SEO Trends 2022 That You Need To Keep Pace With For Ranking High

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  • Feb 24, 2022

An effective way to drive customers towards your web store is search engine optimization – but only if it is done right. SEO is evolving continuously, and staying on top of its trends is a challenge. However, we at Xcentric Services believe that it is worth the time and effort because more than 80% of users count on organic search results. Paid listings are mostly ignored by them, which means that organic searchers covert more and result in purchases. Our blog will give you an insight into the currently relevant SEO Trends 2022 that we are leveraging for our clients. Let us take you through them before you hire us for planning your SEO strategy!

Four Top SEO Trends To Follow In 2022 For Improving Rankings

Even though the core search engine optimization principles remain the same, changing search trends and algorithm updates influence how strategies are executed on a website. So, as the search technology evolves this year, did you think about what it will mean for your SEO strategy? Well, you do not have to worry about that because we are here to the rescue. Below, we have covered all the trends we plan to tap into in 2022 to drive traffic on the websites of our clients and take their keyword ranking up.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

1. Core Web Vitals Optimization

The biggest update last year for the search was the page experience update. It is now quantified with Core Web Vitals, which are an official Google ranking factor. It includes the following metrics that measure performance:

  • First Input Delay – how long does it take for a website to respond to the first interaction of a user on a page.
  • Largest Contentful Paint – the time a large content asset on the page of a website takes to load.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift – number of layout shirts that occur unexpectedly during a web page’s lifespan.

Out of all the areas we direct towards when providing SEO services to clients, in 2022, we are focusing the most on improving the signals of Core Web Vitals across the pages. It has the most noticeable impact on the performance of a website on search engines compared to the other SEO Trends 2022. All you will need is the professional help of our SEO experts and they will identify the web pages of your website that need improvement and fix them according to the Core Web Vitals update.

2. Keyword Clustering

The foundation of search engine optimization is keyword research. However, because the natural language processing technology of Google has now advanced, targeting keywords effectively is now a complex process.

Gone are those days when you could optimize a landing page or blog post with a single keyword. Google now ranks landing pages that have multiple keywords, which means that for SEO Success in 2022, you need to aim higher.

The more advanced keyword strategy that we use now to level up the ranking of our clients is keyword clustering. It includes identifying and using multiple keywords that have a similar search intent and creating pages on client websites targeting those clusters.

SEO Success in 2022

3. AI-Generated Content

Last year, the third generation of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer model of machine learning was made public through OpenAI. After it, the SEO tools that are assisted by Artificial Intelligence like Headline and CopyAi started growing. They empowered the content teams to quickly create content that is more SEO-optimized. With only a few inputs, these tools generate titles, paragraphs, titles, meta tags, and even complete articles.

Even though we discourage the idea of replacing human SEO writers with robots completely, AI-generated content is something we are counting on from the list of SEO Trends 2022. To be precise, we use them effectively to generate:

  • Title – confused about what you should be writing on? Speed up the brainstorming and idea generation process with topics and titles generated by AI.
  • Meta Tags – hundreds of meta tags are needed often and the copywriting tools of AI help produce some unique and original meta descriptions.
  • Outlines – serving as a starting point and not a replacement, AI tools can also do unnatural rephrasing with obvious errors that need to be fixed.

Best SEO Strategies for 2022

4. Rich Snippets & Structured Data

Google extracts content from website pages and better understand it using a vocabulary of microdata called Schema Markup. It enables the pages to show up on the search engine result pages as rich snippets that are clickable and more interactive.

Our team loves this trend and always counts on it when planning the Best SEO Strategies for 2022 because they crawl better and show the users content that they are searching for. Therefore, giving them a better user experience.

Moreover, because Google starts supporting new schema markups every year such as video schema, this trend will not slow down anytime soon. The clients for which we are already leveraging the schema markup trend have gone far ahead in the competition. So, without wasting any more time, get on board with Xcentric Services and our team will make it a goal to achieve.


The dominance of Google cannot be ignored and since it keeps announcing new algorithm updates, producing high-quality content and targeting SEO strategies is essential. And, this does not mean focusing only on on-page and off-page optimization. With the new trends taking over search engines every other day, to rank your website, you surely need to consider SEO Investments in 2022. We at Xcentric Services can help you bring the most ROI by targeting result-driven SEO strategies that cover the basics of optimization and even latest trends. To get started, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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