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Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 11, 2020

Do you want to expand your E-Commerce business in Pakistan? Selling on online marketplaces is a MUST then. Online retailers in Pakistan are known to have doubled their online sales – by simply getting listed on channels like Daraz, Saloni.pk, and Facebook Marketplace. However, it is easier said than done. But don’t worry, Xcentric Services can help you identify the best online marketplace for your brand.

Every online marketplace has a few requirements, product categories, and a distinct audience base. And to be profitable on these platforms, research work is a prerequisite. The good news? Our team understands it all – from the strategies to selling on an online marketplace to ensuring a smooth start and generating high sales.

We understand that Selling on Online Marketplaces does sound overwhelming. Hence, we’ll go into the details of everything you need to know about online marketplaces as an online retailer. Let’s dive right in and see how we’ll showcase your products on an online marketplace, specifically Daraz.

Online Marketplace – The Definition                        

On the core, online marketplaces are E-Commerce websites that offer products from different sellers. In Pakistan, some of the most well-known online marketplaces are Daraz and Saloni.pk. However, these are far from the only options. There are other marketplaces too such as Facebook Marketplace, Ali Express, bargain-focused marketplaces like Olx.pk, and the list goes on.

And On…

And On…

So yes, there’s A LOT to consider and leverage on; to reach the target audience. But first, let’s step back and discuss why you should consider getting our help to sell as a third-party in the first place.

The Benefits of Selling on Daraz With Our Help

Daraz is growing popular continuously. And our team has been committed to coming up with innovative ways – to help brands keep their customers happy. Isn’t it great news for you?

We go to great lengths to make marketing and selling on Daraz a success for online retailers. Because it ensures a better experience for the buyers that keep driving back to make repeat purchases. Particularly, we promise three attractive benefits to online retailers when helping them sell on Daraz Mall and other online marketplaces;

1. Quick Listing

If you are an online retailer who is new to online selling, selling on Daraz can prove to be a great way to increase revenues and build your brand. Our team at Xcentric Services will make sure that you are listed on Daraz as quickly as possible. Once your Seller Account Daraz is set up and you become a third-party seller, we’ll simply upload your product feed and drive sales. Here’s a snapshot of a product feed we’ve created on Daraz Mall for our client – Meeshan.

Selling on Online Marketplaces

For clients who already have an online web store up and running, we use another trick – Using “Where To Buy” widgets. These widgets will drive the online visitors from your website to your product pages on Daraz. Thus, enabling your customers to directly add your products to their cart without being exposed to your competitors. Isn’t it a great catch to Sell on Daraz Mall? It surely is!

2. Tapping Into Daraz’s Shopping Festivals

Daraz Mall is one of the leading online marketplaces in Pakistan that already has shopping festivals in place. What we Xcentric Services do is – Navigate online retailers through these festivals by leveraging on digital marketing.

Our digital marketing services are packed with strategies and tools that help online retailers in meeting their consumers’ expectations. Recently, we’ve helped some of our clients in selling on Daraz Mall – and also tap into its shopping festival; the current one being Daraz 11.11.

Other than that, our digital marketing team has helped brands earn big on shopping festivals like Big Friday Sale, 12.12 – Year End Sale, The Grand Fashion Festival – for apparel retailers. Safe to say, our clients smashed BIG REVENUES!

3. Daraz’s Customer Base

Guess what? Daraz Mall has an enormous built-in customer base of people who shop from there regularly. Just think – other than selling on your online web store, you’ll be selling on a platform that boasts around 9.3 million visitors every month. On top of it, if you get our help, you’ll be backed by a professional team of digital marketers and E-Commerce consultants. Combining it all, with Social Media Marketing and Management, we guarantee, your sales will jet off!

Still not convinced? Well, you need to know this then – Around 60% of product searches in Pakistan now begin and end on Daraz. So yes, if your products aren’t showing up in those results, there’s a chance that your competitors will land on Daraz. They’ll eventually earn more sales and their products will be marked as – Top Selling Items on Daraz.

The Essential To Success On Daraz

We usually come across online retailers who’ve tested different strategies to Sell on Daraz Mall. But only a handful of them survived the test of the time on Daraz. However, when our team at Xcentric Services plan these strategies, success is guaranteed. To go a long way in getting our clients on Daraz and helping them sell successfully, here’s what we do;

1. Catchy Promotional Banners

There are products that buyers swipe away, and then there are Top Selling Products on Daraz. The difference between them? Catchy visuals. Precise to say, it all depends on the promotional banners displayed on a brand’s shop on Daraz.

Promotional banners are often what compels the consumers to buy from you. And that’s what we, Xcentric Services leverage on. Our team put in the best of their creativity and efforts to create promotional banners for clients. The results? They rise high on the search results of Daraz and attract more consumers. Here a recent one we created for one of our clients to mark their presence in Daraz’s 11.11 shopping festival.

Daraz Promotional Banners

2. Social Media Management

Selling on Daraz isn’t as simple as just uploading the products and putting up a catchy promotional banner. It goes beyond that. Hence, after the initial steps, we make sure to spread the word, using our Social Marketing Management expertise.

Our team sends emails to subscribers and puts up posts on social media accounts announcing the brand’s presence on Daraz. Moreover, we also add CTAs on the online web store, driving them to the product pages on Daraz. All in all, whatever our Social Media Marketing Management experts choose to do, the end goal remains the same. And that’s letting your customers know that they can buy from the brand on the favorite online marketplace Daraz. All in all, our Social Media Marketing Management Services are the cherry on top – when it comes to selling on Daraz.

3. Advertising on Daraz

Considering the popularity of Daraz, most of its product pages are full of advertisements. However, these aren’t similar to the popups and promotional banners that people usually ignore or hide. They do get clicked. Hence, if you want to sell successfully on Daraz, invest in our Social Media Campaign Management services too. Other than uploading your products on Daraz, our team will also roll them out on Daraz and Social Media in the shape of Ads. Because success there goes beyond just getting listed and having your products up for sale.

Summarizing It All

Whether you are planning to launch an Online Store, or you’ve been selling online for years, Daraz needs to be a part of your growth strategy because it is the Best Marketplace to Sell Online. And luckily, it can be a trouble-free platform to sell on – with the help of Xcentric Services. Even though it feels like a daunting process, TRUST US!

Our team will get you to sell on Daraz Mall in no time. They’ll move on to bigger and bolder strategies to put your Best Things to Sell Online in front of millions of purchase-ready consumers. Perhaps, more than you could ever dream of.

So, are you ready to make your mark in every upcoming festival on Daraz? We’re ready to help. Contact us at the earliest to start experiencing the potential of Daraz. Rest assured, there’s no looking back!







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