Let’s Combine Your Facebook Store & Magento Development Services

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 10, 2020

Alluring the customer base in this social era where everything revolves around Likes and Shares isn’t an easy feat. Considering that the users make a count of 1 Billion on Facebook, 400 Million on Instagram, and 320 Million on Twitter. What if we tell you that Online Retailers who are planning for Magento E-Commerce Website Development can benefit from these channels too by launching a Facebook Store? Of course, YES!

Let’s take the next step by launching Facebook-Commerce. Sounds Odd? It sure is, but it’s all worth the effort you’ll be putting in because according to the providers of Facebook Marketing Services, around 85% of consumers prefer going through the reviews of a product or service on Social Media before they buy it. 

Rest assured, the consumers of today count on a band’s social media presence, rather than the online store itself. The reason why Magento Stores are leaning towards getting more likes from social platforms like Facebook is to sell their products and increase revenue.

Skyrocketing sales are every online retailer’s dream. Facebook-Commerce lets brands sell their products and promote their deals on Facebook, all while converting Facebook fans into customers.

“How to Set up Facebook Store with Magento?” – This question must’ve been crossing your head while you’re reading this article. Luckily, we’ve got this covered for you!

Facebook Store The steps to launching a successful Facebook Store with the Power of Magento

The social beings of today access Facebook for everything and anything; News updates, entertainment, communication, shopping, and whatnot. Hence, considering that you are reading this article, you already own an online store, and you’re here to learn how to utilize the prowess of Facebook for boosting your sales. Here’s how you can integrate your Facebook Page with your Magento Store, all while ensuring that your page covers every feature of an ideal Facebook Store.

1. Install the Facebook-Commerce Extension

Creating a replica of your online store might sound like an impossible task. However, installing the Facebook-commerce extension will replicate your website in just a matter of minutes. Just follow these steps and create an on-the-spot twin of your online store on Facebook after you get Magento Development Services

  • Visit the Magento Marketplace and install for your Magento Store, the “Facebook Shop Integration” extension.
  • Create your Application Program Interface (API) from the Admin Control
  • Store URL and API Credentials; Both will be accessible
  • Sign in to your Facebook account, and if you don’t have one already, it’s now time to get on Facebook!
  • Next, select the options to create a Facebook store, under the Free Plan
  • Enter your access credentials, and voilà, your Facebook store is LIVE!

Facebook Store

2. Ensure a similar UI on both stores; Facebook and Magento

Providing your customers the same look and feel as your Magento Store is essential. Conflicting visions might make your brand unfamiliar to them, which isn’t a great impression.

Even though the products on the Facebook Store are imported from the Magento Store, to be on the safer side, cross-check both stores. The User Interface of your Facebook Store must be designed similarly to your Magento Stores’; Including the logo, graphics, and color theme. Convert the visitors into potential customers by providing them a remarkable experience because surely, a Facebook Store catches more sights. Here’s a snapshot of Xcentric’s Facebook Store set up with its Magento Store.

Facebook Store

3. Creating a buzz shouldn’t be your Goal; Sustain a Balance

Facebook is a platform where the audience comes to engage and communicate. So if you’re launching a Facebook Store intending to just create a buzz about your products, deals, and discounts, unfortunately, your Magento E-Commerce Website Development capabilities are not efficiently configured. Most of the audience tends to unfollow pages that show unnecessary product ads.

Hence, if you wish your Facebook Store becomes a success, consider interacting with the audience over this platform, all while you sell your products. The pro-tip? Equilibrium between advertising and interactions to increase both; Conversion Rates and Loyalty rates.

4. Post-shopping interactions on Facebook are powerful

Though we’ve already discussed that sustaining a balance between advertising and interacting is essential, there’s a pro-practice suggested by savvy marketers at our Facebook Marketing Company; Post-Shopping Interactions.

Valuable feedback and reviews from customers contribute a lot to a business’s growth. Therefore, communicating with your customers after they’ve shopped from you is considered as a powerful and influential approach, because it helps you know the How’s and Why’s of improving your business.

With this approach at Magento Development Services, you enable your customers to share their purchase experience with your audience, their family, and friends. So whenever there’s a visitor on your site, they’ll know you by the reviews about your brand image. Hence, it’s fair play; Provide great products, and get great reviews!

Tweaking your Magento Store with social appeal and Facebook Marketing Services Packages is one powerful way to create a unique buzz among your targeted niche. And in this article, Xcentric has covered it all for you; From setting up the extension to how to make it a success. Initially, the Magento Store Development was for seamless product selling. However, in our opinion being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, the idea of selling to your Facebook fans is a hit. Want to get your hands on it along with Facebook Marketing Packages? Contact us today. 







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