Shopify E-Commerce Website Development: The Best Practices We Follow At Xcentric

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  • Oct 22, 2021

E-Commerce websites are the heart of a business’s digital marketing efforts, which is why creating an engaging and attractive-looking one is essential to growing online. With us at Xcentric Services getting our hands on Shopify E-Commerce Website Development for you, launch a converting online web store. But before that, do you want to know how we can get the most of Shopify for you? We have covered the best practices we follow while designing and developing a website for clients. Keep reading the blog to learn more!

Shopify E-Commerce Website Development

1.  Choosing Website Theme

Developing a Shopify web store starts with choosing a theme, which is the backbone of a website determining how it appears in front of the visitors. More than 90% of the first impressions are related to the website design. Therefore, when designing a Shopify web store, our developers make sure to choose the right theme that leaves a lasting impression. When choosing the theme to design a Shopify web store, we ask clients the following questions:

  • How do you want to display the products on the website?
  • What features do you need in the store?
  • How do you want the visitors to shop at the store?
  • What type of experience do you aim to deliver to the visitors?
  • How much do you plan to spend on the design?

By asking these questions, as a Shopify Website Development Company in Pakistan, we determine which theme is the best for our client’s E-Commerce website. In case we do not find one that meets the needs and requirements completely, we customize it to deliver a top-notch online shopping experience.

2.  Website Loading Speed

One of the most important aspects of a Shopify web store is to make sure that the product pages load quickly without any downtime. The visitors we have today are not patient enough for a website that load slowly and abandon them if they take too long to load. In fact, businesses with slow-loading websites experience high bounce rates and lesser sales.

When clients choose Shopify E-Commerce Website Development, we double-check the site loading time and ensure that the best online shopping experience is delivered to the visitors. Moreover, we use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to help the client keep an eye on their website’s current loading time – while our team does the same for every client every day. In case a website is loading slowly, we improve the loading time by:

  • Compressing Images– adding product images that are in high resolution can slow down a website even though they provide a better user experience. To make the website load faster, we compress them.
  • Analyzing Applications & Widgets –while building a web store on Shopify, we usually add applications and widgets. If the website runs slow and there are too many of them, we reduce them and only keep the essential ones.

Shopify app development

3.   Visual Usage

Next up on our list of best practices for Shopify E-Commerce Website Development is adding visuals to a web store. Because people do not get to see the product they are about to buy in person, they need to see them closely through the visuals.

By using both – photos and videos, we help the client showcase products online. And when these visuals are uploaded on the web store, our team makes sure that they are high quality and show every angle of the products.

4.   Elements Connecting With Leads

When providing Shopify Website Development Services in Pakistan, our developers add elements as opportunities for leads to link with the client’s brand. Often, these elements are customized to enable connecting with the leads – such as social media buttons.

Another element we never miss out on adding is the email sign-up bar because it captures leads for a business. We design this sign-up bar using a CTA button that catches the eye of visitors and leads them to sign-up for the emails of the client.

5.    No Overdoing

Want to know what is our favourite best practice to design a Shopify web store? It is not overdoing the design and functionalities. One of the biggest mistakes most website development agencies make is overdoing websites with customizations and design – just to meet client requirements.

Usually, the clients have tons of information to share with their website visitors, and they want to include all of it on the website. However, there is a problem with this approach that it overcrowds the website. Hence, when designing a Shopify web store, we use white space throughout. It keeps the website visitors focused on the content while scrolling through the website.

Shopify website prices

Get Started On Shopify TODAY!

Now that you know the best practices we follow for developing a Shopify web store for clients, it is time to get yours launched. With a customized Shopify web store, you can drive increased revenues for your business. However, we understand, it can get overwhelming, which is why Xcentric Services is here to help.

As a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we can help you design and launch a website that meets your business needs and boosts revenues. For years, we have been designing websites worth stare and converting for our clients. Hence, feel confident in us for creating a fully functional web store on Shopify for your business. To speak with a strategist and get a project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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