Shopify Stores 2.0 – What Are They And Why Do You Need To Launch One?

kashif ali

  • Mar 11, 2022


In 2021, at the Shopify Unite Conference, the launch of Shopify Stores 2.0 was announced. Known to be the BIGGEST investment by the E-Commerce giant, it not only beats the competition but also makes life easier for online retailers on the platform. The new and updated version offers a host of features, benefits, and improvements giving retailers the power of personalizing their web stores while making money alongside.

In fact, the developers at Xcentric say that it also provides more freedom to build customized web stores on behalf of clients who are retailing on the platform. Assuming that Shopify 2.0 is just another tier or payment plan? Well actually, it is a set of enhancements and features that have enhances the experience for retailers on Shopify. Want to understand everything about it before you get onto launching an online store 2.0? Here then, we have the answers to your queries right here!

Shopify 2.0 – The Key Benefits Of Launching An Online Store On It

Launching an online web store on Shopify provides retailers an opportunity to sell online with ownership and advanced flexibility. Therefore, enabling them to scale quickly and grow successfully. Revised functionalities and user interface, more customizable sections across the website, easy-to-scale branded content, and quick loading are some of its noticeable updates. Other than that, here are the benefits a website on Shopify 2.0 promises:

Shopify Website

1. Quick Loading Times With Dawn Theme 2

The new standard of storefront theme development is Dawn. It is 35% quicker than the previously used default theme – Debut. So now, who does not want their online web store to run faster? EVERYONE.

Ideally, the loading time of any website should not be more than two seconds. In case it increases from one to three seconds, there is a probability of the bounce rate increases by 30%.

Hence, if you are an online retailer on the older version of Shopify or any other E-Commerce platform, make the switch to Shopify 2.0 right now with our help. Using the functionalities and features added to this new version, we will launch your quick-loading online web store.

2. New Themes With Sections On Every Page

The sections on the pages of Shopify web stores have always been customizable blocks or areas providing retailers the flexibility to design pages. Previously, in the 1.0 version, all such blocks were only available on the homepage of Shopify Stores. However, now in 2.0, they are available throughout the web store and give retailers flexibility all over.

Now, you must be thinking about what this will mean for you as a retailer. Let the team of Shopify Experts at Xcentric make it all work for your online web store by creating collection sections, adding promotional banners, and improving the UX with other tweaks.

From where to place the add-to-cat button to where the product titles might sit better, they know how to nail it all. Therefore, to launch a bespoke Shopify Development Store to provide the BEST customer experience and push sales to the maximum, get on board with us.

Shopify Apps

3. Improved User Interface On Theme Editor

Did you hear that the theme editor has been overhauled? The newer version makes it easy to understand the hierarchy of a web store and navigate through it. Hence, it is now quick to make your way around the web store and make edits even after getting Shopify Development Services.

Though still, know that it is a bit technical to use the theme editor and improve the user interface. To save time and ensure that your website is easy to update, count on us as your partner agency. We will have your back throughout the development process and even after the launch of the web store.

4. Modular Application Block Equal Enhanced Configuration

In version 1.0, the results of Shopify App Development were not flexible. Considering that there are hundreds of great applications available, even after integrating a few, there was a lot to be desired in a web store. While some of them could now be deployed well, others did not meet all the needs.

Now that the Shopify 2.0 version is launched, the E-Commerce giant has delivered all these applications on page blocks. In simpler words, this means that a Shopify Web Developer has ownership of which pages the application blocks appear and where.

We at Xcentric make a huge difference in the personalization of Shopify Stores in Pakistan that we develop for our clients by leveraging this feature. It allows us to configure applications in a way that maximizes the benefits of launching a web store on the 2.0 version of Shopify.

Shopify App Store

5. Improved Metafields For Enhanced Flexibility

Metafields are those extra pieces of data that applications attach to customers, orders, products, and many other objects in Shopify. When it comes to storing information with a home in the admin panel of Shopify Stores – like summaries of blogposts and customer titles, metafields are used.

Previously, for making such changes, a Shopify Developer used to hardcode for displaying metafields in themes or depend on other APIs for making changes. Honestly speaking, they were time-consuming, and using them was a pain.

The good news is that when building web stores on version 2.0, a Shopify Web Designer does not have to hardcode now – thanks to the improved metafields. We now upload things like images without any APIs, long codes, and hassle. Therefore, giving retailers like you enhanced flexibility to sell online.

Ready To Migrate To Shopify 2.0?

Whether you already have a web store on Shopify 1.0 or any other E-Commerce platform, being a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we can take care of your migration to the 2.0 version. Our developers will evaluate your current web store, understand its complexity, save you time and ensure that your web store is launched successfully.

Even if you are launching a completely new Shopify 2.0 store, Hire Shopify Web Developer that we have on board. They will use all the right applications from the Shopify App Store to nail it. Integrations, customizations, and everything in between – leave the responsibility to us. We are a Shopify Parner in Pakistan – drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com for talking to our experts and getting Shopify Developer Support.







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