How To Measure The ROI Of SEO Services In Lahore?

Mahum Khalid

  • Jun 10, 2022


ROI – return on investment, is an estimate of a business activity’s return compared to the cost paid for it. It is one of the major topics a marketing manager or SEO Consultants need to address when allocating the resources and budget in SEO Services in Lahore. Though just to clear out, ROI is not only calculated for SEO but other marketing channels too.

In most cases, calculating ROI is quite straightforward, but when it comes to Search Engine Marketing for businesses, there are countless cautions that one needs to be aware of. They are the ultimate factors that make it a challenge to measure and interpret ROI. However, no matter what you face, we have got you covered by sharing all the ins and outs of measuring the ROI for SEO right here. Let’s dig in!

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3 Ways To Measure SEO Return On Investment

If we look at the formula, measuring the return on investment for SEO Marketing is quite simple. Simply put, just divide the profit you’ve generated out of E-Commerce SEO Packages by the associated cost and you will get the return. However, this is not straightforward, as many factors affect both the values and getting final numbers is tricky. So, keep on reading to find out how you can expand each value to measure the actual ROI.

1.  Calculate SEO Investments

Mostly, businesses view organic search as a channel that drives free traffic, but this only means devaluing the HUGE investments of time and resources that go into it. In fact, these costs are not the only ones associated with Affordable SEO Services in Lahore. Factors that add to the SEO investment include:

SEO Marketing

  • In-House Employees

It is not only important to count the dedicated content creation and Best SEO Experts in Pakistan but also the developers and designers who are a part of the whole process.

  • SEO Agencies & Freelancers

Though this is very obvious, if you have hired the Best SEO Agency in Lahore or freelancers for search engine optimization, they should be the ones measuring and maximizing your ROI.

  • SEO Tools

Do not forget to count all the subscriptions for SEO tools such as Ahrefs, that are a part of off-page and On-Page SEO Packages that we offer. Moreover, partially include the cost of other marketing tools too if you occasionally use them for search marketing too.

  • Link Building & Content Distribution

Search Engine Optimization is something that does not end with just publishing content, so include the cost that goes into content promotion too. Also, if you pay for Backlink Packages, include it as the cost of backlinking – Google warns against that though.

Combine all the costs that are listed above over a fixed period and then use the ROI measurement formula to see if the results are worth investing in Website SEO Packages or not. Besides, if you are confused about choosing the period, begin with a monthly comparison for simplicity.

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2.  Calculate Organic Traffic Conversions Value

To get this figure, you need to have proper tracking in place in Google Analytics or any of its alternatives. Segment the traffic into organic and then check the conversion value that you want to consider for calculating the SEO Packages in Lahore ROI.

The way conversion values are assigned and the type of conversions vary from one business to another. It is pretty straight for an E-Commerce store, as they send out the sales conversion value to Google Analytics directly. However, if your business is all about generating leads, assigning dollar values to the sales-qualified leads helps better in measuring the ROI of SEO Services in Lahore.

ROI of Affordable SEO Services in Lahore

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3.  Take Account Of Assisted Conversions Value

Previously, businesses had to work with the default last non-direct click attribution model that came in Universal Analytics. However, according to the Best Companies for SEO, it was a flawed model as it assigned 100% of the conversion credit to one marketing channel, close to the conversion event.

Confused? Here is a good example for your understanding – by the Best Company for SEO. The above situation is similar to only praising the players who score goals. Those responsible for the defense and goalkeepers will not be happy about this.

A website is likely to drive organic traffic during every stage of a customer journey. Even a piece of content targets multiple steps in the Professional SEO Services and marketing funnel. For instance, people might land on ten of your blogs from Google and convert after they click on retargeting or search Ads.

Professional SEO Services

In a case like the above, you need to see the initial organic search contribution. Luckily, the shift to Google Analytics 4 has solved this problem partially by utilizing a data-driven attribution model by default. The values and conversions that you will see in GA4 already account for the contribution of organic traffic to the whole website conversions.

Hence, if you or your partner Professional SEO Agency are using GA4 already, there is technically no need to dive into the conversions report. Nevertheless, it is always a great idea to analyze the conversion paths of the visitors and how every channel is adding to the conversions.

Does measuring the SEO ROI sound like a challenge to you? Xcentric is here to your rescue as a Professional SEO Agency. Speak to our Best SEO Expert in Pakistan by ringing at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] Many businesses take the easy path and do not measure the ROI of the Best SEO Services in Lahore, Pakistan. However, no matter how best the services are, measuring the ROI is as important as search engine optimization itself. The results are what the search engines care about, so as a business, you cannot simply invest in SEO Services in Lahore and take the backseat.

    Though truth to be spoken, businesses do not even have the time to measure the ROI themselves. Hence, in that case, hiring an SEO Company in Lahore is the best bet. We at Xcentric are a full-service digital agency that can take care of your SEO strategies – from the planning phase to measuring the ROI and further tweaking the strategies. Got more questions as to why we are the Best SEO Company in Pakistan to partner with? Contact us NOW and an SEO Expert in Lahore will answer all our concerns.







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