The Ultimate Shopify SEO Checklist For Improving Rankings

kashif ali

  • Oct 07, 2022

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most affordable strategies for E-Commerce marketing. You can leverage it to generate leads and eventually increase the sales of your Shopify web store. So, if you have been looking for ways to improve the performance of your website, drive more traffic organically, and make the most out of your digital marketing budget – count on our Shopify SEO Checklist.

Shopify and SEO work together like best co-workers. Bringing them together into action is the most budget-friendly solution for businesses that want to boost their conversions and rankings. Want to know which SEO areas you should optimize for your online web store and make Shopify SEO Services work wonders for you, then you are in the right place. Give this blog a read and you will be sorted for long-term success in the E-Commerce world.

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3 Major Areas Of Search Engine Optimization To Focus On

Ideally, when it comes to making a Shopify SEO Checklist, the experts cover three major optimization parts: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Being a top Shopify SEO Agency in Lahore, we have unpacked all of these parts in this blog. Let’s get through the list and take your Shopify store to a new height on search engines.

Area #1: On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page Shopify SEO Checklist refers to the optimization strategies that are applied to the web pages of a website for improving its performance on search engines. Unfortunately, many SEO Agencies in Pakistan take it as just executing the website design correctly. However, for SEO Consultants at Xcentric, on-page SEO covers:

shopify seo checklist

1. Keyword Research

First on our list of Shopify SEO Checklist is elevating the keyword research strategy by using the available tools. Get insights about the terms your customers use for searching and focus on the following key metrics:

  • Search Volume– shows how many people are using a specific keyword and its popularity among internet users.
  • Cost-Per-Click– a higher CPC means that you have a high potential to convert visitors that are there on your website pages.
  • Keyword Difficulty – states the difficulty level of ranking on the keywords that you have selected.

Pro Tip: Always choose the keywords that can be ranked realistically and have a high search volume.

2. Optimize Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Next up on our Shopify Seo checklist for improving the meta descriptions and page titles. Sometimes, the meta descriptions are used as website snippets by search engines. Hence, make sure that the meta descriptions you write effectively describe the content of the pages. For the best results, add keywords to the page titles and write them in the form of eye-catchy headlines.

3. Keep Product Descriptions Precise

Putting up confusing content on product pages is a mistake that many businesses make. Improve your Shopify store’s SEO by upgrading the content on the pages. Increase their usability by writing product descriptions that are precise and help the visitors in finding the products they need. While writing them, make sure that they are informative and accurate. And finally, don’t forget to highlight their benefits, because that’s what customers buy products for in the first place.

shopify seo checklist

4. Create quality Content that helps users

For over a decade, we have been providing SEO Services to businesses around the globe. One tip that always works in our opinion is creating blogs using long-tail keywords. You can capture the leads right when they are at the top of the marketing funnel by simply answering their questions about your products and services in the blogs. Doing so will demonstrate your leadership qualities and trust us, this strategy always works for building brand awareness.

Area #2: Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

The area that you should be covering next to optimize your Shopify store for the search engines is off-page SEO. The quantity and quality of links from other websites matter when it comes to Shopify SEO Checklist. In simpler words, this means that there is a community where people are interested in your products and content. So, if you ask us how to improve a Shopify store’s SEO score, being providers of the Best SEO Services in Pakistan, we’d give these tips:

1. Focus On Backlinks Quality

The next tip we would give is getting more backlinks. We believe that generating high-quality backlinks should be a part of every business’s Shopify SEO Marketing strategy. Use the tools that the Shopify SEO checklist provides for evaluating backlinks: keep the ones coming from the websites with high authority and remove the rest.

Shopify Experts at Xcentric have access to these tools, and they often claim that using them to earn links to the website is not an easy feat. Well, this is one major reason why getting Professional SEO Services that we provide is important. Some of the things we do when providing the services include:

  • Writing high-quality content for the website’s blog page, product guides, and other pages.
  • Getting the products featured that a business sells in shopping guides and product roundups.
  • Writing guest blog posts for increasing brand awareness, boosting credibility, and establishing domain authority.

2. Investing In Influencer Marketing

Believe it or not, influencers have taken over the digital world, which means that no business should be ignoring their power. Influencer marketing is now a foolproof strategy that involves getting content related to your products or services on the feeds of influencers. They are known for having access to a wider and more loyal audience base that engages with their content. So why not use their following to give your brand a boost? Get in touch with the experts at Xcentric to discuss influencer marketing options.

3. Get Product Reviews

Encourage the customers to write positive reviews about the products or services you offer as a business. For that, you can add widgets on your website to remind the customers about leaving a short review. According to stats, 50% of customers around the world leave product reviews – get them from your customers too.

4. Create Content Shareable On Social Media

Every optimization expert would tell you the same thing – maintain an active presence on social media, as it is critical to any growth strategy. It is one of the most important things that are included in an SEO audit: the starting point of our Shopify SEO Packages. To drive more traffic to your website through social media, make the content shareable and include information that interests the target audience. Use tools provided by Shopify to get an insight into the interests of the customers and create appealing content accordingly.

Area #3: Technical SEO

The complete process of E-Commerce SEO begins with an audit, which is commonly a part of website maintenance. Think of it as something other than the off-page and On-Page Checklist, where the SEO experts check the website’s hood. Always remember – any kind of delay in the website’s load time and other technical problems increase its bounce rate. That’s the percentage of people who leave your website after visiting one page only. More people leaving your website will mean losing lots of leads. To stop this from happening, follow these technical SEO best practices:

1. Improve Website Structure

Just like you tidy up your home, tidy up the website’s structure too, monthly if not weekly. Use a sitemap and keep updating it using Google Webmaster Tools. Websites with a simple structure ensure that the customers get to the product pages with just a few clicks from the homepage. Nail that on your website and see how quickly the customers navigate from your homepage to the checkout page.

2. Optimize Website Navigation

A website’s navigation menu has to be easily navigable for both, website crawlers and human users. After all, no one likes to visit a website that is confusing and there’s no proper way to find a product or information. Therefore, organize the menu options on your website into a layout that is logical, easily understandable, and consistent across pages. The optimization experts at Xcentric can help you fine-tune website navigation.

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