SEO Trends that will rock your business in 2019

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 23, 2019

Keep an eye on the SEO trends, they said, you will succeed for sure, they said. You must have heard a whole fuss about SEO trends and how much it is important for your business recognition. Let’s make one thing clear here, the fuss is not for nothing. With the ever so growing Digital Marketing Services world, Search Engine Optimization is a pre-requisite if you are planning for your audience to see ONLY your business’s name every time they search for cosmetics, assuming that’s what your business is all about.

How about we look at the trending SEO trends practices that will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors?

1. You can Personalize your SERPs

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) are personalized in a number of ways to make an association with the audience. Other than the ranking factors, factors like the user’s location, preferences, and search inclinations are also to be accounted for. Satisfactory user experience is all that the search engines are after and are personalizing to achieve the optimum results.

2. Let the Voice Search be the charmer

It’s the 21st century we are talking about. Everything can and is, to some extent, automated. People these days, aren’t fond of typing their queries a lot so when they know they can just work it out, it will be well understood.

Considering the voice search uses normal everyday sentences, it’s pretty convenient and amusing for the users when they don’t have to type it and the computer still understands. Research suggests that in 2018, more than 35% of search queries came from voice searches. It’s high anticipation that the mobile took over laptops, similarly, voice search will take over text search.

Seo trends 2017 was all about Amazon’s Alexa. It’s safe to say that 2019 and onwards are very much voice search’s playground. Another plus with voice search is that it gives us diverse results and it’s never a bad option to shower your audience with all kinds of options.

3. Knowledge Graphs are important

Search queries are often answered by a concise Snippets display. People want to know more. They are more and more into featured snippets and knowledge graphs. Knowledge graphs are the knowledge base that accumulates data from different sources and put it on the right side of your screen in an inbox for more suggestions.

SEO specialists focus on high-volume keywords as they work on the featured snippets. And are more experimenting towards knowledge graphs embedding content from multiple sources?

4. Add Image and Video Searches to your bucket

Talk about interactions! Social media these days is all about images and videos. Even when you don’t want to talk, you have GIFs and memes and Videos to share your feelings with your loved ones.

The fast internet has made Social media platforms more and more visual friendly because that’s what the audience is inclined to do. There is a drastic rise in video and image searches ever since 2017.

5. Think about Mobile Optimization

9 out of every 10 internet users tend to take their access to the web from their mobiles. Since this percentage is touching the roof, it is easy to say that mobile optimization is of utmost importance. A mobile-friendly website is always a plus, regardless of what industry you belong to.

A mobile-friendly app will help you not only with SEO Services in Chicago ranking but will also generate more traffic to your social media platforms, synced with your website.

6. Use Long-tail Keywords

A high bounce-back rate is the biggest setback in terms of SEO. In order to avoid this, SEO specialists provide deeper information across a wide range of keyword sets.Seo trends shows short keywords aren’t going to do any good to you while long-tail conversational terms have become one of the hottest SEO trends. In order to get targeted traffic and high web page ranking, long-tail keywords are the best.

SEO trends are interesting to you, we can see that. There is a reason why you have read all the way through the article. We are glad. We also understand that it can be overwhelming to run a business and simultaneously worry about SEO Services in Pakistan, along with other Digital Marketing Services in Chicago. Nobody said you are alone in this, there are some amazing SEO companies in Chicago, waiting for you to consult them and they will help you with their expertise and dedication. You work on your business optimization while the Digital Marketing Agency can work on your search optimization, which of course, is not to be taken lightly.







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