Shopify Free Themes – How We Customize Them Without Coding?

kashif ali

  • Feb 28, 2022

Creating a striking brand image is not a piece of cake anymore. Moreover, there is high competition between businesses having a Shopify web store. If you are one of those businesses, we at Xcentric Services can increase your popularity by customizing Shopify Free Themes.

Themes have a significant impact on the performance of online web stores and the fun fact is that not many retailers pay attention to this aspect. So, what does this mean? It means that you as a retailer have a pretty good chance to get your Shopify theme customized by us without coding.

Normally, when it comes to choosing a theme for building a Shopify web store, there are two options, either go ahead with a pre-build theme or get one customized by our experts. Want to know how we do it for our clients? Let us take you through the process!

Shopify Customizations

Customizing Shopify Themes Without Coding – THE STEPS

When retailers choose to set up a web store on Shopify, it comes along with a debut theme that runs without any need for customizations. It is simple, effective, and ready to use. All you have to do is hire us as your partner agency. To meet all your requirements, we will put efforts into Shopify Customizations without coding and set up your online web store. The easy-breezy steps we take for that include:

1. Picking Shopify Theme

Even though you will get a debut Shopify theme as soon as you get on the E-Commerce platform, being simple, it will need tweaks according to what you sell. However, before jumping onto customizations right away, we explore the Theme Store of Shopify. It comprises a wide collection of free and premium themes that are easy to customize without writing codes and easily fit business visions. From there, we can help you select a theme that complements the size of your inventory, type of products, branding, and everything in between.

Well, luck does not work every time and not every client of ours finds the right theme conveying their brand voice. In that case, we go through the web stores of leading brands on Shopify – in the industry same as our client. And then, a theme that is similar to the one used by them is customized to fit the requirements.

Customizing The Theme Layout

2. Customizing The Theme Layout

After the theme is selected and uploaded on the dashboard by our Shopify developers, they get onto customizing it. On the dashboard, there is a preview of the current theme which we show to the client and then ask for what customizations they require.

Now, you must be thinking – how is it done without coding? Firstly, we customize the header style, or precisely, how it appears on the website. This customization of the header includes the logo of the Shopify web store, its style, and the top navigations.

Similar to the header, we also customize the footer and change everything displayed on it. The next thing on our list of customizations is the sections. They have many different editing options, from the text size to image overlays, alignments, and much more. Considering the requirements and preferences of the clients, we tweak them all. Therefore, creating an eye-catching layout by customizing the Shopify Free Themes.

3. Theme Settings

To adjust the visual style of web stores on Shopify, we also change the theme settings. Firstly, from the drop-down menu in the dashboard that gives colour options, we customize the colour of the buttons, text, and form fields on the Shopify web store. This acts as a great way to provide it a vibrant contrast and stand out. However, when doing this, we make sure to opt for completing colours throughout the pages.

All the Shopify Free Themes that we customize also provide an option for changing the typography. From there, we control the font size, style, and scale for deciding how the text appears on the templates of the page. And just like colours, consistency is maintained in the text too.

Shopify Theme Store

4. Social Media Icons & Favicon

Supporting the formality of marketing is also essential in this digital-driven era. So, for that, social media icons are added by our team to the Shopify web stores of clients – and that does not require coding. On adding them, the visitors get to know the brand better and because the icons are linked to the social media accounts, they also drive traffic.

Talking about the Favicon, it is a small-sized image appearing right beside the URL of a Shopify web store. However, it is completely up to the browser to show the favicon next to the URL or within the tab. Our team will update it on the web store and the feature will automatically scale it to the right size.

The Verdict

There is an ocean of online retailers on the internet and countless Shopify stores, which means that yours needs to be unique and converting. On the other hand, the themes that are available for free or even if paid cannot be used without customizations. You must have come across agencies who claim that such customizations are costly because they require coding and time. So now, the question is that what should you do? The answer is pretty straight – hire Xcentric Services as we know how to customize themes available on Shopify Theme Store without writing long codes. Yes, it is tricky, but we have the experience and expertise. To get your project quote, drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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