How Can We Help You Set Up A Successful E-Commerce Business?


  • Jan 19, 2022

Businesses in the E-Commerce industry have grown a lot over the last two years because of COVID-19. While many brick-and-mortar stores closed down, businesses with a digital storefront did the opposite. At one time in the past, online shopping used to be a luxury and convenience. Now, it is a necessity. Count all the times when you shopped from an online web store in the past year – many times, right? So, knowing where the trends are headed, setting up a Successful E-Commerce Business is important for you.

We at Xcentric Services work with retailers to help them launch their online business, increase sales drastically and grow digitally. Fair enough, even though starting an E-Commerce business sounds easy-peasy, the way to achieving success is not plain. Fair enough, this is exactly why we are here to help you launch one.

5 Steps We Take To Start An E-Commerce Business For Our Clients

Many agencies rush through processes when helping their clients. However, things are different when we work on Starting an E-Commerce Business for our clients. Considering that the competition levels are too high in the online industry, our team has the following steps in the plan to set the clients ahead in the competition.

Starting an E-Commerce Business

1. Market Research

To start an Successful E-Commerce Business for a client, the first step we take is carrying out market research. We do not want clients to target an audience or location that will not perform in the longer run. Hence, we help them pick the right target location to sell and the right segment of individuals. Besides that, we also keep an eye on the demographics of online shopping, the people shopping online, their age group, gender, and everything in between.

2. Picking Niche

Once we have collected all the relevant information and found whatever is trending and in which industries our client can succeed in terms of demographics, we pick their niche. Even though choosing a niche is important for succeeding, we make sure that it is something the client can stick to and be passionate about.

It is human nature that when one is passionate about something, communicating its value to others becomes easy as they know what others like in them and what might push them away. For instance, if you get on board with us and choose to get into the fashion industry because you think about yourself as a person with a fashion sense, this will be a great HIT.

In simple words, if you are always watching out for fashion trends, love talking about them, and are thinking of How to Start an E-Commerce Business, we have got you covered. Our team will have an initial meeting with you before getting onto starting your business and help you pick a niche – after which we hit the gears and start off.

How to Start an E-Commerce Business

3. Branding

Developing, researching, and applying unique elements for a business comes under branding, which helps the target audience in associating with a brand’s products or services. Simply put, branding gives a business identity, makes it unforgettable, and encourages the customers to purchase from it. Fair enough, we all purchase only from brands that we are familiar with, and branding plays an important role in it.

Hence, to ensure that and start a Successful E-Commerce Business for our clients, we focus a lot on branding too. It creates their strong brand identity in the competitive online retail landscape, which is more than just throwing together a website with a bunch of products.

Our team combines many factors such as brand positioning, logo designing, theme colours, and much more in branding. Overall, every E-Commerce business we set up for a client is memorable and stands out in competition to others in the industry. And of course, it is what they love, and their target audience enjoys – from beginning till the end.

4. Picking An E-Commerce Platform

The launch of an online retail business goes hand-in-hand with picking an E-Commerce platform and them starting the development process. While there are countless platforms out there in the market now, deciding on your own can be hard. By hiring Xcentric Services, you can get the help of professionals and choose the one that fits your needs.

More often, we recommend Shopify to most of our clients because it is a retailer-favourite platform likely to grow even more popular in 2022. With a user-friendly interface, the platform is also easy to set up and mobile-friendly, which is a plus.

Besides, the customization options it offers are a win-win for our developers. They help them in meeting the requirements of clients. So, do you now need more convincing? Well, we assume that you do not. But still, we have some other options too for you, like Magento and WordPress, which might fit your requirements.

How to Start an Online Business

5. Follow-Through

After launching a Successful E-Commerce Business for a client, we do not take the back seat. Instead, our team takes important follow-up steps; to make sure that the business is growing in terms of traffic on the web store and sales. Specifically, our follow-through includes the following components:

  • 24/7Customer Service – it is the bread and butter of many brands because one bad customer service can cost the abandonment of many online transactions. Hence, by designing an FAQs page, integrating a chatbot, and engaging with customers, we provide them the BEST customer service. Therefore, keeping them coming back and creating a strong brand image.
  • Conversion Optimization – on average, more than 70% of customers leave a website without purchasing anything because of slow loading speed, difficult checkout, or any other reason. With optimization strategies like time-limited offers and other tweaks, we make the online shopping process seamless for them.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are fully aware of how we can help you set up an E-Commerce business successfully, take the first step of the journey – get on board with us at Xcentric Services. Our team is experienced and has helped hundreds of retailers confused about How to Start an Online Business. From website development to branding, basic SEO, and everything in between – they will help you at every step. To get a project quote and consultation, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY.







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