Smart ways to optimize your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 01, 2019

By the end of 2020, Internet Video Traffic will account for 80% of Consumer Internet Traffic. Being the most powerful means of distributing messages, video content has become the staple of our lives. YouTube Marketing Strategy is a way for businesses to convey their messages through video content. In today’s world, no one ends up buying anything from a business without going through their video content. Videos are very efficient and effective; you gain more confidence in customers viewing them. The growing trend of YouTube Marketing in Pakistan has lowered the barriers to Social Media Marketing in Pakistan.

Do you want to create Google-Friendly Content? Here are some smart ways to optimize your YouTube Marketing Strategies.

Use Captivating Titles

Social Media Marketing is all about using the right words to compel your viewers. Once you’ve used the right keywords for your titles, it is very likely to happen that a viewer will view your content only because of it. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the keyword used is not too long. The millennial of 2020 is always in a swish, too short of time, which means he won’t even consider reading a long title.  But this doesn’t end here, if he has read the title, he still wants to be clear about “Why should I watch this video?”

To make sure that the viewer doesn’t ditch you just after reading the title, the smart way is to get a central idea of your video and then make a captivating title out of it. And if you’re smart enough to fool a millennial, you can click bait too.

A Perfect Thumbnail

A perfect thumbnail compels the viewer to click on your video right away, leaving behind its captivating title. Although the video has enough to attract a viewer, after you’ve used a captivating title but, a perfect thumbnail with a captivating title is a WIN. To make sure that your thumbnails always look perfect, use a standard size for all of them. The next thing to consider is the picture quality. A bad quality picture is just like watching your great grandmother’s black and white TV. You don’t want that right? So, using high-quality pictures is the key to an attractive YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, be consistent with the style and layout of your thumbnails. Focus on a style that targets the viewer’s emotions directly, which is the best way to divert their attention towards your channel.

Consider a Time Limit

You’ve worked very hard to make these videos, and you need to make sure that the viewers don’t end up closing the video midway, just because it was too long? To get the best out of your videos, you need to consider a time watch. According to researches, the average watch time of a viewer on YouTube is about 5 minutes. If you create videos that are too long, there are very fewer chances that a viewer will end up till the end of the video. To smartly optimize your YouTube Marketing Strategy, make sure your videos are interesting, informative, short and of very good quality content.

Additionally, keep a check at your YouTube Analytics, you’ll learn a lot about things you need to improve on your channel.

Build your Brand

Branding your YouTube channel is the first step to make it visually attractive. By building a brand, viewers take you more seriously, which helps you increase your brand awareness. To be a good example of a brand online, firstly you need to have a logo for your business. Secondly, add some extra details to your channel i.e. connect it to your other social media accounts, make a website for your channel and share the link on YouTube.

Lastly, write a convincing “bio” of your company because your viewers want to know who you are right? Follow these steps to build your brand, and you’re all set to go!

Add Calls-to-Action (CTA’s)

To get the best out of your YouTube Marketing Strategy, your goal must be attracting more subscribers and getting the most number of likes through CTA’s.  Adding Calls-to-Action to your videos in a smart way will get your channel more engagement.  On the other hand, if you’re not clear and concise about what actions your viewers need to take, this can be irritating. Whereas, adding CTA’s the right way will reward you in the long run.

Make Collaborative Videos and be active on Social Media

If you want to grow as a brand, make sure that you are active in social communities and groups. It’s not only important to publish your videos on YouTube; each social media platform has its kind of viewers. So, you need to figure out which platform suits you the best. Furthermore, when you share your videos on social platforms like Facebook and Google, you become popular among influencers. By collaborating with these influencers, you give social proof to your target audience, which creates a win/win situation.

If you want to grow as a business, you need to optimize your YouTube Marketing Strategy very smartly. To know what works best for you, start experimenting and learning, keep a check at your YouTube Analytics to know your audience’s behavior. Staying true to your brand is very important, and if you’re struggling to optimize the right way, hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan is the best way. Let us help you, while you continue creating new content for your YouTube Channel.







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