Shopify 2.0 – Everything Retailers Need To Know About It

Mahum Khalid

  • Apr 18, 2022

Released back in 2021, Shopify 2.0 has brought big changes in the E-Commerce world. It is one of the most notable updates by the platform yet, coming with countless features that redefine the online store design experience. In fact, the Shopify Experts at Xcentric often say that it is a rebuild of the former versions – made for enhancing the online retail experience for everyone; developers, retailers, and customers.

As one of the fast-growing and popular E-Commerce platforms, Shopify continuously matches the demands of retailers and even a Shopify Developer – but how? By releasing new versions of the online store builder from time to time with enhancements to the store content, themes, editor, and developer tools.

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5 New Features In Shopify 2.0 That Are Every Retailer’s Dream

Comprehensively boosting Shopify Development Store and its performance post-launch is important. The people behind the platform take this seriously – hence, the release of its 2.0 version. But fair enough, no retailer would want to take the plunge of getting on it before knowing what it has to offer.

So, in this article, we will give you a quick look at the FIVE new features in Shopify 2.0 and how they are made for changing the experience of online retailers with the platform. Let’s get through them!

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Shopify Store

1. Updated Theme Architecture

One of the most anticipated and exciting changes that are seen in the version Shopify 2.0 is the upgraded theme architecture. This update in the theme architecture is designed for providing online retailers and every  Shopify Web Developer a more customized and flexible experience with the feature Sections everywhere.

In simpler words, this means that the retailers will no longer be limited to the blocks only available in the store. The updated version allows bringing new sections to a page without having to be inhibited by the template. Previously, one could only move or add sections on the homepage. However, this functionality is now available throughout the website. Thus, giving creative flexibility and freedom to the developers providing Shopify Development Services and retailers to design a customized website fitting their requirements.

2. Improved Metafields

One of the notable updates that have come with the updated theme editor in Shopify 2.0 is that it enables retailers to add properties and meta fields without using codes and APIs. Wondering what are updated meta fields about? They are the additional fields that can be used for displaying information about pages, products, or collections.

Previously, the meta fields you might have been familiar with included information like product types, titles, variants, and descriptions. With the new update made to the meta fields in Shopify 2.0, they allow retailers to add new information fields that lead to a customized web store. Examples are fields like ingredient lists, size charts, special care instructions – and the list goes on. Moreover, this update is not only applied on the product pages but also on every other page in the Shopify 2.0 version.

Shopify Development Services

Before the update, the retailers had to alter codes for adding information about products, which can be difficult if you don’t Hire Shopify Web Developer. But now, they can customize and update the meta fields easily, which have also become supportive of media like PDFs. Therefore, making it easy to upload media on product pages for display.

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3. App Modularity

Another worth-highlighting feature is the Theme App Extension which allows extending applications into themes via application blocks. With this update in Shopify 2.0, the previous problem of accessing the theme code whenever you wanted to add or remove an application from the store is solved. In fact, Shopify Theme Development is now much easier.

Now, whether you play around with your applications or even invest in Shopify Store Development Services, neither you nor the developers will leave an unused code in the theme. Moreover, the new Theme App Extension also allows moving things faster, right from the theme editor.

App blocks have brought a major change in the way applications are now getting included in themes. Shopify Experts Near Me can now build user interface components that can be added, changed, and even removed through the user-friendly editor directly. All in all, without even touching the code of the theme, apps can be installed and deleted easily in Shopify 2.0.

4. Better & Fast Checkout

One of the key emphases of Shopify 2.0 is loading speed, reporting that the default Dawn theme is now 35% faster than the previous one. The updated version also boasts some serious improvements in the checkout process, enabling the store to process hundreds of transactions within minutes. Not only will a web store on the 2.0 be able to handle more transactions, but it is also announced that new checkout Shopify App Development can be done and added to the store. Thus, giving more options to online retailers to offer a fast and better checkout experience to customers.

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5. Improved Developer Tools

A new way for building applications and themes is introduced in Shopify’s latest version for every Shopify Web Designer. It assists them in developing, testing, and deploying themes using improved developer tools. Among all the tools that are launched by Shopify, GitHub is the new integration. It works by making theme development and maintenance easy to manage and track. Moreover, being a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we have found out that the CLI of the platform helps developed in developing themes and applications easily by automating development tasks.

Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

Besides, there is a language server named Theme Check for JSON and Liquid that allows scanning themes for performance issues, errors, and more. All of this facilitates web store development and debugs issues efficiently and more quickly.

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It is officially a brand new era for E-Commerce businesses, retailers, and even Shopify developers. One of the biggest reasons why you need to be excited about the update is the growing ease and freedom that it provides over controlling the feel and look of an online web store. Hence, with Shopify 2.0, leverage the opportunities to develop, design, scale and monetize online retailing.

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What Does Shopify 2.0 Update Mean For Retailers?

Every new online web store built on Shopify now comes with the default theme Dawn – an improved base theme of the platform. So, if you are stressed about running your online web store on an older version of Shopify, there is nothing to fret about. Most of the Shopify Stores in Pakistan are still running on older versions.

If you upgrade to the Shopify 2.0 version – your web store will keep functioning like normal and there will be no changes besides the theme editor interface. Even though migrating to it is not mandatory, for all those wishing to upgrade and leverage its features, there are several ways:

  • Migrate the theme manually
  • Download a new version of the theme currently in use
  • Get a 2.0 theme from the Shopify Theme Store

If you want to understand the best option for your online web store regarding whether to migrate to the 2.0 version or not, the BEST option is to consult get Shopify Developer Support from the team at Xcentric. They will show you a better picture of the ins and outs of the update and how it will help you sell online better.

Get in touch with Shopify Experts by ringing us at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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