Shopify Or Magento E-commerce Website Development – Which Is Better To Invest In?

kashif ali

  • Nov 02, 2021

For every business online, choosing the right E-Commerce platform is challenging. There are countless options out there, and the two popular options to invest in are Shopify and Magento E-Commerce Website Development. Honestly speaking, We, at Magento E-Commerce Company Xcentric Services, believe that the success or failure of an online web store depends on the platform. Considering this point, to help you begin right, we have covered this article with a detailed comparison between both the platform. By the end of it, the decision will be yours – but first, give it a read.

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Shopify Vs. Magento – A COMPARISON

Even though both the E-Commerce platforms offer countless powerful features and functionalities to sell online successfully, there are notable differences between them. So, as we compare them, keep your business needs in mind and go through the benefits of one platform over the other.

1.  Ease Of Use

While choosing an E-Commerce platform, the first consideration of every retailer should be ease of use. After all, it is a fact that everyone wants to run their online web store without any hassle. Both the platforms, Shopify and Magento, come with a friendly and well-designed interface.

In terms of writing codes, Shopify and Magento are very different. While the coding language of Shopify is Liquid, Magento codes are in PHP. However, considering that Magento is an open-source platform, its sources code is available freely. In this aspect, Shopify is contrary because its code its source code is not accessible. So, when compared, Magento works great for enterprise web stores and Shopify for simple online web stores.

On the other hand, working on Magento can be hard for beginners are there are many technical terms one needs to know for utilizing the platform to its full potential. Despite being open-source and flexible compare to Shopify, it requires learning codes to make use of every functionality.

Right here, Shopify wins the game with its wizard mode that even enables non-tech people to set up online web stores without writing a code. Its editor is based on drag-and-drop, with modifiable attributes. Moreover, whenever a user is in trouble, Shopify support is available 24/7. Hence, when clients come to us at Xcentric Services talking about launching their web store on a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, we get them on Shopify.

2.   Features

While there are many add-ons and integrations that Magento E-Commerce Website Development supports, Shopify also has over 100 applications and add-ons. Both the platforms offer online retailers countless front-end features. Below, we have compared a few.

  • Templates & Themes – Both platforms offer many templates and themes that are responsive. Therefore, online retailers can achieve an eye-catchy front-end appearance on any of them.
  • Multiple Language – When it comes to providing users the support of multiple languages, Magento has them inbuilt. However, in this aspect too, Shopify is not behind as for our clients, we use third-party applications to create their multi-lingual web stores.
  • SEO Friendliness – To help online retailers rank high on search engines, drive more traffic, and generate leads, both platforms offer SEO capabilities. But why Shopify wins here is because of its all-in-one SEO tools that make optimizing web stores easy.

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3.   Security Level

When running a business online, security is an important aspect to consider. If we talk realistically, hundreds and thousands of websites get hacked every day. Therefore, to keep your online web store away from security threats, ensuring that the best measures are taken is essential.

Luckily, to keep web stores protected automatically, Shopify provides them SSL encryption and is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Moreover, the platform also provides great support to users for handling the sensitive information of their customers during online shopping. In comparison, investing in Magento Development Services requires integrating security extensions separately. For these reasons, Shopify provides a better security level than Magento.

4.    Add-Ons

To allow adding multiple functionalities on an online web store, both Shopify and Magento offer users extensions and app stores. Magento has thousands of applications that integrate seamlessly with web stores. Also, being an open-source platform, it comes with a mix of paid and free extensions that allow extending the functionalities of the web store. Integrating them will not require writing any code, and the paid extensions are very economical.

In comparison, Shopify also has a collection of applications for its users that allow expanding the functionality of the web store. Moreover, the platform is continuously launching new applications for email marketing, loyalty programs, and more for its users. Also, being a Shopify Development Company, we assure that every application is simple to install and qualified. So, all in all, concerning the add-ons, there is a tie between both the platforms.

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5.    Speed & Performance

In making an online web store successful, speed and performance act as critical factors. The online customers of today do not like to wait too long for a website to load, browse through products and then make a purchase. Slow loading website pages disappoint them. And, they are less likely to return on them for making a purchase in the future. In the worst case, they can even abandon a filled-up cart if the checkout takes too long.

Shopify being a hosted solution ensures that the speed and loading time of online web stores remains minimal. At the same time, what makes the E-Commerce platform noteworthy is that you will not have to adjust the server level and control the hosting environment. The platform handles it all on its own without you having to contact the support team.

Comparatively, being a self-hosted platform, Magento is famous for the flexibility it provides in hosting and control. Users of the platform get to select their own server, make adjustments to it and accelerate the performance of their online web store. But, of course, this does cost paying more for reliable hosting services. Hence, considering your budget, decide if you can pay for a separate hosting service after investing in Magento E-Commerce Website Development. And if you cannot, no worries, Shopify has you covered in terms of performance and speed.

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So – Magento Or Shopify?

Now that you know the benefits of both platforms, determine your online web store size and make a decision. Planning on launching a small online web store with lesser customizations? Well then, nothing can be a better option than Shopify. However, if you are visioning an international-level website with lots of customizations, pick Magento or Shopify Plus. Though no matter which platform you choose, We provide complete Magento eCommerce website development services as the best Magento E-Commerce Company in Pakistan. being a Shopify and Magento E-Commerce Company, we have the expertise to develop web stores on both platforms. Hence, count on Xcentric Services to take care of the development process while you take the back seat and focus on other important business tasks. To get your Magento or Shopify Development Services quote, drop us an email at conenct@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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