Why set up your Online Store with Odoo ERP – A one-size-fit-all Solution

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 23, 2020

The rise in sales and profits gears up the start-ups to hop on the E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan bandwagon, even with restricted resources. But, launching an online store and instantly making dollars is not plain-sailing in this tech-driven era. Advancing an online store on the slushy web is tough due to a lot of complexities involved. From developing the store to masterminding the user experience to gaining space on a customer’s phone or mind. 

Acknowledging that E-Commerce sales will grow by $3.9 trillion worldwide. Odoo ERP is the one-size-fits-all solution for your Online Store development essentials. With countless themes to design an out-of-box front-end. To the versatile backend support that satisfies all the inventory, warehouse, products, invoicing, and accounting management calls. 

So if the idea of setting up your Online Store with Odoo ERP to achieve an exceptional operational efficiency, user experience, and ROI interests you, you’re at the right place. Being an Odoo Development Company, we’ve covered a why-to for you, let’s explore! 

User Interface – Find your right blend!

Technically, the user interface is a combination of creativity and skills. Where the precise amalgam of graphics, tones, and optimal text can convert the web store visitor into a customer. Though being a Web Design and Development Company in Pakistan, we agree with the fact that it is an overpriced bargain for novice players. And that’s where leveraging from the countless themes provided by Odoo supports.

With Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan, businesses are enabled to fancy any of the themes that satisfy their online store’s offerings with a high level of customization choices to make the interface balance the processes. Odoo theme is an incredible solution to design and customize innovative product pages through simple drag-and-drop options. Without hiring coding superheroes and designers. Moreover, to retain a unique interface, you can make changes and improvements anytime.

Third-Party Integrations

Third-party integrations make online retailing more accessible. Just in the matter of hassle-free payment, Odoo ERP Implementation Services enable secure checkout with electronic payment gateways integration such as PayPal, Easy Pay, Stripe, and Debit Card transfer options. Moreover, it also extends the adaptability to integrate other payment options if the E-Commerce store requires.

You can integrate shipping providers like DHL, FedEx, Call Courier, and other logistic conveyors for dynamic tracking and order delivery. Hence, there’s no chance an online retailer will abandon the approach of setting up their online store with Odoo ERP.

Odoo ERP Implementation Services

Back-End Development made Easy-Peasy

Before stepping in the tech-driven world, make sure that you aren’t a business that just wants to join the online retailing bandwagon. To be sure that your products interest customers every time they view them, the workflows must function flawlessly. And that’s obstinate without inventory management, warehouse management, and product management.

The inventory management will become a breeze with Odoo Inventory and Supply Chain Management that auto-stocks and replenishes the inventory according to market fluctuations and customer demands. Moreover, when the minimum stock is defined in the Odoo Oriented ERP Solutions, they automatically advance the procurement request for more stocks. Besides, tracking the details of the inventory is achievable through Lots Tracking, Activity Log, Serial Numbers, and Perpetual valuation.

With Odoo, a single dashboard administers multiple warehouses. And multiple distribution centers define the stock replenishment practices accordingly. The barcode-based packing under warehouse management decreases the processing time and speed up the order dispatches.

With the developing interests of the buyers, it’s essential to keep the alternatives of the products in inventory. Odoo enables the online store to offer multiple alternatives of the stocks. In addition to the specific product pages including images, CTA, banners, slides, and essential information. The product alternatives configuration involves the customers and boosts the possibility of sales.

Reach on higher ranks with Odoo SEO Suite

Positively, the live chat feature conferred by Odoo ERP Implementation and Customization helps in settling the customer’s query in real-time and ensures the sales. Though have you ever thought about if your online store ranks higher on Google‘s SERPs? All your selling shots go beyond the target if you aren’t focusing on SEO Services in Pakistan.

Our professionals providing Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan at Xcentric Services help businesses win the E-Commerce game with organic outcomes and direct the target audience towards the online store through the skillful mix of technology, devices, and strategies.

Odoo Inventory and Supply Chain Management

How can our Odoo Consultants at Xcentric help you?

An online store is not a set-it-and-forget-it model of business. Hence the reason why continuous Odoo ERP Development Service for Businesses maintenance is offered by Xcentric – Odoo Official Partner in Pakistan, to keep the business operative and process functions as foreseen. Being an Odoo Consultant Company, we provide on-demand support to our clients, whenever needed. So if you’re convinced to set up your online store with Odoo ERP Implementation, get in touch with us today.







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