How To Nail SEO+UX-Minded Website Navigation With SEO Marketing?

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  • Jul 27, 2022

Every business these days aims at driving high website traffic from both – the target audience and search engine bots. Optimizing the main navigation of your website can help with making it a success. However, being the Best SEO Experts in Lahore, we understand that the metrics are updating continuously. Hence, the only way to make it a success is by targeting SEO Marketing strategies.

While optimization for search engines is difficult for some, it is the passion of Best Companies for SEO. We are the latter ones – always on the watch for the next genre of off-page and On-Page SEO Packages that can help businesses get closer to their goals. Unlike most agencies, we do not chase shiny and bright marketing trends, obsess over SEO services in Lahore keyword rankings or just keep modifying search Ads for a higher CTR.

To optimize a website and nail an SEO + UX-minded navigation, our SEO Consultants slow down and literally see the forest for the trees by offering Website SEO Packages. In simpler words, the core experience of a website shared between the search engine and a user is not only the content; it is the main navigation. Users get to the content and search engines understand the hierarchy of pages only through navigation.

More importantly, navigation is something that helps search engines and users understand what should be important to them and what is important to YOU. Search Engine Marketing for navigation is an elemental SALESPERSON often overlooked. You too must have come across a website with too much content in the main navigation, which confuses you.

On the other hand, many simplified mobile-friendly websites also have navigation that does not provide enough guidance. So, as we move forward in this blog, you will see how investing in Best SEO Services in Lahore can help you have a website with optimized navigation.

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3 Ways To Streamline An SEO + UX-Minded Website Navigation

Truth to be spoken, SEO Marketing is not one man’s play. While the data does tell us the key factors that users want in navigation, multiple parties have to participate in making the BEST navigational decision. They include the leadership that can detail the business’s future direction and sales support detailing what customers and prospects can ask for continuously.

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Moreover, every SEO Expert in Lahore details what is already linked on the website and what is not when providing Best SEO Services in Pakistan. Other than that, follow these tips to understand how users navigate through the website, where the navigation is not sufficient and ways to improve it:

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1.  Analyze Google Analytics User Flow

Being a Professional SEO Agency, our #1 stop in the pursuit of nailing the perfect navigation when providing Affordable SEO Services in Lahore is reviewing how the current target audience is navigating through the website link structure. On one hand, we aim at making search engines happy with SEO Services in Lahore. On the other hand, we want to show our preferred content – BUT user experience trumps it all, no matter which Backlink Packages you invest in.

By navigating to the Users Flow in the Audience segment of your Google Analytics profile, see what the common visitor pathways are on the website. Notice the defined movement behaviour, because it is important to know what someone landing on the homepage does next, as well as those landing on an internal page.

Next, check if there are any commonalities between the second-page visit preferences – that’s what our Best SEO Experts in Pakistan do. After that, when the User Flows are reviewed from the All User view, go ahead and create an advanced segment for viewing those that result in a transaction or conversion. Again, did you see any defined behaviour or movement similar to the common user? Being the Best SEO Agency which has the experience and expertise, we think you must have, but the hard way.

Not to entice the rabbit-holing in this review style, but you can also utilize other segments that are pre-defined. Even more, you will have countless options to choose from to create custom advanced segments. Other than that, the team at our SEO Agency in Lahore recommends viewing the navigation journey of the following:

  • Returning Vs. New Users
  • Specific Languages & Geographies
  • Traffic From Referred Traffic Channels
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2.  Investigate Internal Website Search

Now that you have investigated the navigational links through which the web users are finding the content they are interested in, it is time to review content they want to see but are unable to find. Yes, we are talking about the content not being available or not being understandable in the main website navigation.

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To sort this out, the experts at our SEO Agency simply analyze Site Searches in Google Analytics. Have a look at the specific terms searched by the users, find out how they refine searches and track their exit rates. It will help you understand what type of content and links they expect from your website and what they did not find through the navigation.

Digging even deeper, move past the overall website search results for analyzing data from the perspective of users. This provides insight into the additional navigational needs persisting outside the main website navigation. When providing Professional SEO Services in lahore being the Top SEO Company in Pakistan, this step is one of the critical ones that we never miss.

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3.  Visualize User Interaction With Heat Map

In the previous analysis, data-driven approaches and numbers were focused on more for understanding the user-behaviour with website navigation. At this point, we being an SEO Company in Lahore suggest stepping away from the granular user behaviour data. Switch to gain a visual feel of how the users are reacting to the navigation.

To make SEO Marketing work, get a heat map on your website – our Dental SEO Expert has done it for one of our clients providing dental services. Pay attention closely to not only the click movement of users on the homepage navigation but also the internal pages. Most importantly, review how the user behaviour changes between mobile and desktop users.

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You might notice that the mobile and desktop behaviour with the website navigation looks quite different. And, the reason behind this is that the presentations of both are actually poles apart. For the compressed mobile view, consider how expandable the navigation can be, as the small fonts do not get any links.

Hence, in your next redesigning process, consider mimicking the desktop navigation for the mobile too. This will provide a similar presentation to both – desktop and mobile users, beginning their website journey from the homepage navigation. Also, with this, you are done with your due diligence in understanding the behaviour of users on your website.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] All the steps that we detailed above are an ultimate deep dive into understanding what the target audience and search engines are interested in when it comes to navigation and E-Commerce SEO Packages. So, take the website navigation to heart and pay attention to improving it while keeping SEO and UX in mind. In the end, the hard work and time put into SEO Packages in Lahore will make the search engines thank you later in the longer run.

    However, if you have a lot on your plate already, count on Xcentric. Being the Best SEO Company in Pakistan offering affordable SEO Packages, we will handle it all for you – from the navigation of your website’s homepage to its internal pages and everything in between.







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