Signs that Its High Time You Redesign Your Website

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 07, 2019

Sometimes you just feel under the weather or maybe just lazy that you don’t want to move a limb, but only when you see the doctor do you figure out that it goes way deeper. Just because you don’t have an underlying disease doesn’t mean you don’t have deficiencies that need to be treated as soon as possible. Treat your business’s Web Development Services like your body.

Your dark under-eye circles and pale skin is a clear give away of your iron deficiency. Similarly, your website starts showing symptoms that need your utmost attention so as to make timely amendments. There are a couple of signs your website is representing and you have to keep a watchful eye on them to maintain the balance.

Your website is the first thing anyone sees of your business and you might not want to wreck your image and your potential customer’s point of view of your products and services just because your website has certain bugs. Even the SEO Agencies in Chicago are of the view that a slow website will affect the ranking tremendously. Anyways, if something is a spitting image of your business, it needs to be treated like the princess in the castle, all dolled up and error-free. There are a few signs you have to watch through in order to maintain that image.

1. The site takes FOREVER to load

Nobody likes to wait; we all know that then how do you expect your audience to wait for you. Considering you are not their only option. To many, a slow website is an indirect invitation to switch to a different website. Because yours will take a lot longer to load. A website ideally should take no more than 3 seconds to load and with every second over it, your chances of losing on a client increases.

The story doesn’t end here, Google recently announced that page speed is considered a ranking factor, bringing you to the risk of losing your high ranking because the web page doesn’t load any faster. So to curb the problem, you can manually test your speed by loading and reloading your web pages. To ensure that your site loads on multiple devices simultaneously, you can load and unload your website on the laptop and mobile devices, side by side.

2. Poor Social Media posts cause havoc

Enticing is the rule by which you need to play when you share a product or service your business is offering. A catchy image, maybe a description that is different yet relevant is the way to go about it. An estimated 30% of your web traffic is generated through Social Media Marketing. Hence, a poor Social media page leads to lower website traffic.

It’s no rocket science to understand that a dull post or fewer previews will most likely never attract the audience. Also, if your website doesn’t follow the latest trends and lacks producing high-quality shares on your social media, that too can lash back on your potential traffic.

3. Your site isn’t Mobile-Friendly

With everyone on the run for the day, a smartphone, tablet, or even a notebook works as your all-in-one gadget. Whatever you need to be searched, from an address to the menu with prices of your favorite restaurant is all within your reach, at one click distance.

For years, people stopped using laptops for searching or researching. Subsequently, making it is imperative for your website to be mobile-friendly. If it’s hard to reach your website through a mobile device, the chances of the potential customer reaching you through a laptop later are minimal.

Yes, people reaching your website through different devices is the goal. Yet you might want to direct your attention to other things whether the text is legible, the image appears correctly and the website hasn’t been a tangled mess and the bootstrapping is intact to adjust to the size of the screen.

4. Your site isn’t doing much for your business

If you aren’t gaining your due leads through the website, redesigning it with the help of a Web Development Company in Pakistan is the way to fix it. Your website can be the hen laying golden eggs, provided you know when and how to collect them. You might want to check your ranking and digital footprint to ensure whether traffic is the real culprit or the conversion. If the traffic is high yet the conversion stays low, it might be indicating that your website can use some fixing.

5. Visitors walk away

How would you feel if a guest comes over to your place, rings the bell but leaves before you even have a chance to show up at the door? Rejected, maybe weirded out and maybe you think through all the possible reasons why they bothered coming but not staying. Similarly, for websites, if someone shows up on the webpage but leaves before 30 seconds, marking a bounce back, you might want to figure out why. Google Analytics can come in handy to calculate the bounce-back rates as well as pages per session.

A higher bounce rate means that your website isn’t welcoming and redesigning can help to lure more visitors to the website and to make them stay longer to explore the new features if nothing else.

6. Redesigning paid off for the competitors

It’s a common yet useful saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Technically speaking, your competitors aren’t your enemies but they do benefit when you incur a loss, monetary, or in terms of traffic. And this goes both ways so you might want to maintain a competitive edge or at least stand tall in front of them. If your competitor’s site ranked better after redesigning, what is stopping you from following the lead, but making uniqueness your mark?

7. You might have changed

With a constantly changing market, trends, and preferences, what are the odds that you updated your products and services, meeting the needs of your audience, but you neglected the website, representing your business online in the process? Chances are high, so updating your online image becomes paramount. Redesigning will help you to highlight your products and services.

With the rapid advancement in Web Development, your website must remain updated and modernized so to make sure that it is used to its maximum potential. Most Digital Marketing Agencies while weighing your company as their potential client, make sure that your website is in good condition before and above all. And perhaps, Xcentric Services – a Web Development Company in Chicago, is one of them.







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