Shopify E-Commerce Development Company – Why Hire One To Launch Your Digital Storefront?

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  • Nov 12, 2021

Retailing through digital storefronts has become an allurement for both – businesses and customers. However, being a business, when you venture into the online retail world, choosing between E-Commerce platforms promising effective performance gets hard. Right here, we at Xcentric Services introduce you to Shopify. So, what is the platform about and why hiring a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company helps retail online? We have talked a lot about it in this blog – keep on reading.

Shopify: A Game-Changer For Online Retailers

Starting as just an online web store selling snowboards, Shopify has grown into a powerful and popular E-Commerce platform. Not only small businesses but BIG brands have also secured transactions worth billions on Shopify.

By launching an E-Commerce store on the hosted solution, businesses can present their brand to the customers – without facing hosting and maintenance issues. Even if a problem occurs, it can be taken care of by Shopify Experts. Moreover, the platform is easily customizable and allows managing stock online in a hassle-free way.

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5 Benefits Of Launching Your Web Store On Shopify

Basically, the Shopify E-Commerce platform is designed for helping businesses with no tech knowledge sell online on an engaging and mobile-friendly digital storefront. Besides, even if technical skills are required at some point, hiring Xcentric Services can end the problem. We are a leading Shopify Development Company creating fully-functional web stores on the platform for years. However, before we get on board together, let us take you through the benefits of being on Shopify.

1.      Reliable & Secure

One thing that keeps every online retailer alert is the security of an online web store because after all, no one wants to wake up and see that it is HACKED. Technically, too much information is put out on web stores, and not just business information but also customer information. Hence, its reliability and security are crucial to success.

In this aspect, Shopify has you covered with its solid security system and reliable hosting. While some businesses do think of this as a minor issue, if you want to generate 7-figure revenues out of your online web store, consider this an important aspect.

Also, when a business gets our Shopify Development Services, we make sure to settle every reliability and security issue to make growth easier without any worry. Moreover, because the information handled is confidential, we guarantee its security. All you will have to do is sell products or services – and we will handle the rest.

2.      Mobile Responsiveness

With almost everyone using their mobile phone to access the internet, retailers have no other choice. They have to make sure that their online web store is mobile-friendly because if it will not load on a mobile phone, customers will never access it again.

Mobile-friendly web stores help improve the customer experience and eventually boost sales. According to research, people mostly shift from desktop to mobile phone for accessing the internet. Therefore, launching a mobile responsive web store is a MUST. Worried about how you will take care of the responsiveness? Take the back seat and let Xcentric Services do the magic.

Shopify is a platform that supports the development of a fully responsive web store that can be continuously updated to meet the responsiveness requirement. Using the features and functionalities of the platform, we meet the responsiveness goal for every client while ensuring that every technical aspect is working without any glitch.

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3.      Payment Gateways

Every online retailer wants to secure payments when selling on an E-Commerce store. However, for that, they need to allow customers to pay through any payment gateway they prefer. While this is an issue on self-hosted E-Commerce stores, Shopify has a solution for this too.

Many payment options are available for integration with the platform – Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Pay Pal, and many others. Hence, to secure a sale without making a merchant account, hire us as your Shopify E-Commerce Development Company. We will integrate every payment gateway you require with your web store and make transactions flexible for your customers.

4.      Appealing Online Store

In the success of an online web store, visuals play an important role. Being an agency ourselves, we know that visually appealing web stores put businesses ahead of the competition. When a customer visits a web store, all they notice is the images and videos used for displaying the products. Hence, ensuring that your web store appeals to every customer’s eye visually is the top-most priority.

Considering this reason, at Xcentric Services, we use the most appealing and responsive themes when developing Shopify web stores for clients. Moreover, apart from the theme, with little coding tweaks, we also customize the appearance – which is one of the BEST things about the platform.

5.      Cart Abandonment Recovery

More than half of customers fill their carts with products and leave web stores without checking out. They abandon them because of many reasons – slow checkout process, change of mind, or any other reason. To cover this aspect of online shopping, Shopify has features that send out emails to those who have abandoned their cart.

Being a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we make sure to use the feature on web stores of our clients. It helps increase their conversions and boost sales as people often complete their purchase after an email reminder of their abandoned cart.

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When it comes to launching an online web store, Shopify tops our list of E-Commerce platforms. It offers great features, functionalities and flexibility to online retailers for selling on a digital storefront. Hence, stop relying on your brick-and-mortar store only for sales and get on board with Xcentric Services to launch your online web store. To get more information about Shopify Website Prices, contact us at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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