Why Does Quality Score Matter To The Users Of Google AdWords?

Mahum Khalid

  • May 19, 2022

When running pay-per-click marketing campaigns using Google AdWords, businesses need to make sure that they spend the least money on getting customers. But the question is that how can you do so? One way to do that is to improve the quality score of Google AdWords. As the quality of the Ads and corresponding pages is improved, Google starts seeing that the business is an honest source of advertisements. Thus, improving the quality score and lowering the cost of Ads – saving money in return and bringing potential customers.

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The quality score of Google Ads is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10. It is not visible to the Google users, only business owners and Google itself can see it. However, it still plays an important role in the success of businesses running PPC marketing campaigns in terms of cost. So, in short, to run a result-driven PPC campaign, you need to have a good quality score.

But First – What Is The AdWords Quality Score?

Before one improves the quality score of AdWords, one needs to know how Google Advertising works. AdWords quality score is a rating assigned to the Google account of a company. It represents the overall quality and reliability, telling the search giant if the business is trustworthy. Technically, the quality score algorithm of Google is based on the following factors:

Google Advertising

·  Click-Through Rate

When people click your Ads placed on Google, it means that they are relevant to what they are interested in. The more clicks you get, the better the quality score will be. Clicks are very important in every way, as they indicate that the Ads are relevant to the targeted people. Overall, it is a reflection of a strategy that is well-researched and quality.

·  Past Campaign Performance

Google keeps a record of the past performance of every business, which is factored into the quality score it receives. A good track record of quality and honesty will get you a better score. On the other hand, a poor record including sneaky tactics or deception will lower the quality score.

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What Does A High AdWords Quality Score Mean?

One of the biggest impacts on the quality score is how much a business has paid for Ad placement. If the score is high, they have to pay less. However, if the score is low, they have to pay more. Keeping this in mind, why don’t you want to achieve a high-quality score on your Google AdWords? If you want to but do not know how to, the good news is that we have covered all the tactics you can apply to achieve this goal right below.

Google Search Ads

3 Ways To Improve Google AdWords Quality Score

Now that you are completely familiar with the background of the quality score of Google, it is time to improve your score. Whether you have just started investing in Google Search Ads or have been advertising your business for many years, these tactics are proven for improving quality scores.

1. Constantly Evaluate New Keywords

Keywords are the real key to successfully improving the AdWords quality score. You must have noticed while running PPC marketing campaigns that the popularity of keywords changes over time. The target audience these days is getting savvier, and this means that you have to keep up with everything.

Moreover, the competition for every keyword is increasing day by day. New businesses advertise their websites on the search engine to get more traffic and are determined to grow just as you are. Hence, to stand out in the competition, keep searching for new Google Keywords to target when placing Ads and drive new customers.

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2. Keep Testing The Ads

After creating and targeting an Ad on Google, you cannot just take the back seat. Instead, you have to keep an eye on it by using Google AdWords. Track all the Ads that are running to see which are performing well and which are just exhausting the budget. This way, you will know what is common in good Ads and produce similar ones later.

Google Keywords

All in all, testing is vital to the success of your advertising campaigns, because, without it, you will be spending money and time on Ads that are simply not effective. Such ineffective Ads only lower the quality score and make the businesses pay more for every Ad. Hence, for avoiding that, simply keep watching your AdWords data.

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3. Create Engaging Landing Pages

Finally, when advertising on Google, you need to think about if the landing pages you have created engage new visitors to convert into customers. Is every landing page made for each Ad specifically? Are you getting visitors on the landing pages but they are not converting? Or, you are getting the conversions but they are limited to 2-3 per month?

Ask all the above questions to yourself. Answers to them will help you find the weaknesses and strengths of your landing pages and how you can improve them. And, once you do, tweak the landing pages accordingly to get more customers.

Xcentric has what it takes to increase quality scores and nail PPC marketing. Want us to help you? Get in touch by calling at 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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