A Guide to Safe Online Shopping during COVID-19 times

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 15, 2020

Many buyers are considering online stores over brick-and-mortar businesses for online shopping. More than 60% of customers in Pakistan now buy online once a month, dropping behind long-drawn checkout queues and crowded parking areas. This is particularly true for the Millenials and Gen Z, who may achieve satisfaction in online shopping. Online shopping allows them to compare their product choices, purchase healthcare necessities, and look for innovative hobbies from the convenience of their homes – All Thanks to Magento E-Commerce Web Development Services in Pakistan which have revolutionized the way people shop.

However, many of us still perceive online shopping threatening since there’s an increase noticed in internet frauds and scammers. According to a financial study, people lose $12 billion each year to online scammers. Though luckily, E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan is growing, and momentarily, online shopping anticipates investing more in exceptional customer experience, and security, rather than just buying a mere product.

Is Online Shopping Safe During COVID-19 Times?

While online buyers are suspicious about entering their credit card numerals, modernized security from E-Commerce websites has evolved. Many online stores get E-Commerce Platform Integration Services in Pakistan to get their store-fronts integrated with record-keeping, attainment, and security solutions for effective monitoring and advanced problem-solving.

However, during these COVID-19 times, E-Commerce businesses need to be extra cautious, so do the online shoppers who are always on a digital shopping spree. The reason behind – With increased traffic towards online shopping while the world is in a lockdown and the consumers are isolated, the scammers are alert more than ever. Hence, being an E-Commerce store, you need to keep a clutch on the security of your customer’s data.

Since safe online shopping is everyone’s priority in these COVID-19 times, be it the E-Commerce business itself, or their potential customers, Xcentric Services has listed down some technical traits through which you can ensure that you’re shopping SECURELY and SAFELY!

E-Commerce Websites with SSL are Secure

A considerable count of website URLs begins with – HTTP. This stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and it is how pictures, manuscripts, and graphics interact with the web. Usually, these four notes are followed by an extra letter – S. This letter symbolizes that an E-Store is safe by using a secure sockets layer, which is the conventional security technology for building a secure link in a web server and a browser.

E-Commerce website process sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. Hence, they prefer using SSL, which encrypts a connection between the E-Store’s server and the browser, while ensuring that the hacker won’t be able to intercept it. So the next time you go through the purchasing process on an E-Commerce website, make sure that the URL starts with HTTPs, and then you’re good to binge-shop!

 E-Commerce Web Development

Track a Secure Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a financial help that enables E-Commerce sites to initiate a sale through a secure channel by utilizing a credit card. Essentially, it is an agent between an E-Store and its payment processor that keeps the buyer’s information private. 

So if you’re making an online purchase, and need to make sure that the payment gateway is safe, go through the types of gateways and notice if the one you’re running through is similar to any of these. 

  • Redirects – When you proceed to checkout, you are redirected to a payment page that confirms all the payment details and then you’re directed back to the E-Store. 
  • Onsite payments:You ended the whole checkout process without being redirected to another site and experienced a seamless online shopping process.

Though you don’t need to perceive the specifications behind these payment gateways, it’s essential to realize how your information is conveyed on an E-Store.

E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Generate Strong Passwords

Passwords are the initial plan of guard against online account crimes. However, people rely on personal data to generate passwords, such as birthdays, addresses, residence numbers, and initials. Because it makes it easy-to-remember passwords, hackers also act smart and try to utilize this information to get into your accounts. Hence, alternatively, try these restorative practices; 

  • Develop a Number and Symbol-based Password 
  • Update Passwords Regularly
  • Use Distinct Passwords for every Account 
  • Benefit from a Password Manager 

Online Shopping

Multi-Factor Authentications Factor does MAGIC

Multi-factor authentication is a security feature that enables you to create two reports of evidence while logging into an account. For instance, when you use an ATM, you initially have to insert your card, and then enter your PIN code to reach your account. The application works identically on E-Commerce websites. Technically, multi-factor authentication requires two different types of authentication when you’re shopping online; 

  • Password or a PIN code
  • Smart-card or a web-generated code

These couple of authentications must be distinctive; for instance, you cannot employ two passwords as multi-factor authentication.


Install Anti-Virus Software’s

Antivirus software scans your machine for wicked Software’s, contrarily known as malware. By scanning at distinct patterns, antivirus software exposes malware before it does any wrong to your machine. It’s essential to keep this software up-to-date, as there is a constant increase in malware to be protected against. And to examine your computer regularly. There are two ways to do so; 

  • Automatic scans 
  • Manual scans

There are multiple antivirus software merchants, and it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their specialties. For example, one could warn you of malware on your machine. While others may endeavor to eliminate the malware by itself.

Online Shopping

Go Incognito!

Popular web browsers support you in securing digital privacy. When you visit an E-Commerce website, your browser stores data in browser history. Later on, someone with access to your machine could utilize this information without critical effort at all.

However, private browsing, aka going incognito enables you to surf the E-Store without your browser caching any data. Though it doesn’t extend full anonymity. Multiple web browsers have hidden modes, here’s a list of some popular ones; 

  • Firefox – Private Browsing
  • Google Chrome – Incognito Mode
  • Internet Explorer – InPrivate

Online Shopping

Being a Web Design and Development Company in Pakistan, we believe that online shopping is remarkably convenient. However, during these crucial times of COVID-19, it has incorporated some risks. But perhaps, this is a digitized era, where finding a digital solution for safe online shopping is no big deal. Hence, if you’re looking for such a solution to stay safe of internet scammers to make the most out of your online shopping experience, get in touch with Xcentric Services today!







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