Shopify App Development – Convert Your Shopify Store Into A Mobile App?

kashif ali

  • Jun 28, 2022


An overwhelming count of platform options is available out there on the internet for businesses who want to build an E-Commerce website for their brick-and-mortar store. Though the options available are endless, bear in mind that the BEST one to invest in is Shopify App Development. It is the most convenient and cheapest E-Commerce platform out there, and not only this, the customization and optimization options in Shopify are bespoke. They enable curating unique web stores that provide out-of-the-world customer service.

Similarly, to keep pace with the changing technology trends and provide customers convenience, businesses also need to convert their Shopify stores into an App. After all, mobile shopping is the future. Doubtful if this migration to a mobile app will affect your website positively or negatively? Take our word, it will bring more business to your E-Commerce store. To clear your doubts related to Shopify Development Services, we have covered this blog on all the reasons why you need to convert to a Shopify Mobile App right away. Read it till the end before you Hire Shopify Web Developer.

Already familiar with the importance of this migration and want to hire the best Shopify Experts to launch a mobile app for your E-Commerce store? Get on board with Xcentric – a Shopify Web Design Agency. For more details, call us at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

5 Reasons To Convert Your Shopify Store Into A Mobile App

Technology innovations have made mobile phones an everyday essential in every single person’s life, which is why converting a Shopify web store into a mobile app with the expertise of a Shopify Web Developer is a must. Surely, mobile phones have become the best solution to connect with the world, as they are convenient to carry along and easy to use.Shopify Development Store

In addition, the service sector has also become increasingly dependent on the convenience of mobile applications. Hence, no matter what your business offers, an app can be made for performing tasks and generating conversions for the Shopify Development Store. To specify, here are the reasons why you should not delay converting your Shopify web store into an app any longer and Hire Shopify Web Designer:

1.      Websites Alone DO NOT Work

Since technology is continuously evolving at the speed of light, soon, the old-school ways of running a business will not be enough to succeed. Your website will not be enough to generate the revenues you aim for – regardless of how convenient and easy it is to use. Hence, rather than working alone on boosting your website’s revenues after investing in Shopify App Development, get along with the trends too, which are currently all about going mobile.

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2.      Increases Conversions & Revenues

The convenience and ease that mobile applications provide to customers are so far THE BEST. Even a website customized after Shopify Theme Development cannot compete with a mobile app when it comes to increasing conversions and generating revenues. And, because the industry is still an exploration site for many businesses, migrating to a Shopify app in 2022 will be the best bet for you.

E-Commerce Store

3.      Access Smart Marketing Tools

Converting to a Shopify mobile app means getting access to a bunch of digital marketing tools. The tools not only help keep track of the app but also improve the campaign results and provide Shopify Developer Support. The top mobile and multi-channel marketing tools that you can integrate with the app to increase the web store’s sales include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • Appsflyer
  • SMS Marketing
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4.      Unlimited Push Notifications

Push notifications are the pop-up messages which pop up on a mobile one and are sent by the publisher of the app. Whether the Shopify Apps are in use or not after Shopify App Development, installation, push notifications to reach the customers in any case. Such notifications help increase engagement, enhance user experience and increase the acquisition of products or services. To top it all, Apple Push Notification (APN) and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for iOS and Android have also become a HUGE benefit that mobile apps offer. Therefore, making the conversion of a Shopify store into a mobile application with the help of a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company is worth the investment.

Shopify Web Development Company

5.      App Install Campaigns

App install campaigns are digital marketing strategies used for acquiring more app users. In simpler words, they include all the strategies that drive a huge number of app installs. Apart from downloads, by increasing the paid and organic installs of a Shopify app after Shopify Store Development Services, these campaigns also boost the rankings on the app store and search engines. Combined, all of this will lead to even more traffic on your Shopify web store too, making the conversion to an app a win-win situation.

Have an up-and-running Shopify Store that you want to convert into a mobile app too? Shopify Experts Near Me at Xcentric can help. For a project quote, ring us at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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