the data and analytics of your marketing strategies. Later on, we interpret them to take actionable steps to drive in customers for our clients.


Summing up, hiring us as your social media marketing agency ensures having the back of our team that dedicates to growing your business 24/7. While you focus on tasks that you do best, our team of social media managers will work on your behalf and plan result-driven strategies. Want to proceed ahead and get on board with us? Contact us at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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