Shopify Marketing Strategy – 8 Effective Tactics To Boost Sales

kashif ali

  • Jan 29, 2021

Once we build a Shopify Store, our Shopify Experts and marketing team starts thinking about the Shopify Marketing Strategy. These strategies, when put into action, maximize online sales and reduce costs. Though many different strategies make an online web store successful, we choose only the ones that fit our clients’ needs the best. This blogpost is all about our favourite tactics that have helped us increase the sale of Shopify Stores over time for our clients at Xcentric Services.

1. Time-Bound Offers

Using this tactic, we create a FOMO in the minds of our clients’ customers. Psychologically, the customers of today are more concerned about what they might lose than what they have. And that is why we take advantage of this situation with time-bound offers. By creating such offers for E-Commerce Businesses every other day, we increase sales and traffic on web stores. Though amid all this, we make sure to not overuse or overextend. Thinking why? Because they lose the purpose and customers no longer pay attention to the offers.

2. Sending Gifts With Purchases

This is one of the foolproof tactics that our team at Xcentric Services swears by as it pushes the customers into finishing the online shopping actions. It does not only increase the online conversion rates of a Shopify web store. It also helps us build customer loyalty and retain the target audience of our customers.

E-Commerce Businesses

3. Email Marketing

One of the most important tools that we use to engage the existing customers of our clients is Email Marketing. We use this marketing channel to send out useful information to their customers; all while making sure that it looks professional. With this, our only focus is to build trust in the mind of their customers without them marking the emails as spam and unsubscribing the brand. Besides it all, our team also stays mindful of the number of emails we send out on behalf of the clients. Usually, the practice we follow in a standard Shopify Marketing Strategy is sending one to two emails a week, which is more than enough.

4. Product Bundles

When nothing goes right, we offer product bundles on our clients’ Shopify web store to sell more. When creating these bundles, we focus on choosing products that complement each other. For instance, recently, we created discounted product bundles for a client selling jewellery online. In those product bundles, we paired up bracelets with complementing rings and pendants with earrings that match with them to make a complete set. Additionally, we made sure that the bundles were priced lower, in comparison to buying all the products in the bundles separately. Thus, creating a win-win situation for both – the clients and customers, when providing Shopify Development Services and marketing the brand.

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5.  Featuring Best Products

Featuring best-selling products on the front pages of our clients’ Shopify web stores is our favourite tactic to include in a Shopify Marketing Strategy. Typically, we feature products with the highest online conversion rate and positive reviews to be on the safer side. Thus, ensuring our clients that the Shopify Website Prices they have paid are worth it.

6.  Blogs To The Rescue

When putting in efforts to generate trust in the minds of our customers, we consider blogs as a powerful tool. Most of the time, we use them to attract the client’s potential customer to the Shopify web store by publishing informational content. Or at times, we as a Shopify Development Company even explain the product functionalities and details of the client’s services in the blogs. Rest assured, if you want to hire us for planning strategies for your Shopify Store, our content team will draft engaging content. It will give customers countless reasons to shop your products.

7.   Influencer Marketing

The new hot trend in the marketing world is Influencer Marketing. As fancy as the term sounds, the process is quite straightforward. Our marketing team at Xcentric Services simply contacts famous influencers on behalf of the client and negotiate with them to promote the products. Sometimes, when the influencer has a low-medium size customer base, we offer them products for free. And, in return, ask for a product promotion. On the other hand, if the client aims high, we partner up with influencers who have a huge follower base. Though for that, we do spend a few bucks and get the desired promotion level. Other than that, we also leverage Shopify App Development and get the web store application promoted by influencers, which always works wonders.

8.  Customizing Shopify Product Pages

Most of the online retailers with a Shopify web store want to store extra information on the product pages and customizes them to best serve the customers. Shopify Metafields App has made this possible. Even though adding a product to Shopify is simple, it is not enough for many online retailers in Pakistan. After all, product descriptions can be text, images, and videos too, and without meta fields, this can be limiting.

Standardly, the description field on Shopify is a block of content. Different sections can be added to this block. But in the opinion of our Shopify experts, the process is not ideal. Hence, the reason why we apply the Metafield App Shopify on our clients’ online web stores. These fields then allow our clients to store useful information, custom titles, and blogpost summaries in the product descriptions.


Do you now know that there are countless marketing strategies that we can plan out to promote your Shopify Web Store? We assume that you now want to get on board with us to see the Shopify Marketing Plan results for real. And of course, get the most out of the Shopify Website Cost you have paid. Well then, there is no time to delay. Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services and let us be your partner Shopify E-Commerce Development Company.







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