How Getting Shopify Development Services Can Help You Sell More Online?

kashif ali

  • Dec 23, 2021

Shopify is a popular E-Commerce platform that hosts and grows online web stores. In fact, when selling on it, most online retailers claim that it is the least hassling-involving and simplest platform. However, it all boils down to how good are the Shopify Development Services that you invested in. So, are you confused about which agency to hire to get the web store developed? Xcentric Services –  a leading agency ready to help you launch a digital storefront. However, the real question is that how are we THE ONE. Nothing to worry about because we have all your concerns answered in this blog. Keep reading!

Three Ways We Can Help You Sell More On Shopify

Developing a Shopify Website and launching it is no big thing. The bigger deal is to generate sales out of it. So, how do you think we can ensure that your web store on Shopify is set up right and helps you sell successfully? Take a closer look at all the tactics we apply to promote products online and generate sales.

Shopify Website

1.     Attractive Images

Attracting and persuading buyers to shop products online requires having an online store with images that captivate them emotionally. When helping a retailer Sell Products Online, we use product variants and multiple images to achieve a decent-looking Shopify web store.

One issue that normally comes up is the products not appearing attractive enough in the images. In that case, to capture eye-catchy images, we suggest the clients to get them photographed on white backgrounds and then upload them for the customers to see.

When the images are received from the client, we set their dimensions and they are then uploaded by our team on the product pages. At this point too, we make sure that the placement is neat and attractive for the customers seeing the product images. So, rather than looking like a messy gallery, the product pages are worth viewing.

Clear Product Cost Information

2.     Clear Product Cost Information

Do you know that almost 70% of customers say that one reason behind them abandoning a shopping card is seeing unexpected costs like tax or shipping? And that many of them are also unable to calculate the total upfront cost on their own when placing an online order? While running an Online Business, this lack of clarity in information related to cost can lead to low conversions.

Hence, when developing Shopify web stores for clients at Xcentric Services, we consider using progressive techniques for displaying clear product information. On each product page, right below the product images and details, we give a complete breakdown of the cost. Other than that, our developers make sure that the BUY NOW button stands out at the end of the product page. Therefore, catching the attention of customers after they have read through the product details and its cost.

3.     Improved SEO Ranking

Currently, ranking high on search engines is important to drive a steady stream of website traffic and eventually convert them to customers. However, getting onto the first page rankings takes a great deal of effort, time, and expense. But why dishearten too quickly when Xcentric Services has your back in this aspect too when providing Shopify Development Services?

As a full-service digital agency, we understand the concepts of SEO too and look up to Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) for ranking retail web stores on search engines. LSI keywords are the ones that semantically link to a topic or main keyword. By using them, we help the search engines determine the operating theme of the content on our client’s web store. For example, if a product is related to clothing, we use LSI keywords such as shirt, dresses, and jeans in the descriptions.

Improved SEO Ranking

Another way we improve the SEO ranking of client websites on Shopify is by ensuring that they load fast – without any downtime. Given the current lifestyle, everyone is in a hurry. And, page speed is an important factor that can make or break the rankings of a website. People prefer shopping from websites that load faster rather than those that load in ages. Technically, for making the online store load quickly, here are a few things we do when providing Shopify Development Services:

  • Compress Images Uploaded
  • Minimize Scripts & Custom Codes
  • Use AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Other than everything we have talked about above, we assess the on-page SEO of Shopify web stores after launching them. Thus, ensuring that ranking signals are present on them. For that, we check if header tags are used, LSI keywords are there in the content, and images are optimized.

Ready To Grow Your Retail Business On Shopify?

Selling online on a Shopify web store is the simplest way to have a digital storefront of your retail business. The platform is home to millions and billions of stores with Best Online Sell Products, and yours can be one of them too. Following the simple tactics we have shared above, experts at Xcentric Services can help you sell more online.

Hence, to have a successful business and launch the Best Shopify Store, get on board with us. Considering every requirement, we will build and launch exactly what YOU are dreaming of. For more details about the project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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