Set Store Layout According To Visitor’s Flow

John Smith

  • Apr 11, 2019


Understanding customer behavior is an essential part of every business, keeping the demands of targeted audience in mind helps in boosting sales.

The example of demands of customers can be noticed by the example If you have ever ask somebody in your family or friends, what they want for their birthday present, you may get surprised to know what they were expecting on their birthday as a gift, but if you will provide that thing to them they will be extremely happy. This resembles the needs and demands of a customer if you have what they want, just an easy grab your business will do great for sure.

You cannot know what people like although giving people what they want is the foremost thing in retail but how will you know what your customer wants. You might be thinking how does this increases sales, well you will know that right now we will discuss how can you know what your customers want.

For a better understanding of your customer behavior retailers are nowadays using people counting cameras. Xcentric Services is offering retailers doing business in Pakistan to get people counting camera price from Xcentric Store and compare different people counters available on site.

In an age of competition and race where businesses are up to increase their sales from e-commerce offerings and retailers have to improve their game if they want to stay in the race.

Competing against the giant that is e-commerce is no easy task. In order to hold their market share, physical stores are having to increase their offering. The good news is they have a one up on their digital competitors. The fact that they can offer their shoppers a real experience. In fact, the ability to engage the physical senses of customers might just be the golden ticket retailers have been looking for.

A retail store is so much more than just a sales channel. It is the physical appearance of a brand, which is why features like your store layout have a significant influence on your profits. The logic is simple the better the shopping experience, the more likely retail sales will increase.

If you want to optimize your store layout, you need Wi-Fi analytics to give your insight into how shoppers are moving around your store.

Knowledge of this vital information is the first step towards optimizing store layout and, eventually, helping an increase in retail sales. You need to be able to determine how many customers are entering your store, the areas they are immediately drawn to, the spaces that they avoid, and the areas they spend the most time in. Once you are monitoring visitor flow, you are able to ask questions like:

  • What does this mean in terms of floor staff?
  • Is our product placement to blame?
  • Is the lighting too dim in one area?
  • Is there a holdup in one area of the store that puts people off visiting another?

Many retailers are able to achieve this after they implemented people counters and counter software in various areas around their store.

Thanks to the people counters installed around the stores, the retailers are able to recognize vital trends in their visitor flow, including the areas with the highest stay time according to departments, those with the lowest stay time, and the typical way shoppers used to navigate the store. Also thanks to these insights, they were able to provide better solutions to modify to store layout, product placement, in-store promotions and distribution of floor staff according to the visitor flow pattern.

So what are you thinking about? Don’t want to improve your store layout according to your customer behavior? Visit Xcentric Services to get the latest and comparatively less people counting camera price. You can check different technologies and people counters at Xcentric Store. Moreover, you can get guidance about business solutions our team of professionals will provide you the best solutions according to your business.







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