How SEO & Shopify Development Services Drive Organic Traffic?

kashif ali

  • Mar 21, 2022

Often, businesses set up their Shopify store but the problem starts when no one visits it or buys anything. When finding solutions to this, they always come across the fact that the most effective way to drive organic traffic to a web store is through SEO. However, the real challenge is actually getting a website ranked on the search engines like Google and increasing traffic. It requires help from SEO experts and even Shopify Developers – whom we have onboard at Xcentric for providing Shopify Development Services.

Being an agency, when we develop Shopify Stores in Pakistan for our clients, we follow some best SEO practices to optimize web stores post-launch. Let us take you through them before you get on board with us to launch a Shopify web store and drive organic traffic on it through SEO.

Increasing Organic Traffic On Shopify Stores With SEO – Five Ways We Do It

Launching a web store on Shopify and taking the back seat is not enough, and that is where most agencies providing Shopify Store Development Services make a mistake. However, our team does the opposite by following some prerequisites before starting optimizing the Shopify store of a client.  They include:

  • Subscribing a paid plan because Shopify web stores that are on trial accounts cannot be indexed on search engines.
  • Getting a customized simple domain like clothingstore.com rather than clothingstore.myshopify.com because people do not prefer clicking such links.
  • Ensuring the security of the web store with SSL certificates that Shopify provides to encrypt data between the web store and its visitors.
  • Increasing the mobile-friendliness of the web store by using a fully-responsive yet customized theme meeting the client’s requirements.
  • Setting up Google Analytics that tracks the visitors coming to the Shopify store and helps target them with SEO and other marketing campaigns.
  • Creating and submitting the XML sitemap to Google Search Console for the Shopify store at yourstore.com/sitemap.xml.

After we are done with all of this, for taking the Shopify store’s SEO to the next level and increasing the organic traffic on it, our team of Shopify Experts follows these best practices:

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1. Logical Website Structure

Websites that are structured logically help visitors in navigating through the content very easily. They also help the search engines in understanding the websites and ranking them on the search engines. Now, the question you must have in mind right now is – how do we create a good website structure? For the Shopify Experts Near Me at Xcentric, it is all about the hierarchy, which involves having main categories on the top of the menu bar, followed by subcategories and products.

For example, if our client owns an online clothing store, one of the categories we make might be for “Men”. Under it, there will be subcategories like “Jeans” and “Shirts”, both of which fall under the category of clothes. Now, after the categories are made, we move on to organizing them into category pages which are also known as collections, and product pages which are known as products. Besides it all, on a side note, we also use automated collection for automatically adding products to collections when the client sells lots of products.

2. Doing Keyword Research

Once the website structure is done, for clients who invest in our SEO Packages along with Shopify Developer Support, we find and map keywords to the category pages and products. In our words, this process is called keyword research.

We usually carry out this process at our Shopify Web Development Company by searching for keywords that describe the keywords on our clients’ websites. If the pages ranked on the top are similar to theirs, we look are the title tags and deduce all the keywords they are targeting.

Sometimes, the keywords are obvious but other times, they are now. Either way, we think that the method is beyond foolproof because it is based on guesswork. Hence, the data-driven way that our SEO Consultants prefer is plugging the guesses into the Keyword Planner and looking at the search volumes of keywords.

In the end, the most-searched keywords aligning with the search intent of the page are selected for induction into the content. Though we will be honest here, ranking a product page for queries on which Google ranks categories is an uphill battle. Hence, our team of the Best SEO Experts in Pakistan always ensures that the type of page we are ranking aligns with the content that is already ranked.

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3. Optimizing Titles & URLs

After knowing which terms and keywords we will be using for optimizing the pages after providing Shopify Development Services, the next step is implementing the findings. To start off, the meta descriptions, title tags, and URLs of the category pages and products are optimized. When doing so, our SEO team makes sure to:

  • Write meta descriptions and title tags that are unique
  • Include every targeted keyword in the content
  • Create content that is click-worthy and engaging
  • Be descriptive and brief at the same time

4. Ensuring Fast Website Speed

More than a decade ago, the page speed ranking factor was announced by Google. Therefore, to keep the Shopify stores of our clients relatively fast, we make a special effort like checking its speed post-launch using tools like GTMetrix or PageSpeed Insights.

However, since the options for optimizing page speed on Shopify are limited, we consider some more aspects too after putting time and resources into Shopify Development Store. To list down, the following things are considered to ensure that the websites load without any delay:

  • Choosing Fast Themes
  • Compressing Images
  • Installing Required Applications

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5. Building Backlinks

With the increasing competition on search engines, backlinks are getting more important than ever as they help improve rankings. In fact, in our years of experience, we have seen a direct correlation – the more backlinks any page has, the more organic traffic drives on it from search engines.

If you are thinking that this correlation does not prove causation, let us tell you that Google itself admits that backlinks top the list of ranking factors. But the question is that how do we get backlinks after providing Shopify Development Services to our clients?

The good way we start doing this is by finding who currently links to the homepages of the websites of our client’s competitors. Thinking the idea behind it? If their websites are linked to the websites of multiple competitors already, they are likely to give the link to our client too.

Final Words

Is this all about how we nail Shopify SEO and drive traffic to web stores of businesses? Of course not, this is just the beginning of stepping forward with the right foot. So, if you are looking forward to generating some real online sales and ranking on the search engine too, hire us to provide you with Shopify Theme Development and SEO Services in Lahore. To get started and count on us as your trusted Shopify Partner in Pakistan, drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY. The dedicated team at Xcentric – a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company will get back to you soon with a Shopify App Development project plan and quote.







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