5 Professional SEO Services KPIs That Businesses Need To Track

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  • Apr 15, 2022

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing for business, you need to improve it constantly. If the SEO efforts become motionless, they will not generate any new leads and you will fall behind the competitors. So, the question is – how to improve the results of search marketing? You might be unsure about what to optimize. Well, the good news is that you can invest in Professional SEO Services and let digital marketing strategists figure out what requires optimizing.

Fair enough, you should not trust an SEO Agency with a blind eye – know which KPIs need to be tracked for analyzing the performance of your SEO Packages. But what are these key performance indexes and which ones do you need to track? We have answered both of these questions below, so keep on reading the blog to learn more.

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What Are Search Engine Optimization KPIs?

Key performance indexes of SEO are specific metrics that are related to different aspects of SEO Marketing. They provide businesses with information about their search engine rankings, the audience they are reaching, and how SEO is impacting the website.

To find out most of the KPIs for analyzing the ROI of Professional SEO Services, you can use tools like Ahrefs and Google Analytics. Such tools do not only provide access to SEO metrics but also lay the data in the form of charts and graphs. Therefore, making it easy for you to view the performance in different ways.

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Why Track KPIs For Search Engine Optimization?

Many questions pop up in the mind when it is said that tracking SEO KPIs is essential after investing in Affordable SEO Services in Lahore. Some even think why they should track the metrics in the first place. Being the Best SEO Agency, our answer to this is that SEO metrics are vital when it comes to measuring the success of an SEO campaign.

If you skip tracking your SEO Packages performance, chances are that you will NEVER know the results it is driving. Now, can you afford that? Absolutely no. And, this also means that you cannot optimize the strategies later for improving their performance.

Hence, keep up with the key performance indexes to make the most out of E-Commerce SEO Packages. It will help in identifying when a particular piece of content is failing at ranking or attracting clicks. And from there, you can pick up hints to start reoptimizing the SEO strategy.
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Which SEO Metrics Do You Need To Track?

There are many key performance indexes for off-page and On-Page SEO Packages. However, all of them are not vital for the success of your SEO campaign. Confused about tracking which metrics will be beneficial? Do not worry – we have laid out some of the most important ones below that you need to keep up with in the campaigns.

1. Search Rankings

The first KPI and most important KPI that the Best Companies for SEO measure is search ranking. The metric simply refers to how high a piece of content ranks in the search engine results. Very naturally, it will vary depending on the search terms, page, and day.

One day you might have a page ranking incredibly high on SERPs but then after some days, it will drop significantly, giving you a lesser ROI out of SEO Packages in Lahore. Or, maybe the page starts ranking high on one keyword and low for another in the content.

Considering the variability, the Best SEO Experts in Lahore recommend tracking the search rankings continuously. Use tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs for seeing which keywords every page is ranking on. If there is a page ranking low on its targeted keywords, take time and reoptimize it.

In clear words, do not track the rankings of pages and results of Backlink Packages by themselves. Having your website on the first page of SERPs means nothing if they do not lead to other results like conversions and leads. Hence, when tracking rankings, track them along with the metrics that are talked about below.

Search Rankings

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2. Search Visibility

Another key SEO metric that we track as a Professional SEO Agency is search visibility. It refers to how many users have seen a page in the search results. Generally, a high ranking leads to high search visibility because 70% of people do not move past the first SERP.

Bearing in mind that just because the audience is seeing your content does not mean that they are engaging too, do not spend too much time on search visibility. Even the Best SEO Experts in Pakistan at Xcentric move through it quickly when providing Best SEO Services In Pakistan. They count on this metric only when they want to calculate other SEO measurements like click-through rate.

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3. Organic Click-Through Rate

To measure how many people clicked on your content appearing in the search results, track the organic click-through rate. It does not only show the raw count of clicks that you have earned but rather shows the total clicks relative to the search visibility. And, every SEO Expert in Lahore counts on this metric to track organic results.

So, say that you want to find out the click-through rate for a specific page of your website and see what exactly search engine optimization is. If 10 people have seen that page in the search results that day, it will be your search visibility. Now, assume that four people clicked on that page.

While the raw count of clicks in the given scenario is four, to find out the click-through rate, divide it with the visibility – 10 – and then multiply it by 100. Overall, this is quite a valuable metric for measuring the performance of Professional SEO Services and specifically for finding out which pages drive more clicks. In case your pages have a low click-through rate but high search visibility, consider reoptimizing the meta descriptions and title tags to make them more compelling.

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4. Bounce Rate

Slightly different than the other metric on the list, bounce rate is the one that you want to keep low while the others will make you happy only when they are high.  As the Best Company for SEO, we track it to see the percentage of people who abandon your website right after arriving on it.

Essentially, if ten people visit your website but five of them leave right after a few seconds, your bounce rate will be 50%. Disappointing, right? It surely is because a high bounce rate shows that a website is not doing a good job at holding the interest of users.

A misleading title tag, a slow-loading website page, or a bad design – anything can lead to the visitor losing interest. However, whatever the case is, spend some time identifying what is the potential issue that is driving visitors away from the website. And, if that is not your piece of cake, simply invest in SEO Services in Lahore that we provide. The optimization experts we have onboard will fix everything that is leading to a high bounce rate.

5. Conversion Rate

The final and equally important as other search metrics on this list is the conversion rate. Just as its name implies, conversion rate measures how much of the organic traffic on a website actually converts into leads and sales.

To calculate the conversion rate of your website, start off by isolating the organic traffic. For example, say that your organic traffic on a day was 40 people. Then, have a look at how many people converted by taking an action – assume there were ten conversions.

From there, divide the conversions with the organic traffic and then multiply it by 100, and voila, there you have your conversion rate. As you expect, investing in the Best SEO Services in Lahore can get you a high conversion rate. And, the more conversions your website drives, the more revenues you will earn as a business.

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