Shopify Website Prices – Are They Worth It?

kashif ali

  • Oct 01, 2021

Without any doubt, digital transformation is taking the world by storm every single day and affecting our daily routines. Online shopping being is a part of those transformations has changed the way retailers do business and sell online. They now have the opportunity to showcase and sell their products on a digital storefront rather than a physical store. Thus, bringing up the need for launching a functional and attractive online web store. Even though building one can be hard, Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that allows retailers to launch seamlessly functioning web stores. Willing to launch an online web store on the platform and in search of its benefits? In this blog, we at Xcentric Services have summarized them for you and proved that Shopify Website Prices are worth it.

Shopify Website Prices

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Shopify Website Development?

If you search for E-Commerce platforms on Google, you are surely going to see Shopify pop up on the top of search results – and this is no surprise. Besides being one of the most successful E-Commerce platforms in the world, Shopify offers many benefits which makes it appealing for retailers. Let’s read through them before you invest in Shopify Development Services!

1.   Easy To Set-Up

Launching an online web store on Shopify is quick and easy because no servers are needed. The platform itself offers hosting, and the logical structure of its features makes it user-friendly. However still, to build one, you need technical skills and experience of a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company like Xcentric Services. All you need to do is come up with product ideas and get on board with us.

2.   Security & Reliability

Another benefit that makes Shopify Website Prices worth the investment is the reliability and security the E-Commerce platform offers. When selling online, retailers are always face-to-face with the sensitive information of the customers. For such businesses that deal with payment and the personal information of customers, security is an essential factor to consider. Hence, counting on the features Shopify offers to ensure security and reliability, we enable the SSL certification for the web stores of clients and encrypt the data.

Moreover, online businesses are always answering the shopping needs of customers and do not get time to maintain the web store once it is up and running. Xcentric Services can do that maintenance work. And, of course, keep up with the updates of the platform so that the customers can shop from your web store non-stop while the pages load without delay.

3.   Mobile Friendliness

Every day, the number of people buying from their mobile phones is increasing which is why being mobile-friendly is important for an online store to be successful. Considering this, Shopify developed an interface for mobile responsiveness to ensure that web stores look great on every device. Hence, no matter where your customers shop from, the web store will open up just as it opens on a desktop because we will design it in a mobile-friendly manner.

Shopify Website Prices

4.    Abandoned Cart Recovery

Sometimes, customers leave an online web store without checking out – abandoning the products they have in their cart. Knowing this, a recovery system for abandoned carts was introduced by Shopify. The system emails the customers about their emails products in the cart and convinces them to complete the purchase. By leveraging this feature and making sure that it works right, we help our clients increase their online revenues. Thus, making the most out of the Shopify Website Prices they have paid.

5.     Customer Service

Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that takes customer support very seriously. The experts are available to help 24/7 – along with the team of Shopify Experts at Xcentric Services. Email or Live chat, they are always there to answer and keep the web store running seamlessly. Hence, do not even think for once that your web store would be on its own after the launch.

Besides, looking at the other side of the coin, Shopify also offers features that enable retailers to provide their customers the BEST customer service. So yes, it is a win-win in both cases, for the retailers and their customers too.

6.      Marketing & SEO Tools

Visually appealing online web stores do attract customers, but it is not enough for them. To be successful and create brand awareness, marketing and SEO are essential – and Shopify covers these parts too.

As a retailer-favourite platform, Shopify provides access to many marketing tools that include social media, email marketing, and product reviews. Also, there are some other tools and Shopify App Development that we personally prefer leveraging for client websites. They are the ones that help create discount coupons and vouchers – which every customer loves.

For example, being a full-service agency, we build websites for clients and handle their marketing campaigns too. So when we target a marketing campaign based on Facebook Ads or Facebook Ads, Shopify makes it easy for us to create landing pages.

Besides, another benefit Shopify provides is its powerful SEO tools that help our clients rank high on search engine result pages. Also, if you are worried that all of this will require effort from you, team Xcentric Services is there to help with everything.

Shopify Development Company

Wrapping Up

Launching and successfully running an online web store is not a dream anymore. No matter what your design and functionality requirements are, Xcentric Services can meet them all at a budget-friendly Shopify Website Cost. We are a leading Shopify Development Company having what it takes to build Shopify web stores generating high revenues. To get a project quote, drop us an email at connect@cxcentricservices.com.







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